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Fake D.R no credentials but he is psychic?How Kennedy, Kevin Malek and Bishop katrina Rake seem to endorse and support pure frauds. Say no to Project PSI

 Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said “You are entitled to your own opinion,
but you are not entitled to your own facts.” This is so true, but this paper strives to tell what is the truth, some won’t like it while others will cheer though.

What can be said about false claims, over active imagination and the luring of elderly women? not A hell of A lot. The truth is, it is happening right within the bottom stretches of our very noses.

As I once enjoyed the aspects of fun intriguing paranormal topics and A wide range of them at that. It came with a stellar shock to see so many frauds. Truth is everyone is now A psychic or thinks or wants folks to think they are anyways. The truth could not be further. It is A problem. Is the truth  out there any longer?

Meet alleged D.R  Chuck Kennedy and his supposed angels. Notice who is listed and whom is not. After speaking with a man from Wisconsin Paranormal, (Kevin Malek), we even got a little discouraged further. One thing that does go hand in hand is the simple fact that these so called wanabes either find each other, or they simply flock to each other like glue because they share the same trait, that being they are serious frauds.

Either these people are mentally ill or they are board certified as being bat shit crazy. Take your pick, either way they every day effect peoples live and cause true problems from within the paranormal communities. They enter into peoples lives young or old and sway there madness on unsuspecting folks.

The Paranormal Herald wrote an article called”Has the Paranormal become the new playground, for the mentally disabled? you should read it. Just the other day a person not named asked a serious question: Has the paranormal become a playground, for the mentally disabled? Or mentally ill if you chose to reference by that definition?
Their does have some interesting regularities, where we see folks with mental handicaps getting involved inside the Paranormal. Based on the things we are all seeing, these types of folks seem to have nothing but time on their hands. A lot of these folks do not work and live off the backs of others and off of social security.
This article is not in any ways referencing kind people, that have a serious disability,but is referencing some folks that have made the Paranormal into their own private circus. those individuals have been mentioned inside this article.


After chatting with Kevin Malek of Wisconsin paranormal , we see by his words below what his response to our questions happened to be.The response is somewhat harsh and certainly not associated with any response someone on the up and up would want to acknowledge.

Kevin Malek” If you wish to discuss anything with me here, that is fine. I noticed your comment on my thread post. I did reply. However, if you continue to troll that thread, you will be blocked. This means alot to Jennifer & l will not tolerate troublemaking.
He does have credentials. I have the list in fact. Of course we did research it. Edwins ex wife is no longer with the project btw.
We have done nothing to you, neither has project psi I would speculate. Correct me if l am wrong. Just know that no one lasts 40 years in paranormal research with fake credentials. Again, if you had approached him kindly, instead of cinically, you may have received what you were looking for. But no one owes you anything…or me for that matter. So next time try to be peaceful in your approach. It works wonders. Btw, he has also been interviewed by many journalists who have also looked into his credentials as well before running their articles or tv shows. Surely you have consitered that as well. Bringing others down will only bring yourself down in the eyes of others. Judge lest ye be judged & all that.
Now I’ve addressed your letter. Perhaps you can answer me why you are attacking someone who has every right to also participate in the paranormal field, who has done you no wrong? He is more qualified than most. So why not go after everyone else who has less education than he does?

Paranormal Heralds response” Please be very careful when speaking with me, we have checked facts and know what he (Kennedy) has been doing. How he persuasively used an old women and makes them think they are some psychic. Just ridiculous and those that support him suck period. When someone asks for your credentials it is easy to provide with little trouble, however if you have none then I can see why there is a fight to say the least.

We were surprised to learn that Marsha Becker was removed from Kennedy’s alleged psychic angels list. Were not even sure why Marsha was involved or even mentioned here. Very interesting to say the least.28308907_1702170129839575_1636557038_n
Alleged D.R Chuck Kennedy’s Angels.


When Kennedy was nicely asked to provide his said training on how he became A D.R. he went very silent. Perhaps he never had any training then, but to think this man does supposed testing on peoples brain waves is not imaginable. What education do you have to have for using people as human guinea pigs?

D.R Kennedy has been many things.  A preacher, psychic, D.R discovering how wave lengths work on paranormal viewing? lol and other things, he is running a web based platform called Project P.S.I. Oh there are other co-conspirators as well such as faked reverend bishop Christina Rake. Whom is gay and not A catholic bishop at all. But a project from a church called the Old Traditional Catholic Church. Remember now they use words like exorcism and so forth, but don’t have an actual Catholic right to the wordology.


Paranormal Herald:

Through the years I have seen some very gifted and quite psychic individuals and I have seen some real good cons and frauds as well. After interviewing hundreds maybe thousands now. I believe being a critical judge is equally important . Just because someone’s gotten away with there con for years does not mean anything other then they are quite good maybe.

One thing we noticed was that D.R Kennedy moves around quite a lot we wondered why?

Perhaps Kevin Malek can answer that, as he seamed to know so much?








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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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