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You ever have A Premonition?

Have you ever driven down the road and some how all the sudden, maybe say hay stop there is an accident about to happen and before your eyes, it does?what can one say is the root cause of such A thing?

Personally I believe that premonitions ARE a very real phenomena. They are much easier to prove than you would think. The reason being is that if a dream is going to come true it will come true very quickly. So if its a premonition then you merely have to wait until the end of the day to see if it comes true.

Premonitions are defined as “the anticipating of an event without conscious reason or previous warning––knowing what is going to happen by purely psychic means.”
Numerous double-blind experiments confirm the existence of a “psi” or psychic factor. But why do premonitions work? And how do premonitions work?
There are a great many writings on both sides of the question of whether the phenomenon of premonitions even exists. But few books say anything on why premonitions work.

Through the course of known history even famous people have told there stories, that seemed to share what is  A known premonition. Take for instance, The 911 towers that fail.

The 9/11 victims who foresaw their deaths: On the ninth anniversary, a book by a Twin Towers widow claims many victims had premonitions of the atrocity.

The story as it is being told”


On the morning of September 11, 2001, Eamon, my 46-year-old husband, had a sudden attack of vertigo as he prepared to go to work. Such attacks weren’t unprecedented, but Eamon hadn’t had one for more than a year.
I wanted him to stay home, but characteristically he wouldn’t. A determined and dutiful man, he pressed on, pausing only to say ‘see you later’ before heading out to begin the two-hour dawn commute he so hated from our home in Connecticut to downtown New York.
Eamon worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, the financial services conglomerate, on Floor 105 of the North Tower of the World Trade Centre. Neither I nor our four adored and adoring children would ever see him again.

But even in the immediate aftermath of his death, I was plagued by questions. Why did he have vertigo on that particular day? Why was he so determined to go to work? What if I had convinced him to stay at home?
These ‘what if’ questions kept running around my brain, not least because the vertigo suddenly began to fit with the strange behavior that my otherwise healthy and creative husband had been exhibiting for some months.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1310994/The-9-11-victims-foresaw-deaths-New-book-claims-victims-premonitions-atrocity.html#ixzz56ZsjLvf5
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Though some psychologists and natural scientists remain skeptical, many agree telepathic abilities and related phenomena exist.The said phenomena is a true and real part of our lives.

Dictionary .com ,has the following for a definition.


an intuition of a future, usually unwelcome, occurrence; foreboding.
Premonition means literally “a forewarning,” indicating that they often announce upcoming events that are unpleasant — e.g., a health crisis or a natural disaster. This is not absolute, however; premonitions may also foretell pleasing events such as a job promotion, the location of a parking spot, or even winning lottery numbers.
Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/wellness/2009/06/9-things-you-need-to-know-about-psychic-premonition.aspx?p=3#6sOH3iLVprrdTPij.99
Through the course  of history,we have heard many stories,some famous others shared via social media and personal first hand experiences. On October 23, 2012 · 10:31 PM UTC.The Global post writes”

“Premonition may be a biological process in people a new study claims.

Researchers at Northwestern University found that our subconscious mind may know when a deck of cards is stacked against us despite having no external clues.

Study authors said that previous studies had shown that the subconscious mind may know more than the conscious mind.

However, few serious studies had been done previously to assess the possibility of premonition or, the ability to see into the future.

“What hasn’t been clear is whether humans have the ability to predict future important events even without any clues as to what might happen,” said study author Julia Mossbridge, research associate in the Visual Perception, Cognition and Neuroscience Laboratory, reported ABC News.

The study looked at previous research dating between 1978 and 2010.

A more recent study about precognition was done by Corneal university. It stated

Cornell University Lab Releases Powerful New Evidence that the Human Mind can Perceive the Future


Even people associated with having paranormal phenomena, have many times explained, they have foresaw or foreseen things related to there own psychic type of experiences. They have had some experiences explained as not evil, while others seem evil in nature.

Perhaps one of the most read premonition cases, was the sinking of the Titanic,


The Titanic at sea. When she made her first – and last – voyage in 1912, many passengers had a sense of foreboding.J. P. Morgan, one of the richest men in the world, cancelled his passage at the last minute because of a hunch.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1218401/Yes-sixth-sense-The-depth-study-intriguing-dreams-convinced-doctor.html#ixzz56ZwVvqXq
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