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Now updated: Midtown Psychic Sharon Adams did scam $86K.To appear back in court March 27th,2018

The plot was simple and easy to fulfill,as the Midtown psychic lured in her unsuspecting victims.However it is always the same.The psychic declaring to know all, finds a mutual problem and of course for a sum of money,she can correct it,fix it.In this case the victim believed without a doubt that her in-laws had cast some Black magic spells upon her and her life had been turned upside down, so had went to  see A psychic for help.That apparently cost her $86 k


Sharon Adams, 26, conned a Queens woman and a recent divorced woman into believing she could be cured of  A”Black magic” curse that had allegedly been placed on her after her divorce.The accounting was alleged to have taken place over A (9)nine month period

Where the plot thickens is.

Adams convinced the woman to pay her $86,901.79 during the nine-month period between Jan. 30 and Sept. 30, according  to A statement given by the victim, who had wished to remain anonymous.

The psychic turned herself into police Thursday and was charged with grand larceny in the second and fourth degree, according to a criminal complaint from the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Victims statements””I was hurt, confused, and desperately seeking answers in regard to why all these negative events were occurring in my life,” the victim said in a statement. “I was curious as to what I had done to deserve these hardships and determined not to let such hardships happen to anyone else who I was close with again.”

Continued:The woman said she was promised reimbursement for the rituals, but when the money was never returned after nine months, she reached out to the private investigator. Nygaard handed his investigation over to the NYPD, who were fully cooperative, the investigator said.

After seeing the court charges and the case unfold before us,The Paranormal Herald decided to further its research into just who this gypsy con or alleged psychic truly was. One thing of some importance,was the constant complaints filed on the national Ripoff Report.We know that not all complaints filed on the Ripoff report are valued, however this one complaint is lengthy and believed to fit the criteria of what the district attorney  was stating about the Adams woman.

The Ripoff report stated the following:

I went to this woman for a simple tarot card reading.  I read the reviews on line and felt confidant I was going to someone reputable.  Over the last 3 months she coaxed me into giving her a total of 4000.00.  She gained my trust and then informed me I was cursed.  Not once but 3 times.  The bottom line is I was an idiot and believed her.   So the scam.  Well in order to remove these so called curses she would need to meditate with 3 candles.  I had to buy them for 500.00  I then needed to soak bath using no soap and bring bath water to her the next day in a jar.  That night I took the bath, I also needed to put red ribbons and 3 one hundred dollar bills in each of 3 envelopes with notes of my intentions.  One represented the past one for the present and one for the future, along with leaves from a tree.  I know stupid… I did this and returned to her the next day with the envelopes and the bottle of bath water.  She proceeded to wrap the bottle in paper towel and the money which she says is evil, and have me blow in it while she chanted some garbage about telling the bad energy to leave.  She instructed me to close my eyes and with the cap off the jar circle my body.  She told me that we would hope for a sign.  Of course we saw a sign the water turned dark purple or black, most likely when she dropped something in it while my eyes were closed or behind my back.  She acted all freaked out and I was like uhhh ok.  The money was on the floor and she proceeded to pick it up and tear it up because it was bad…She also informed me at one point that God needed to see my financial commitment.  I was also told by her not to tell this to anyone.  Most of the comments were not at the same time but when I thought about them collectively afterwards is when  I realized I was taken.  Ok it gets better.  Now, she tells me I need to buy a tabernacle so she can put the bad energy in it and she has to take it far away and bury it in the mountains.  The tabernacle was 2250.00  I didn’t have the money.  She offered to lay it out for me.  So like an idiot I agreed, thinking she was being so nice to me and thinking she was really looking out for me and my best interests.  I was like wow she really wants this to get done she is offering to help me.  What a fool I was.  So I was making payments to her and down to the last 650.  She started calling me and asking me when I could give her the money and in a forceful way.  I ended up giving it to her on 10/2/12.  Suddenly I  stopped hearing from her, she didn’t respond to my texts, nor take my calls.  I went away for a few days and on my return on 10/8/12 I get a text that her phone has not been working and she has a bad connection blah blah blah.  Funny  right.  So now is when I am feeling like she is a fraud.  I agree to meet her at her apt on 57th on 10/9/12.  While waiting for her outside I started goggling and sure enough came across this sight and the complaint filed by Alana B.  My heart sunk.  So now I am done she meets me and  tells me that the work is almost finished,( I was like WHAT almost) and that once this is done the “healing” process begins.  I asked how long does that take she said its up to me and my energy. So I allowed her to continue her line of BS waiting for her to tell me she needed more money.  She must have sensed that I was on the her by my demeanor.  I told her I want this over and she told me its all up to me and my energy.  At the end of that meeting she told me to take a bath for the next 7 days.  and each day collect leaves and dirt form the park and at night write my name on paper 7 times and put in my pillow case.  Then after 7 days it would all be over.  Huh all over? hmm she had actually told me that the healing process would then begin.  I was HAD.  That night I decided to take action.  I have reached out to Alana B and hope I hear from others that have been taken by this woman.  I am filing a small claims suit against her and hope her fortune telling days will be over soon.  Lord help her, I hope she doesn’t train her baby to be a scam artist like her.  Good Riddens.  I believe in God and I have been show that he is all you need in life.


