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Ryan Buell’s own mother to manage Buell’s accounts? Announces new PRS home coming event September 22-24th, 2017.

This past week Ryan Buell has been very active on his Facebook page. We finally got to see Shelly Bonavita Lundberg, Buell’s own mom come on camera and state that her firm would be handling the money collected for Ryan’s events and that he would not have any access to it, although Ryan has been stating that 2 people would be over seeing the money, he(Buell) has only shown his mother, who was not wanting to come on camera but with all of the fans on his page calling him out believing this was yet another con, his mother showed her face and made the brief statement within a minute

Perhaps, just perhaps the biggest pleasant surprise, is when Buell’s own friends finally awakened the public.


Many fans are going to Shelly and sending her messages and inquiring if they should believe Ryan, only due to her posting last year not to believe her son and not to give him any money.


Paranormal States, Ryan Daniel Buel’s own mom(Shelley Bonavita Lundberg ,had made comments to stop enabling Buell. When we saw Buell’s own mom come on the air and say she will be handling his finances, she even went on to say her firm will do it.? it was a huge shock, as prior just last year she had released a letter that stated and begged the para community and public to not send him money.

phttps://paranormalheraldmagazine.com/2016/09/21/paranormal-states-ryan-daniel-buels-own-momshelley-bonavita-lundberg-states-buel-did-not-have-cancer-makes-pleas-to-p-r-s-and-the-paranormal-community-to-stop-sending-him-money-and-donations/leas to P.R.S and the paranormal community to stop sending him money and donations Even.

With Shelly coming on camera, people are still not satisfied and this is seen by his daily posts for his upcoming event in September almost begging people to buy tickets (only 50) are being sold. We guess this is because the only popular thing about Ryan is how he lies and deceives people by taking and that assumption is based of past and prior events, he was accused of scamming people out of there money and not having his events.

We guess this is because the only popular thing about Ryan is how he lies and deceives people by taking there money, and promising things he has failed to deliver. One should remember Buell has merely been out of drug rehab, for 3 months.

Let us also add the 3-year coin Ryan posted, claiming it’s a 3-month coin and bringing his counselor to the event, who is also on Ryan’s public Facebook page and is seeing this 3-year coin posted and not saying a word, makes us wonder if he really is a counselor and why is he going to be present at this event? Many questions are being asked and all are being ignored. Pancreatic Cancer: Ryan Buell Diagnosed

We also have been hearing a lot about Gracie Potter who Ryan calls “Potter” who is also another one who is behind Ryan and getting him to step back out into the paranormal community and Who then also  seems to be okay with Ryan’s past transgressions. To our understanding from how Ryan speaks about Potter, it is that she wants to remain behind the scenes. Is this because she is embarrassed to be seen with Ryan or is it because she has something else to hide? or is helping him and keeping her distance for when he screws people over again, she can say she wasn’t connected to him
It is also nice to see how Ryan spends his day’s jet skiing and going on live for all to see. It’s very disrespectful to the hundreds of people he took advantage of and is and has been ignoring their constant requests for an answer along with others who had lost loved ones from cancer.


As you can see how far Ryan will go with his prior lies,  it sort of may make you wonder, if it is simply about to continue again. Ryan did interviews for People’s magazine from 2012-2016. As you can see how far Ryan will go with his lies, makes you wonder why his Mother didn’t come forward until last year.
During one of Ryan’s live posts, he stated that Sergey Poberezhny who was a member of P.R.S. might be attending the upcoming event. This does not set anyone’s mind at ease as we know Ryan made an announcement that they were getting married to now claiming he made that statement as a joke he stated this past week, but as you can see Sergey from a YouTube post he is in fact seemingly under the influence of something. Which is very obvious as you can see for yourself.

With Buell’s alleged drug recovery program and the simple fact, that Buell’s friends are maybe still using it has raised suspect towards Buell.

September 23rd 2013, Ryan Buell gave an interview to People Magazine titled “‘I Had to Go to Death’s Door’ Where he flat outright claimed to have pancreatic cancer.

Paranormal State’s Ryan Buell on Cancer Battle: ‘I Had to Go to Death’s Door’

Pancreatic Cancer: Ryan Buell Diagnosed

















Over the past few years we have seen some pretty crazy and even interesting situations arise from an old ex-A&E Paranormal State director. That being Ryan Daniel Buell. We have seen what seems to be scam after scam as is and had been reported by people magazine, News media, several news papers and even tabloids. If you enjoyed being a dirt bag and on the news for it, well then his reputation was one to endorse.

For a long time people asserted Buell had been on drugs, then when some of Buell’s former coworkers came forward, the entertainment community was in a uproar and justly so to. They had stated Buell was a drug addict.

After not one but two arrest Buell, began to stick out inside the paranormal entertainment world even further, but some of his loyal diehard and bleeding fans seemed ok to back him even then.

After being arrested for stealing an rental car Buell, was quiet for a while, but that may have been because he was in jail. After a short time Buell made the papers even one more time, that is when he was charged with assault and battery for biting his boy friends finger off.




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