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As ex Paranormal reality star winds up a new audience, old fans become the legend of yesterday.

As ex Paranormal reality star winds up a new audience, old fans become the legend of yesterday. It is truly sad to see the number of either uncaring individuals, or the amount of some of the dumbest people I have seen in years. Either way it looks like Ryan Daniel Buell’s ex-demons have been slowly pushed a side and have been forgotten or have they?

Ryan Daniel Buell had been accused of scamming folks for some time, the pleas of help from those that he allegedly scammed went unheard by the law, police and even states attorneys for that matter. This is why perhaps Buell got away with allegedly scamming tens of thousands of dollars from prior field trips, ticket sells and paranormal events, he didn’t follow through with.

Perhaps Ryan’s old time friend Chip Coffey said it best.


I distinctively remember speaking with many individuals, that were out of there said hard earned money and they were angry, upset, let down and genuinely in disbelief, how such a scandal,  how such a crook could abscond with there money.

With communications from his current fan base Buell is once again in the said spotlight. He (Buell)boasts about being 9 months clean, as in the past it was well documented he had a substance abuse situation, that eventually lead to his arrest and charges of although a different stature.

Buell now is doing once again field trips and said paranormal events, of course charging in upwards of 500 dollars to attend. Some people are asking him when will he be able to repay more then the estimated 80 thousand dollars, he was alleged to have scammed in the Canadian tours prior?


Ryan Daniel Buell in South Carolina rehab for alleged drug addiction. According to more then one source,

With so many folks loving Buell, his welcome mat rolled out, you have to wonder? why don’t they take Buell for the things he has done to so many people? You should be asking them if it was your money he used for drugs or scammed would you then still support him in the manner you happen to be?

Once these charges were brought up, you would begin to think most people would have a sort of sixth sense as to whom Buell had become.


On April 23rd.The paranormal herald, published an article, that saw a record amount of hits. Tt read the following.”Apparently over the weekend, long time celebrity, Ryan Daniel Buell was arrested for Battery and harassment and is being lodged inside the Centre county jail on A 25,000 dollar bail.
According to documents, Buell was hand delivered a warrant or subpoena and then was also arrested at the same time. The alleged incident happened on 04/22/2017. A complaint had been filed and the arresting officer Magardee Andrew S took M.R Buell into custody.
M.R Buell is on current suicide watch inside the Centre county jail awaiting arraignment on Monday morning.

Ex-Paranormal State Star Ryan Daniel Buell Back In Centre County jail, Charged With Assault And Harassment. Bail Set At 25,000

In specifics, when we see the outgoing love supported to one Ryan Daniel, Buell, we feel nothing but utter contempt for the man, who has allegedly been known for scamming and getting away with such a dirty practice as he has.

Blaming drugs and demons and perhaps even blaming being gay as a  means for his troubles is an accepted response. Then if so I supposed his followers who follow him today needs his attention.

But to the ones he has cheated to the ones I have met and became there friend I will always write to warn watch and protect them and others who deserved the right to know the dirty deeds Buell has done .When he pays back that money and does right by his own fans, can BuellUntitled ever begin to be forgiven  by the people he stole from.






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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


3 thoughts on “As ex Paranormal reality star winds up a new audience, old fans become the legend of yesterday.

  1. He disgusted me. All the people I met that had anything to do with him were awful as well. His ‘friends’… I found out the hard way what awful people they really were and after spending a weekend in the same house as him, he made me want to puke. I was disillusioned by him as well, but one weekend spent with him and others I shall not name, really made me see what garbage they all were. He deserves every bad thing he gets. I fucking hate him.

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    Posted by Kat | February 13, 2018, 4:35 am
  2. Thanks for the comments honest and to the point we do thank you.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Magazine | February 13, 2018, 4:49 am
  3. Kat i believe you had A reason to share what you did.I would be upset to to think of it your watching kids,and they blame you for something i wrote truth is i didn’t know you then,those people are ignorant fools,who burned them selves lol.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Magazine | February 24, 2018, 8:35 am
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