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Vivid dreams, 7 gunshots and today death threats that came in by way of the number 7 stop threatening Kelly Griffin. Reward: offered for information and or arrest of individual making death threats.

Dreams feel so real because the mind experiences them in much the same way that the mind experiences reality: signals from the senses stimulate specific areas of the brain which are then interpreted as meaningful by the mind. The difference is that dreams are MORE direct than external stimulation, because the physical senses are bypassed in dreams.

All people have dreams, sometimes more are remembered vividly then others.Regardless of the fact,they do occur.Some times we remember our dreams and they have either happened or shortly there after can and have become a true reality.Often times people think of bad dreams, as night mares,for other individuals they think of them as events to come. Perhaps they become an Oman or a warning for some.

My co-host Kelly Griffin,just two days ago started having A particular dream,that seemed to scare her.Inside this dream she heard 7 gun shots vividly. You may be thinking its only A dream right?what if, just today, Kelly got a phone call with 7 death threats through her phone? would you think there was more to this vivid dream then? because that is exactly what happened.

We sat down with Kelly and interviewed her in depth and found out what was truly happening.This is what she stated”

OK I need to interview you for this are ah ready?
Kelly griffin,do you give permission to discuss a recent death threat you have had?
Paranormal Herald: you mentioned today that you had A dream,you said something was off from the norm correct?
Yes. Horrifying.
Paranormal Herald: Can you tell us what that dream was and when it happened and how this dream has come to play please.
It was two days ago. My family’s life was threatened and I heard 7 gunshots.
Paranormal Herald: What happened then
I realized, in retrospect, everything in my nightmare has played out like a movie. I have spoken to people in the dream, awful events in the dream have actually happened and tonight, I received seven death threats. Ironically, the same number of gunshots I heard in my dream.
Paranormal Herald: You had 7 death threats and eofre this,you heard 7 gunshots?
Yes, in my dream. The voice on the call came through on a restricted number. It sounded robotic…seven times.
Paranormal Herald: like A contorted or changed voice?
Absolutely. Robotic.
Paranormal Herald: I see.
Paranormal Herald: What happened during the phone call?
I tried to confront the person and he/she jyat kept on. On the 8th call, I was able to conference a friend who hopefully can track this person down. This is beyond bullying. Death threats are taken very seriously.
Paranormal Herald: they of course need to be this day and age.
In Texas, we are allowed to protect ourselves. I hope it doesn’t come to that. However, this extreme bullying tactic could cause one to lock and load, Texas style.
Paranormal Herald: I certainly can understand that. yes.
Paranormal Herald: do you have very many enemies,that you could think would be brave enough to do something like this?
Being involved in radio and as an Editor in the paranormal, I always try to build people. However, as we have learned in this field, there is competition and bullying to the extreme. I believe bullies to us, or anyone we support could be capable. It always seems to go back to the same ones, though. Everyone in the field knows who they are.
Paranormal Herald: I think you are right there. I have seen bullying taken to a level,that most could not comprehend
Paranormal Herald: look at Mark Constantino,he bullied his wife until eventually he shot and killed her and one other.
I hope no one ever has to. I will offer a reward to anyone who has information on who was responsible for my death threat tonight.
Paranormal Herald: I shall get that posted tonight
Unbelievable. THANK YOU,.
Paranormal Herald
“Understanding and interpreting your dreams can become an important chore to accomplish. Perhaps your dreams feel so real because your subconscious is really trying to get you to pay attention to something going on in your life!
Such as the apparent death threats made by ways of phone and messenger just today.
Stalking, bullying and making obscene threats is a scare tactic and should be looked at as being serious these days.
Kelly and myself, are offering a reward to the capture and conviction of the latest person, who knowingly made death threats. Someone out there knows and that someone will eventually come forward.

About Paranormal Herald Magazine

As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


4 thoughts on “Vivid dreams, 7 gunshots and today death threats that came in by way of the number 7 stop threatening Kelly Griffin. Reward: offered for information and or arrest of individual making death threats.

  1. did you record it ?


    Posted by paranormalpicker | August 9, 2018, 4:36 pm
  2. yes we spoke to each other about the dream and the prior incident


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Magazine | August 12, 2018, 11:20 am
  3. I meant did you record the 7 or 8 threats ?


    Posted by paranormalpicker | August 13, 2018, 5:35 pm
  4. yes she did.

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    Posted by Paranormal Herald Magazine | August 14, 2018, 5:30 am
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