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The mystery woman behind Ryan Daniel Buell, finally discovered.

This past year, we have seen a newer mystery woman surface from Ryan Daniel Buell and his PRS organization. The alleged co-owner has openly stated, she was one half of Buell’s PRS. A recent page is what is expected to be her IMDB page. The woman listed there is under the name Gracie Daniel. On other pages it is believed she is listed as Potter Gracie and that is according to Facebook an alias.


On one other Facebook page the alleged Gracie Daniel is listed under the said name Potter Gracie Daniel and obvious alias. The same said alias, that is responsible for assisting Ryan Daniel Buell in recent events. There is a large question that has arisen from having and using multiple aliases ,it raises suspicion as to why? why hide your said identity.

The Facebook page


has been linked to Buell’s events at the Malvern Manor,where Buell is suppose to hold an event there. Potter Gracie Daniel or Gracie Daniel, has  openly stated she was the owner of the Malvern Manor,but according to recent records, it has actually listed The Walking With Dead LLC_as the current owners. According to the Deed the said name of the Malvern Manor,has not changed hands until April of 2017. And also according to records checked, does not show it has changed hands to this Potter Gracie Daniel ,as claims were stated in prior posts.

The following link shows the current status of the latest recorded information pertaining to the Malvern Manor. Primary Owner and deed holder is listed as Walking With The Dead, LLC
8602 N 30th St
Omaha, NE 68112.  It The Malvern Manor has not changed hands as of April of 2017, That is according to deed records.



There isn’t any real evidence of Potter doing anything wrong, just a lot of mystery behind whom she really is. There happens to be some mystery however,as well as to why she is so into a man that has allegedly scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars. It seems what it is.  A woman working to support somebody who maybe needs some true guidance.

For those that need to know just A little more. Buell or Ryan Daniel Buell was the star and director of a hit show called “Paranormal State, but over the years he came under fire for what was said to have been fraud and the alleged taking of peoples money for events he booked but did not hold and for taking ticket sells and collecting money, but had not fulfilled his obligations. It was also during this time Buell claimed health problems and even had stated he was at deaths door and stating he had cancer..Later on he was seen as having to go through A drug and alcohol -program.

Buell also was noticed as having prior legal issues and a few run ins with the law. He was accused  of stealing A rental car and then had to answer to a domestic assault case, where he was accused of biting his boyfriends finger.

During the time Buell was having legal issues, his PRS Organization had gone silent and people were said to be distancing themselves from the fallen Paranormal star. It was not until Buell had answered charges and went to his drug recovery programs, that Buell had started up his paranormal organization PRS once again. This time different key players had arisen from the prior ones.






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