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Ryan Buell former ghost hunter and former host/executive producer of A&E’s “Paranormal State” has been a controversial topic to say the least.


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Ryan Buell former ghost hunter and former host/executive producer of A&E’s “Paranormal State,” has been a controversial topic to say the least. From cancelling events, then claiming pancreatic cancer, arrests and even alleged drug problems.

If cancelling events, then claiming pancreatic cancer, arrests and drug problems., were not enough, now there is the serious question being raised by his fans he once allegedly scammed in specific regards to his sincerity.
When viewing Mr. Buell’s Facebook page, this is very clear how many people are still asking for refunds, apologies and why would he fake having pancreatic cancer, but all those questions are being ignored and fans are being told by Mr. Buell that he does not want to discuss it nor should he disclose his choice of drug as this will affect his rehabilitation being only 3 months clean.
While we see fans demanding refunds, we also see a handful of people who were not subject to being ripped off by Mr. Buell for hundreds of dollars each, telling the victims to get over it, move on and to get off his page while Mr. Buell is allowing this to happen.

What he (Buell)is doing, is he is removing posts and screening his page and with one he definitely marked it as spam.

So, we ask why wouldn’t Mr. Buell answer those questions? wouldn’t that be part of his rehabilitation? Is he afraid to admitting that he scammed fans out of money for cancelled events for his drug addiction, that he would be criminally charged, and is waiting for the statute of limitations to run out? Because what we see is a person who is avoiding questions and not working on restitution for the 90,000 he owes if not more.

In fact, what we see is the total opposite.

Mr. Buell has been very busy self-promoting himself, going live on Facebook to talk about his new adventures, his sales of Paranormal State DVD’s and books he has written and how you can get one that is autographed by him.
We have been watching videos of Mr. Buell at the lake in South Carolina with his family enjoying jet skiing and him playing video games with his younger brother on Twitch. Although no funds are being asked for as a “donation” to engage in conversation with Mr. Buell or for so called raffles that were not sent to previous winners. What we did see is someone who had no remorse nor any fear of his upcoming criminal charges.

Mr. Buell returned to Pennsylvania for his charges this month and the hearing was July 17, it appears that he did escape further punishment. Although many news channel outlets and some paranormal pages reported that the charges from Sept 2016 arrest was for him canceling events and not refunding monies collected, the charges were in fact to a rental car that Mr. Buell rented and refused to return. The recent charges in May of 2017 was for domestic violence against his significant other Mr. Buell entered the rehab, most likely a deal made by the district attorney’s office. What Mr. Buell was not charged for was his other criminal activities including another rental vehicle from Hertz that was not returned when specified on the contract.
Recently Mr. Buell, who claims to be a celebrity, disclosed that he will be doing an event in September 22-24th at 295.00 per person (hotel stay not included) and for an additional 45.00 you can have lunch with Mr. Buell and for another 100.00 fee ice cream, socializing and a photo opt. It also states that you can get a discounted hotel stay for 119.00 with a code, but does not state how that will be given. Additionally, at the bottom what we see is the fine print:

A refund will be issued if PRS, in its sole discretion, cancels the event due to unforeseen circumstances. PRS is not responsible for any further expenses, losses, or liability incurred by the participant due to cancellation of the event.
A credit towards a future PRS event in the amount of the ticket value will be issued if the event is postponed due to unforeseen circumstances OR on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of PRS if the participant is unable to attend an event due to an unforeseen illness or family emergency. Under any of the above circumstances, PRS shall issue a voucher which can be redeemed as credit towards a future PRS event. PRS reserves the right to cancel this policy at any time without advance notice. PRS is not responsible for any further expenses, losses, or liability incurred by the participant due to postponement of the field trip or the participant’s inability to attend the event.
Reference: https://paranormal.formstack.com/forms/homecoming
Mr. Buell has also made claims that he will not be in charge of incoming funds and that his mother and another accountant will be over seeing the accounts, but what people are not seeing his any statements being made by either of those people publicly. This does not ease the public’s fear that he is back to his old tricks.
A few days ago, Mr. Buell made the announcement he will be returning to TV but will not disclose details. Our other concern is Mr. Buell made the statement of doing a demonology DVD course.

This is very concerning as Mr. Buell is not a demonologist and does not have any proof as to being trained. With all the lies and deception, this is what we would see from a demonic entity, it seems that Mr. Buell has a very high regard to himself and has no issues of portraying himself in the public as something that he is not.

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