According to a post dated April 12th,2013 the Adams woman had started receiving complaints way back then.

One such complaint stated”cannot believe this woman is still doing this. I am glad to see others coming forward. I truly hope she gets caught. It is very sad when people with gifts abuse their power and take advantage of it. For a year I thought she was my friend. What a crock. I had to get a lawyer because of the amount of $ she owes me. It has been a grueling situation but thankfully I am getting a big chunck of $ returned to me in payments. Be well.

One more complaint dated March 23rd,2013″

I asked for the money back and she gave it back! I’m sure they are going thru some legal issues because after receiving the money, her husband asked if we were going to have any problems. I told them no and left. Thanks Kim I was going to let it go until you reached me. Hopefully she can just stick to her gifts and stop abusing them with her greed. Her readings are great and it’s sad she chooses to trick people out of their money instead of having loyal customers.

Beware people and run the other way!

Yet another post read as followed”Hello Ansarys,
First I am sorry this happened to you as well.  I can tell you that I had contacted her the very next day after this posting her told her I was dissatisfied with her “work” and I want all of my money back.  She quickly agreed, probably because she knew she wasn’t doing anything for me.  I went to her place, my friend came with me standing at the elevator with 911 ready to be called, and her husband gave me back the entire 4000.00.  I never heard from her again and I hope never to cross paths with her or the likes again.  I believe that people in her line of work prey on people who may be at a low point in life, maybe a little sad about something, then gain our trust and convince us of all the ridiculous things she told me and you and most likely countless other victims.
Be glad you only lost 600.00 but you should try to get it back.  Stay away from all of that nonsense, you are good and no one should try to convince you otherwise.  Curses do not exist, bad energy my ….
Good riddens.
To any past or future victims I will be available for comment to back up any additional complaints about this woman.

My name is ansarys and ive been seeing Sharon since last Tuesday. my friend said she had the best reading with her and i decided because my friend is so skeptic and believes this woman, I should as well.

our reading went really great. she informed me of my past and present but before we got to my future, she told me about the $500 candles as well (in addition to the $110 tarot she read for me). because she was so accurate and detailed in her reading, i forked over the money for the candles and thought it ended there…

after blowing me off for and entire week she finally was able to see me and told me the evil is getting strong and she will need me to pray harder than i ever have before. i was also supposed to rub a whole egg all over while i say these prayers and give it back to her the next two days.

I brought the egg as asked and she told me my evil was trying to attack her. if she did not see a miracle she would not be able to help me. we chanted some hoopla about casting out this bad energy and she swooshed the egg open and voila! she saw the miracle and freaked the eff out. freaking me out as well because there was a gross hair ball in the mess of egg and shell. i was like huh??

she told me during her prayer session to bow my head a few times and i think that’s when she slipped the hair in there. she told me to get rid of this evil that she did not want effecting her son, she would need 3 payments of $300 and i told her i didn’t have it. she said she would put her own money and that i can reemburce her. on my way home i felt scared and confused.

I do not make lots of money and i have no real means of paying her. something told me to google her and when I read this reports i was so happy i did not have the money. i’m sorry this happened to you ladies. i feel ashamed and embarrassed that i fell for this and that i  gave this woman over $600 of my money. please let me know if i can help.

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Final comments:

The Adams woman is scheduled for court March 27th,2018. It is not clear if she(Adams) will plead guilty or take A stand for trial.

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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


4 thoughts on “Now updated: Midtown Psychic Sharon Adams did scam $86K.To appear back in court March 27th,2018

  1. Please can anyone give a description of this woman? I think my husband is being ripped off by her, almost 100K. Age is right and also the tabernacle crap, candles etc. Please someone who knows how she looks contact me or just give a general description. Thank you


    Posted by Gladys | June 11, 2018, 7:03 pm
  2. yes ill do some checking does she live in the same areas?


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Magazine | June 12, 2018, 6:26 am
  3. Yes, she is now in midtown west, a studio. The last name, age and modus operandi seems exactly like her. I need something reliable to show him, like it is her from the description. He has his heart and trust into this and it breaks my heart but I know it has to be BS
    Thank you.


    Posted by Gladys | June 12, 2018, 3:04 pm
  4. yes it is bullshit anyway i can speak to this man i know an awful lot about these types?


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Magazine | June 13, 2018, 5:39 am
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