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Dandy House aka Hinsdale home clear for kids to investigate, owner still holding live Ouija board sessions. Story inside.

just days ago I went on what some might say A mission. yes I was compelled to write about A few major concerns. When we view the safety of kids and others defy those views, it becomes time to rationally speak out.

With recent comments made that his home is haunted and evil by others, and then Daniels own admissions of being evil, not evil and going back and forth, it shows somebody is either full of shit or somebody is A profiteer off the entire package. I mean let’s face it could Katrina Weidman and Nick Graff be wrong?

This is a case of one mans obsession to either disturb the dead or recklessly endanger the welfare of children by letting them use ghost hunting devices inside what is been described as A very active home. The worst part is that there is also a school A charter school out of New York that endorses the Hinsdale home and there own kids ghost hunting there.


With the Hinsdale home ,came not one but two  failed exorcisms. But yet the owner uses Ouija board sessions. Keep in mind it is still safe for kids, who truly have no ideas what is going on at that location.

Daniel klae’s claimed on the George Nory show, that he felt it was the failed exorcisms responsible for the said homes activity. As seen from his own said comments. The post went out January 27th,2017




One reply, that seemed to make solid sense on the Ouijas board video..”

etheChange Me
7 months ago (edited)
As someone who has investigated thousands of demonic cases I can tell you that a significant percentage of them came about by people initially fooling around with a ouija board or some other form of divination, often innocently like you’ve done here. Demon’s will jump at any opportunity to come into your life but cannot do so unless we call them in and unfortunately for you, you’ve just called them in – they ravage at this opportunity. Do you understand how dangerous this is?

Out of all the cases I’m aware of the only way I’ve ever seen to work in overcoming such oppression is deliverance by a faithful minister of Jesus Christ. In all those cases, its quite literally the only thing that I’ve seen to work and has over the years made a very devout Christian out of me, a once very hardcore new age occultist.

My childhood and family was also devastated because of a demonic haunting that we experienced growing up so I’m not without merit on the matter but I do hope you heed my warning and get yourself into the Jesus business mighty quick because you just opened a door that only Jesus can shut, you will find that out sooner or later but I pray God you arm yourself with this information right now. You can order these things away in JESUS NAME remember that. God bless you in Jesus name I pray amen.

With the Hinsdale home owner, venue holder, we have prior statements that there is something evil in there residence, while other statements from same owner shows differently and that there is nothing there. What ever the case it raises doubt to either the property owner or paranormal lockdowns katrina Weidman and Nick Graff, that both allegedly say there is something undead there.


Daniel Klaes, Haunted Hinsdale owner states on coast to coast, what he says is something he fears there. Also verifying what paranormal lock down has found.

Link where katrina, states there is something sinister there. Something sinister and disturbing?


Now Daniel disputing claims that it may have something evil there, although showing there has never been any removal of anything from the existing property or home. keep in mind it had two alleged exorcism, in fact as Daniel put it. “Two structured ones”.

Although being in business of the para world I have never heard of a structured exorcism.

There is even a bigger picture then what has been stated here, but that is and may be another story all together.




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