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I am 9 months clean,so that makes up for the folks I took money from,says once popular celebrity reality star Buell.

Over the course of many months fans desperately seeking to get there own refunds back from prior tours and events Ryan Buell had received ticket sells from,had still not gotten there money back.instead it was believed that Buell’s rich life style had gotten there money.A life style,that was later proven to be a Drug Habbit.Buell was later checked into a rehab facility,where he allegedly under went therapy,while being in housed in the program.

In Ryan Buells own blog:January 26th,2018 Buell speeks about his 9 month ceremony regarding his drug use and recovery. He (Buell)also stated he had spent his time inside The Oaks Recovery Center.

Buell, in other posts stated he was 9 months clean and was moving on to greener pastures. leaving the old him behind and starting the new life he wanted back was A high priority for him and his P.R.S.What Buell has refused to address, is the amount of money he allegedly took and just how and when he was going to find a way to pay or re-pay these individuals back.

Buells having a tour?

With Buell having a tour”Camp paranormal 4,you might think Buell will have some cash to give back to those vendors and prior ticket sells he allegedly took money from.


With ticket sells at 575.00 Buell depending on his outcome of folks attending will make a considerable amount of cash.



On buells ticket prurchase sites,he lists a breakdown of making payment plans. I had seen this before folks bought tickets far in advance, those people did not get refunded from either paypal or other sources,because of the amount of time they had to reclaim,if said events do not gom off as planned. So people were out there many due to Ryans own lack of following through.

DOWN-PAYMENT: $150.00 is due right away.

2nd PAYMENT: $150.00 (due February 15th).

3rd PAYMENT: $275.00 (due March 15th).

One needs to pay strict attention to buells own refund policy:All tickets are non-refundable except as provided below.

A credit towards a future PRS event in the amount of the ticket value will be issued if the event is postponed due to unforeseen circumstances OR on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of PRS if the participant is unable to attend an event due to an unforeseen illness or family emergency. Under any of the above circumstances, PRS shall issue a voucher which can be redeemed as credit towards a future PRS event. PRS reserves the right to cancel this policy at any time without advance notice. PRS is not responsible for any further expenses, losses, or liability incurred by the participant due to postponement of the field trip or the participant’s inability to attend the event.

With Buell starting his Paranormal events back up and charging folks in upawards of 500 bucks,Buell should soon be able to repay all the  money he collected or had collected from events he didn’t bother holding before.

Many times Buell had been spotted at a summer cabin and on jet skis playing happily in the water.With someone running Buells fan pages and comments being deleted faster then anyone thought possible,one knew there was some foul play among the ranks of P.R.S and the celebrity Ryan Daniel Buell.

Buell blamed being ill with cancer as A means for not doing his events,but his mom came forward to explain what may have truly been going on.


UPDATE: TV Ghost Hunter Ryan Buell’s Mom Says “He’s Ill, But Not From Cancer”


Ryan Buell’s mother has seemingly confirmed many fans’ suspicions that he did not have pancreatic cancer, according to a comment obtained by Crimefeed. Shelly Bonavita Lundburg recently reached out through social media and asked people not to enable her son, and responded to a comment posted by one fan who asked about his cancer diagnosis by writing: “He’s ill, but not from cancer. His family knows the REAL story. You all need to stop believing his lies and stop enabling him…PLEASE!” Her response was deleted, but a fan was able to capture a screenshot, which they forwarded to Crimefeed.

With the said blame being passed around like a Rugy ball at a tournament game, it was difficult to follow who did what and whom was responsible.Buell did not act alone,as several others had acted on his behalf. It was seen daily. key members kept promoting and endorsing Buells actions,while others backed off and had came forward to share what they knew.

On july 29th,2014 troubleshooter went live with Buells long time friend Chip Coffee.


Troubleshooter: Ryan Buell’s long-time friend speaks out

The I-Team Troubleshooter follows up on the investigation of a celebrity ghost hunter, whose long-time friend is speaking out about fans’ missing money.

We heard from a lot of former fans of Ryan Buell who were angry that they paid a lot of money for his lecture tour and never got refunds when it was canceled. One even traveled all the way from Denmark.

One of the headliners for Buell’s tour, a long-time friend, said thousands of dollars are at stake.

Chip Coffey is a well-known psychic and medium who was once part of the cable TV series “Paranormal State” with Buell.

Coffey was scheduled to team up with the ghost hunter again for his “Conversations With The Dead Tour.”


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