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JC Johnson Founder of Crypto Four Corners loses life to apparent pneumonia illness, you will be surely missed JC Johnson.

JC Johnson lost his life to apparent pneumonia . you will be surely missed JC Johnson. Over the years while doing our own radio shows ,we had the pleasure of having JC Johnson on the air. Time after time, JC would save the day maybe even fill in for guest who would no show us for what ever reasoning, but not JC. JC was always on time and always a guest to appreciate.


You will be missed JC Johnson 2/3/2018 JC Went to heaven.

JC Johnson was very much an outdoors type, with an M-16 strapped to his back, he would travel around the country looking for monsters and of course, that ever so hard to find creature BIGFOOT.

Today, we learned of his passing and shall I say on behalf of all of us at The Paranormal Herald and our own shows, we will surely miss JC.

According to JC’s websites and A recent Gofundme site, M.R. Johnson passed away at exactly. 12:40 P.M. Yesterday.


Laura Hugo
21 hours ago
I’m John’s daughter Laura. My dad started this Go Fund Me campaign when he realized that he was very sick. He passed away yesterday around 12:40pm. This is heartbreaking but I just wanted to let you know that all funds that have been raised and that continue to be raised will go toward his medical bills and funeral expenses. My family and I thank you for all of the love and support that you’ve sent our way-we feel it. It’s a difficult time but knowing how man people around the world loved him or followed his research brings us such happiness.

Our best wished and deepest sympathy, go out to JC’s daughter and loved ones. May god now watch over his family and over JC. You will be missed JC.






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