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Dandy exorcism failed, Hinsdale House now allowing kids to do tours and ghost hunts.Is this A good thing?

In 2012, I wrote about an exorcism that had allegedly took place in the Dandy residence. A haunting so severe that an exorcism had to be given. In 1974 to “de-haunt” the house.

It was at this point that an exorcist named Father Alphonsus, a priest from St. Bonaventure University, was called in to exorcise the home while the family and a team paranormal researchers were present. According to the eyewitnesses, the paranormal activity became the strongest it had ever been. Lights in the house were turning on and off, unexplainable banging filtered through the walls, and a terrible sense of an evil presence drifted through the home.
Unfortunately, the exorcism didn’t work, and after a few days of calm in the house, the activity ramped up again, finally forcing the Dandy family to move.

You just may never ever never guess that a decrepit old 1800’s farm house tucked away in the idyllic  back woods of historic Hinsdale, New York would become known as one of the most notoriously violent haunted locations in the country, with a grisly ghostly history of ghostly manifestations, levitating objects, and even an exorcism, the Hinsdale House might just be the most haunted building in the state.

If the Hinsdale house is so deadly and haunted, why is the current owner allowing children in to there home?


The New York home has exchanged hands several times since it was built in the mid-1800s. This 100 + year old farm house is mostly original complete with a kitchen, bath, living room, three bedrooms, two enclosed porches, eight acres of land and a large spring fed pond.

Dandy paranormal experiences.

In the early 1970s, the Dandy family moved into the century-old farm house  obviously thinking they’d finally found their dream home in the country, but they would soon come to realize and discover that the truth was far more terrifying. Within just a few days they began to experience strange paranormal activity that only continued to grow worse as time went on. Most often the phenomena would manifest in the form of mysterious phone calls and a variety of poltergeist activity. Sometimes, the family would even hear chanting emanating from the nearby woods.

One of the more frightning stories the family would go on to tell was of a night when they noticed a group of strange faces staring in their windows. However, when Mr. Dandy ran outside to chase away the trespassers, the faces reversed and were then peering back at him from the inside of the house.

The Dandys allegedly experienced abnormal activity including mysterious burns on their bodies, bricks from a crawl space chimney dismantled and placed in the middle of the room, strange chants heard in the nearby woods, and sightings of orbs which led them to call in Rev. Alphonsus Trabold to perform the exorcism on the house. A year after this event, the Dandy family of six moved out.

Paranormal Herald:

It was often stated that the Dandy exorcism did not work, that the residence had in upwards of twelve spirits or spooky inhabitants wondering about.

The problem was, if the exorcism didn’t work, was it even now currently safe for kids?what about for haunted tours and ghost hunts?

It is more times then not, that this paper has worked to explain the total importance of ghost hunting dangers.. if it is not safe for you, why would it be safe for kids then?

Ed and Loraine Warren once said.


“One of the main reasons for ghosthunting is to have encounters with ghosts. Sometimes however, the hunter can become the hunted. Graveyards are notorious for harboring ghosts. Are they the spirits of the dead that are buried there? Some spirits will remain in close proximity to their earthly remains in the hope they can re-enter that physical body and use it in the same way they did in life.

Unfortunately, they cannot do this unless they are what we refer to as the “undead”, the “sorcerer”, the “Black Magician”. The man who hunts tigers at times has found that the tiger backtracks and is now hunting the hunter. The same is true with spirits. Graveyards are spawning places for evil spirits. Most of these spirits are inhuman (diabolical). They are drawn to areas where human suffering has occurred. These areas are full of vibrations of the tormented people who have lost their loved ones, and the unfortunate human spirits that are earthbound hover close to their remains.

Paranormal Herald:

The debate has long lived and existed and although controversial, some groups and individuals have no issues wanting to take kids ghost hunting. One such group prepares kits for sell for kids.

Ghost village has this to say about taking children,”The next issue to address is on the supernatural side. If something does happen, or if the situation becomes tense, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your children. If you ever have any doubt for your safety or the safety of your children, get out of the situation immediately. However, if you’re comfortable, and your child is only uneasy, reassure, and press ahead. This is an opportunity to build your child’s confidence. But, if that uneasy feeling turns to panic, don’t press the issue, because nothing good will come of it. Remove your child from the situation and take him to a place where he feels safe.


http://edandlorrainewarren.com/the-dangers-of-ghost-hunting/  dangers of ghost hunting





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4 thoughts on “Dandy exorcism failed, Hinsdale House now allowing kids to do tours and ghost hunts.Is this A good thing?

  1. Hi this is Dan klaes, I own the house, just wanted to put I. My 2 cents because nobody contacted me in regards to his before an article was posted.. What was deemed a possible demonic presence back in the 70’s I believe to be a bastard of a spirit, unless this demonic spirit has left. I have been in demonic cases and this is not one anymore. One thing for sure is that the location it is extremely active with many spirits. And it is used as a paranormal research facility. We visited the school the day prior and went over every possible scenario with them. The teachers, myself and more staff were there to assist in any possible situation. They have a club at school.. and the parent had to sign a permission slip. I think the question is are the kids mature enough to to the work..that is what is ultimately comes down to. These kids are very mature teens and did a great job on their investigation. Teams/Parents Bring mature teenagers all the time. So ultimately it is up to the parent to determine that. These kids have some great ideas and theories.. We were very careful as we are with any investigation. I usually recommend ages 13 and up based on the parents perspective of his or her child.

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    Posted by Daniel Klaes | May 27, 2018, 2:43 pm
  2. thanks for your reply here.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Magazine | May 27, 2018, 6:01 pm
  3. Loved going there and want to go back. Love the old house. Always wanted a house like this one. It is beautiful.


    Posted by Linda Baum | May 29, 2018, 12:33 pm
  4. anything evil there Linda?


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Magazine | May 30, 2018, 3:44 am
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