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Ryan Buell “I have caught up on DVD sells and promises”?


After watching angry fans, who had received broken promises from ex-Paranormal State Star Ryan Daniel Buell get there comments removed by none other. We started even paying more attention, as to who said what and so forth.

It is interesting to have a person finally admit he was a drug addict as reasoning behind his failed events ,ticket sells and so much more. It is also interesting to see the man jump right back into the perhaps type of life others have blamed for his turn to the Darkside.

What may have broken the surface, as far as news went, Dianne’s Trouble shooter news did certainly do that. Among speculation denial and of course repeated attempts to rebuke the entire dealings with Buell and amidst some of the most controversial times came one woman’s quest to also make things right.

By Diane Wilson
Thttp://abc11.com/entertainment/troubleshooter-buell-friend-speaks-out/226669/uesday, July 29, 2014
The I-Team Troubleshooter follows up on the investigation of a celebrity ghost hunter, whose long-time friend is speaking out about fans’ missing money.

We heard from a lot of former fans of Ryan Buell who were angry that they paid a lot of money for his lecture tour and never got refunds when it was canceled. One even traveled all the way from Denmark.

One of the headliner’s for Buell’s tour, a long-time friend, said thousands of dollars are at stake.

Chip Coffey is a well-known psychic and medium who was once part of the cable TV series “Paranormal State” with Buell

Coffey was scheduled to team up with the ghost hunter again for his “Conversations With The Dead Tour.”

He says Buell and his team, the Paranormal Research Society, based here in the Triangle organized the tour and were in charge of all the details.

“Venues weren’t booked. Airline tickets weren’t booked,” Coffey said.

He says it was so unorganized, he had to bail on the U.S. tour in April, just days before it was supposed to start.

Additionally, he says while he has no access to the ticket sales, he knows a lot were sold.

Coffey said, “I know that the last accounting I had, with regards to ticket sales for the ‘Conversations with the Dead Tour,’ it was in excess of $80,000.”

That doesn’t even include the tickets that were sold for the seven shows in Canada that were all canceled.

Now that Buell canceled the U.S. and Canadian tours, Coffey says he doesn’t understand why ticket holders aren’t getting refunds.

“I’ve been accused of throwing Ryan under the bus. I didn’t throw Ryan under the bus, Ryan stepped in front of the bus and I jumped out of the way. Any smart business person would have done the same thing,” Coffey said.

While neither Buell nor his team has responded to our repeated requests for comment, on Buell’s Facebook page, he posted that health issues canceled the tour and that PayPal is responsible for ticket refunds

Ryan Buell, went live via Facebook on 08/05/2017


Paranormal Herald:

“According to many individuals and there repeated attempts to get the truth out there on Buell’s fan pages, Buell not only has not caught up on broken promises and the past sells of tickets and events and items sold, but has now launched all out to once again begin to sell his work . He (Buell) has even launched an all new PRS. Just this past week, we saw Buell’s own mother “Shelly Bonavita appear on his live Facebook feed and state she will watch Buell’s money management.

It seems anybody commenting about prior events or tickets sold, get either blocked and or there comments deleted from the actual individual posts,  A specific sign and trend that appeared over the past few years, while Buell allegedly had a drug addiction and had scammed people.

It is been entirely difficult to not have an opinion, when it comes to this specific paranormal criminal, because of all the people, that still supports the man there comments seem to turn my stomach., as they sure the hell do not mention the individuals that have taken a loss because there loved and so much appreciated hero is supposedly recovering from drug addiction? How can somebody be so proud of a man who swindled a shit load of money over what seemed a period of years?.


Paranormal Herald:

“One comment in particular got some attention telling Buell to remove bad people from his pages? if people wanting there money back means there bad, then every single ass on that comment section is actually the ones who are bad. What is furthermore so sad is the lack of his what seems fans not even mentioning the acts, that were committed when Buell allegedly used his para events for his addiction. Innocent people were scammed, but they do not care and continue to support the man for everything he has done. It is Disturbing.

Michelle Lynn · 4:53 Just talk, don’t read. And, start removing bad people from your page. I’m sick of fighting with them.

Jenni Kelly · 5:24 Every time I see you, you are looking better and better! I am so proud of you

One particular post states glad to see your back to your old self? that is the actual problem I do believe.

Kimberly Smith · 4:37 I’m glad to see you back to your old self ❤ and smiling!

Another post praying for Aryan, but I don’t see them praying people get there money back or get paid back for the dirty deeds done by M.R Buell?

Neris Khyra · 4:47 Still praying every day for Angelic intervention to protect you and keep you in the light every day

Paranormal Herald: Evan Jensen.






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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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