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Live Paranormal proudly endorses ex-Paranormal States alleged scammer Sergey Poberezhny and Malissa Drake

On August 11 at 7:15 PM live paranormal the radio and TV show boasted proudly. They were proud to announce the debut video talk show from Melissa & Sergey Poberezhny. Starting this Monday night 8/13 10pm est. Sergey is one of the most recognized names and faces in the paranormal and we are excited to welcome him and his Wife to our team!.

Paranormal Herald:

Why some people endorse the poor behaviors of others,we just have to wonder why?With tours being cancelled across (7) states and Canada,both Sergey and Buell were surely accountable for the said allegations of scamming and paranormal fraud,that had taken place. Although no apparent charges have been filed, responsibilities still should remain.If they have been blasted over social media for stealing money and conning people,no radio shows or entertainment companies should have the right to endorse them until,they make amends for the wrongs or suspected wrongs they have done.

At-least that is what Live Paranormal thinks. I mean he (Sergey)is one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry.Unfortunately,not for being popular or famous,but for being what thousands have said was a dirt bag loser,who assisted Buell,his long time friend and partner Ryan Daniel Buell into what was delegated as scamming thousands.


What they might be wanting to say is that Sergey is the most recognized,because of so much derogatory behavior,  that he may have displayed when he was with his partner Ryan Daniel Buell.

While begging on Twitch for money and in return for merchandise sold,they left many with no refunds and no merchandise ever being sent.This was just a small part of Sergey’s habits then.


Former A&E Paranormal State Star”I was not with Buell, when he scammed people.


The picture at the heading does not say a story based on that image, then just perhaps there is no story to tell. I will leave it up to the people to make there own choices and decisions.

Ryan Buell and sergey

rumors and said allegations of money being taken and refunds not given.

Sometimes you can be mislead as a human being, but after a while it is not so easy to fool that same person. It is our hopes, that the para community will wake up and seriously ask questions.

It is often one thing to have guests and enjoy doing radio and or television shows,but how often do you see these shows supporting people,who has knowingly and willfully cheated and or scammed others?as Sergey endorsed none other then Paranormal States founder Ryan Daniel Buell openly, at-least until the ex-star brought so much attention to the P.R.S clan,that Sergey  even knew it was time to pack up.

The Paranormal Herald wrote.

The story started with Ryan and Sergey, leaving a sizeable debt to their perspective landlords and ending up in an eviction.

The nightmare they have become.Sergey and Ryan Buell evicted from home on 08/24/2016 just 3 days before ghost hunt and Black Tie birthday party.

Just 3 days before a well known paranormal celebrity had announced final staged plans for his birthday celebration and a two day ghost hunt.People were excited to hear that they may be able to see the one time popular Ryan Daniel Buell.

The event page that was created had written directions for those taking public transit and for those flying in to attend the said event.What was not mentioned, is that the event quite possibly was not going to happen.Some say well, could anybody know?This paper knows,because of the fact that two people were in court on the 24th.Eviction court that is.

It seems that two people have a hard time paying back their debts,mainly rent that is. The Paranormal Herald,received some documents that proves that they were tied up just 3 days before their said paranormal birthday party.

In a recent eviction proceeding and hearing,both Ryan Daniel Buell and also his long time life partner Sergey were recently listed on the said eviction hearing in court.The hearing was settled and Buell and Sergey had apparently owed the sum of over 3,000 dollars.

In one court case,both sergey and Buell lost a court hearing, as it looks as though they were trying to recover their belongings from a prior eviction.they both lost and ruling went towards the plaintiff.The total sum there was at 2,935 dollars.The court docket number was.Docket Number: MJ-49201-LT-0000099-2016


looks like a continuation and final summons.

The below court case,was just days before the duets big birthday bash.08/24/2016.The following case was brought on before the honorable judge Ronald J. Docket Number Plaintiff Defendant Disposition Disposition Date Toftrees Golf Resort Sergey Poberezhny Default Judgment for Plaintiff MJ-49201-CV-0000064-2016

Their has been some speculation,as to why people had not received their signed photo books,that Sergey had supposedly been placed in charge with, as it had been reported to of been close to a year. perhaps the fact that these two can not pay their rent is a clear indication,they can not send out promised materials either.Earlier on Buell’s website,his Twitch page they stated they have fallen behind .


Earlier last week, the famous duo,had stated they have left State College Pennsylvania and moved to South Carolina.

The true kicker to all things mentioned here,this site still says their are tickets available to the event? https://paranormal.formstack.com/forms/black_tie_event_2016. An event that did not even happen.


Exclusive tell all. Buell drank liquid G. Destroyer Of Youth and Date Rape Drug. Sergey’s soon to be wife, (Malissa Drake) knew the entire time,says one source.He put dark towels and blankets or whatever the hell it was over her windows in the room he was in.

Explosive allegations,News channels picking up the story of the century.Yes it was all Ryan Daniel Buell. Allegations of drugs and scamming people out of money was the new reality of a once popular reality celebrity. Among such accusations and said rumors,were those that depicted lavish sex parties and said drug fueled parties.More then one source came out to publicly describe these alleged parties.During the years 2014,2015 and 2016 were said to be the richest part of there partying.

Just recently in an email source, Katia Maynor  has came forward about some of things she says Buell was doing during the time, he allegedly took peoples money and around 2016.

Many fans who got there money scammed from them had stated,that perhaps Buell had some help.We saw many things happening with Buell’s pages comments being deleted and someone watching to delete comments that warned the public of Buell’s treachery.

Wondering what Sergey, had to do with Buell and their apparent and or alleged scamming together?


Just A few days ago in an email to us A single source came forward. She explained that she had been a personal friend to A woman named Melissa Drake,who is said to be Sergey’s wife. Sergey was A man who had been partners with Buell on shows and in groups,he was also a huge supporter of Buell’s Twitch gaming,where they both asked for donations.

During the course of Buell’s  arrest and drug recovery, they separated and Sergey miraculously fell in love with Melissa Drake. According to recent emails given to the Herald,this source states she had been friends with this Malissa and had been accused of selling information to us,that consisted of personal information on Buell.

Keep in mind Malissa Drake was associated with Buell long before Sergey’s supposed separation from Buell.

Since Malissa Drake was falsely accusing Katia of selling Buell’s secrets,she(Katia) decided to come forward and unload what she was being accused of. Inside the emails,the content consisted of stating that Buell was drinking liquid G while while staying with her and she was disgusted. She openly states Buell moved in,drank liquid G and raided the refrigerators.The inside source states,that Malissa Drake knew about the drug addiction,but did nothing to warn the public or anyone else.






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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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