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Ten years ago Ryan Buell maid Paranormal States show a success, but is it enough to regain the fame he once had?

for years I have set back and observed the rise and fall of a once very popular young man, an inspiring actor and writer.  I saw the possibilities that Buell had and I saw the downfall’s he made happen. They say you can not take your belongings to heaven, but in Hell you won’t need them either.

Buell claims to be a paranormal expert and appeared on the cable TV series “Paranormal State” that involved looking for ghosts or trying to prove that life after death is real. Buell has a pretty big fan base across the country. But several fans started questioning Buell in 2014, and turned to me. I first told you about Buell’s frustrated fans in July of 2014.



Ryan Daniel Buell announced the other day, it had been ten long years since the said filming of a Paranormal reality show (Paranormal State). He(Buell) thanked the show for its continued success and longevity.

The show was always surrounded by over achieving actors and the fact they were always on a said mission to discover the truth and help others who were involved in hauntings.


The truth is what most people would like to expect, but could or may not be further from our own reality itself. The truth is Buell over the past few years has done things  in our own opinion that he should still be locked up for. Full story below.



The cancer battle that Buell told folks, was one of the worst scandals he was involved in. In a blatant interview with People Magazine, Buell straight out told his followers and friends he had pancreatic cancer.  Buell gaining the sympathy votes and regaining his said popularity continued down his own said road of glory. In the end, it, became a dark and infested reality. Just this year it became known that it was not cancer, but was by his own said self admittance drug dependency. Yes it was a shocking reality, but none the less, it had maid headline news.


One thing after another began adding up and people finally began to question Buell on social sites, pages and in open media as well. Buell was being accused of being a scammer in at least two different countries. Planned tour events went wrong and a whole lot of people allegedly lost there money. But yet Buell, used his fame and his said name including his shows name to stay on social media even among his critics voicing there concerns about even more scandals.

With Buell’s recent posting and the said comments filtering in, Buell’s credibility and fame, seemed to be fading even faster then before. They say to much of a good thing is sometimes to much.

With Buell’s lack of paying people back there refunds he was accused of stealing, it is doubted that even his shows success can keep him in the paranormal spotlight as anything positive. What he did then show wise, has not much to do with what he has done now. What he has done so far is use the continued show’s name and names of some other prominent people and actors to keep his name in that forever spotlight.

Perhaps Buell is a whispering wind now. Perhaps a wondering ghost who had lost his way A long time a go.What ever the case, Buell is no super hero






About Paranormal Herald Magazine

As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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