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Tapestry charter school and Hinsdale house owner OK with elementary kids ghost hunting.Charter school, has there own ghost club for kids..

I have no true ideas why the paranormal has become a zoo for the mentally ill,but perhaps this next article will explain a lot.I have often spoken through the many years of doing my own research and the many hundreds of interviews,from authors and people who have had a grisly ghost story to share of there very own,about the true dangers of ghost hunting.Perhaps i might know a little more then some rookie who was wearing diapers about the time I started.

The problem is, people seem either dense or just Naive of the  said dangers  that associate this field.After we heard,that there was a ghost hunting club and the charter school was OK with such,we had to realize, this may be the first ever school sponsored Paranormal  kids group.

The mission statement of the said Charter school reads as followed”

To educate and inspire a diverse community of K-12 learners by engaging them in rigorous real-world learning experiences which prioritize intellectual, social and emotional growth.

Does this mean taking kids into a potentially dangerous situation, and or surrounding such as any deprecated building with no lights?wondering around where there is quite probably mold?


Perhaps the biggest and saddest thing seen so far,was that A charter elementary school had formed there own ghost hunting club,as if it is some sport that a trophy hunter might participate in. The kids have there E.M.F detectors and there recorders and they are now certified experts knowing of the present dangers that might await them right?

Tapestry Charter School is a charter school in Buffalo, New York. It houses two schools, an elementary/middle school and a high school. The current director is Joy Pepper .Apparently the school offers an after school ghost hunting club.

Picture below depicts the clubs students, along with Hinsdale venue owner.


It was  just the other day, I spoke with Daniel Klaes of the Hinsdale house about kids ghost hunting,he stated they were all fully trained.I shall leave it right there.


Perhaps the issues at hand are.

@.1 How safe are the kids?

@.2 How old should somebody be. before they actually know how serious the ghost hunting is?

@3 How can any school sanction something like this?When religion is out?

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