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Big trouble in the Bigfoot world Bob Gimlin being harassed over bigfooter suit allegations, just before 50th anniversary of film.

One of the most spoken of videos is the Patterson Grimlin film, some will argue to the very day that it is real. Some will argue it was all A hoax. What ever the case, it seems certain key players keep coming under fire. It seems perfectly fine to argue the point and validity of the film, but it is not alright to harass someone over there beliefs.

To quickly dispel any and all rumors even to this day, the film has not been proven to be a hoax.

But what about the rumors? What about the rumor that one of the people who helped obtain the footage “confessed” to wearing the costume?

There are, in fact, several different stories involving different people who claimed (or were suspected) to be the man in the costume …just like Heironimus has been in the said book.

The absolute truth may never be known either way, as it is one hell of an old film. Greg Long wrote “The Making of Bigfoot” and in side the book he reveals and accuses Heironimus as the man that was actually inside the suit in the P/G Film. Over the said book came feuds from both sides, supporters and those that don’t think the film was real.

Some how even those alleged to have committed hoaxes themselves, such as the hoax of Tom Biscardi who was involved with the Georgia Hoax in 2008, seems to have some ties to reported harassment and an ongoing social feud.

The Georgia Hoax was the biggest bigfoot story of 2008. The story was followed by a few thousand newspapers around the world, including every newspaper in the English speaking world.

The hoax started in Georgia and then went big-time when a veteran media hoaxer got involved.


The Original Motivation for the Hoax

The original motivation for the Georgia Body hoax was the attempt by sheriff deputy Matt Whitton, and used car salesman Rick Dyer, to offer expeditions like the BFRO. Bigfoot expeditions looked like a great business to them, because the BFRO’s expedition often sell out months in advance. They saw an opportunity to attract the people who didn’t sign up for the BFRO’s trips in time.

This same motivation was shared by the infamous hoaxer Carmine (Tom) Biscardi. Years before this hoax Biscardi had started a company called the “Great American Bigfoot Field Research Organization” (GABFRO) in a blatant attempt to confuse people who had heard about BFRO expeditions. Biscardi, a former Las Vegas promoter, eventually changed the name of his business entity to “Searching for Bigfoot, Inc.”
Even with a relentless publicity campaign to advertise his expeditions, no one signed up. As his money started to run out he became increasingly desperate for media attention. He saw the potential in the Georgia body story for a lot of free publicity, so he jumped in to advise and partner with the Georgia boys. With the help of tantalizing press releases television he managed to bring nation-wide TV coverage to his bizarre, self-promoting press conference in Palo Alto. This press conference fulfilled the fantasy he had for decades — a live press conference wherein he could command the attention (momentarily) of all major news media networks, and thereby proclaim himself to be “the real bigfoot hunter” … It was both madness, and a scam.

I myself have had my views from time to time, but that is where it ends I do not go out of my way to bother or harass anyone in the matter as is being seen by at least two men, who have sworn to disrupt and harass bob at there up and coming 5o-th anniversary.

The Patterson-Gimlin Film 50th Anniversary Celebration and Tribute Conference will take place on Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21, 2017 in two locations: Willow Creek – &Eureka in California.
The proposed event will feature a series of “ala carte” events on Friday – the actual anniversary. We will meet in Willow Creek at the Willow Creek-China Flat Museum for a continental breakfast and an informal Welcoming presentation. Viewing the excellent displays and footprint casts in the local museum. Hope you can make it!





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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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