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Cris Wilson & Alius Sanctus still dogging said payments. Blames paranormal public for cyber harassment.

The Paranormal Herald reached out to Cris Wilson to attempt to get there sides of the story, In the message we asked if they would shed some light onto what is going on with there entertainment company. As of now, they still have not replied, other then some generic wording that popped up under messenger. They have however made a rather slight attempt at campaigning for negative press, based on a comment they posted just yesterday November the 7th, 2017.

Alius Sanctus writes”



Mandy Fellows is the admin for Anubis Paranormal investigating and had the following to say about the event and Cris Wilson.

Mandy Fellows
Admin · 3 hrs
Just to update you on what’s been going on with the paranormal world the past two days !
From haunted magazine ……
Well, this has all escalated quickly. A massive thanks to Geoff, owner of The Skirrid Inn for daring to speak out and thanks to Hazel for bringing it to the attention of the magazine and to social media.
Safe to say, Alius Sanctus won’t be around much longer, they have retreated and gone into hiding. They may very well have started out as a reliable, genuine paranormal events company with ambitions to be the best that they can be. They see long standing companies and think WOW, this is a piece of p**s, we can do this. Fact is, it’s not easy, it’s bloody hard work to run an event, to balance the books, to look after the customers, to treat them like royalty. Somewhere along the line, something has gone wrong, ran out of money spending profit, not re-investing, we don’t know.
We all know that the paranormal world is, at times, rife with silliness, bitchiness, jealousness and downright nastiness sometimes, it wouldn’t be the same without it and you kinda get used to it, brush it aside and carry on.
It’s the lies and the falseness that has probably wound people up over the past day or two. I know that a lot of groups have history with Alius, you can tell from the comments on here.
We now need to watch what happens next, forget about evidence of payment, they haven’t paid and aren’t probably going to pay because they have no money, hence their website showing their events being taken down and removed.
If they were keen to rectify this then they would have worked tooth and nail to resolve this, instead they misled Geoff, told lies and did the ultimate thing that liars and bullies do, play the victim.
We all love Ghost Hunting, and a lot of locations put their trust in us at their amazing locations and sometimes don’t take a deposit, some call it foolish, some call it a sign of trust. If any locations have watched this unfold in the last 24 hours I can bet they’re now thinking that they need to charge a deposit to cover themselves, which is going to hurt the smaller companies. Let’s hope they see this as something that happens very rarely.
We don’t have to be mates or best buddies to rally together when the shit hits the fan, most of us are good people, passionate about the paranormal.
Thanks for all your comments and let’s hope that things are resolved to the satisfaction of the majority of us, I do fear that there’s more to come from this but will see. Keep commenting on the main post re: the discussion

To rectify that the Skirrid inn owner, has already came forward about the deception and that Alius Sanctus has not paid for the events you can follow that part of the story through this link.


Just earlier today, we saw a woman who had posted about an entertainment company, that was being accused of writing a bad check. Alius Sanctus or Cris Wilson was being accused of handing an intentional bad check to cover there said event.

It was stated that the checking account had been closed for well over A year and had showed no activity since then, minus of course the so called bad check that was written on October 7th. The event was to hold food and an investigation at the Skirrid inn.

The Inn owner reports, that Cris has allegedly let him down on 4 other different occasions, when dealing and trying to pay for the said event

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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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