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Left At Eastgates larry Warren claims all allegations are false. I am A victim

As Us publisher halts publication on Rendlesham UFO incident “Left At East Gate”, gets left behind by its publishers and the world UFO community.This seems to be a true fact or allegedly true fact.Take it any way you like

After writing some articles about the trouble with larry warren, some responses came back in his special defense.The truth is always hard to come by and hard to achieve. It is the position of this particular paper, blog or tabloid as it has been called to try at best to find such a truth,if it ever exists.

Feuds start rather easily and the truth somewhere down the line seems to get set A side quite easily as well. Everyone calls themselves researchers and pretend to know the so called truth, but keep in mind whom are they working for? the side spreading false allegations, or the side Hell bent on establishing the actual said truth? .Remember ones mans truth is another mans worst enemy.

One video shows just how ridiculous some of Larry Warrens claims happen to be, such as working a steel yard and pulling victims bodies from 911 out of the spent steel? he said this inside an actual video. First off 911 happened at The United States Twin Towers nowhere near the UK or London. Again apparently more nonsense so spread by co author larry Warren.


I have some truthful news about M.R Warrens claims, he stated he flew out to the twin towers immediately, well we all know all plains were grounded. Do you know how I know this? because I myself was on a flight to Vietnam for holiday vacation and our flight was diverted to Tapei and grounded for a few days. All air traffic came to A huge halt that day. Shame on this man for his alleged lies.

Even more discrepancies can be found, seemingly from one lie to the next. as depicted inside the below screenshots larry Warren stated he never mentioned aliens, but yet drew the pictures of what he stated they apparently looked like. Of course under the said name Art Wallace.



Glad Warren did not mention and or draw aliens lol!


A narcissist personality disordered persons (‘NPD’) are capable of cold empathy (i.e. empathy lacking the emotional component) and remorse, so they are capable of lying to support a concocted scheme (except covert narcissists), exploit a vulnerable person, get away with something, etc. They are well aware of these lies, though they are loathe to ever admit it.

Furthermore “But things don’t get interesting until you connect their lying to The False Self. An NPD has had their true self pulverized at age 5 by severe abuse and neglect. Their brain creates a survival mechanism, a construct, known as The False Self. This construct needs fuel to function, and that fuel is known as “narcissistic supply”. When an NPD lies to support the illusions their False Self reflects back at them, the lie can, over time, become an integral part of their psyche’s survival. Especially when the lie is needed to maintain sources of narcissistic supply, or even entire narcissistic spaces. These lies could start out as a scheme, but over time, they could start to believe them. This is connected to the way The False Self distorts the NPD’s perception of reality, and to a concept known as “cognitive dissonance”.

Someone once asked me are these types of people aware of there own lies?

“Yes they are aware when they lie, but it is fully justified in their own minds. If you have the patience for a long read, from my own personal life experiences, I really do believe that I can provide you with quite a stunning insight into what is the source of such most crippling and devastating character defect. I will first state my own belief, that narcissist are generally themselves victims of a childhood betrayal of love during their formative years.

Maybe this is why Warrens alleged claims are so wild?

Warren files to be continued:



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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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