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Potter Gracie, Malvern Manor risks integrity to team with fallen paranormal state’s ex scam artist.

Over the past year, you have all heard about an ex-Paranormal State star that has been inside the news more times then one can count. Ok maybe that is A stretch, but on the serious side the star, that being Buell has been on the news repeatedly and not for doing something great either. Buell was accused of stealing funds from events not booked and money collected over prior events held in both The United States and also in Canada.

Earlier last year, we saw a person named potter Gracie, obviously not her true name, but a fan of Harry potter, sort of guide and run interference for the press for  Ryan Buell. When we saw angry ex-fans write numerous posts in specific regards to getting there money back, we had also seen potter in the background, Supporting Buell’s events and  so forth. On potters own page, she outlined in specific detail. She was part of PRS. PRS is the group Buell started and  had used to allegedly steal funds from ticket holders


In earlier posts to potters pages she writes”


Malvern Manor is feeling optimistic.
October 6 at 1:49am ·
Hi everyone – Potter here …
Full disclosure although I am the majority owner of the Manor I am also the Co-Director of PRS.
As fate would have it I have been a first-hand witness to Buell’s struggles w/his addiction, w/justifiably disgruntled fans, and w/his recovery.
I was reluctant to suggest or allow an event w/PRS to be here at the Malvern Manor because of the good standing The Manor and Josh have w/so many people in the Paranormal community.
After discussing things with Josh and Kirsten it was agreed to give this a chance. With that being said, The Malvern Manor is hosting this event and is not associated with PRS for this event. I want this to be clear because although I have ties to PRS I don’t feel it’s fair to associate Josh, Kirsten, or The Malvern Manor with PRS and it’s past.
UPDATED AGAIN: Right now PRS only has ONLY 2 tickets left for the Paranormal State like investigations (Thurs-Sunday).
We believe in second chances, but it was Ryan’s dedication to his sobriety and public promise to make wrongs right as he can. PRS has had 3 events since Ryan started recovery and all 3 have been attended. This includes an online Demonology course, a Homecoming Event in State College, and a Paracon in San Antonio Texas.
During the event Ryan will be joined by Robby Strickland who is Buell’s rehab sponsor. On top of the investigations and meet and greet. Attendees will hear discussions regarding the paranormal and sobriety as well as the demons drugs and alcohol can bring out in any human and especially for those in the paranormal field.
Despite being nervous about the event, I am confident (having attended or been a part of the 3-0 positive run) that this will be a GREAT event. Thanks for reading this message and thank you as always for supporting Malvern Manor. Cheers! – Potter

Paranormal Herald:

Potter had stated that Buell had attended all three recent events, but what she did not comment on, was when Buell was going to repay all the funds he had previously allegedly stolen, or if she was the one to share her side of the dollars earned on events to help repay Buell’s ex fans?

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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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