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Wesley Fox  of Branson Ghost Tours shut down for not paying there fare share of taxes. Lien # 201706900007053 Inside is the court cases in regards to the tours held.

Before we get into this article I had a few words we wished to share with our readers and or anybody reading this article. They are as follows.

“Wesley Fox of Branson Ghost Tours were shut down, this is a fact. They were shut down for not paying taxes. Inside is the court cases in specific regards to the tours held. Does his employees pay taxes on their earnings? Now that remains to be seen.
“Wouldn’t it be nice to not pay taxes? Well Wesley Fox didn’t and apparently thinks he is above the law. Knowing he has not paid taxes brings up so many other questions. His tours take people out into a very congested tourist city. One of Branson’s main problems are safe crosswalks because people have been run over by the dense traffic.

Does Wesley have the proper liability insurance? Does he provide his employees with Workmen’s Comp? A more basic question is if he is paying their social security taxes? It very well may be that no one cares, because maybe his employees are not reporting their earnings? Wesley is now on the radar of the IRS.

My guess is that the IRS just may start looking at his employees to see if they reported their earnings? Even if they don’t, every one of his employees that have viciously attacked and threatened me, will be on my list to be sent to the IRS. Wesley claims his tours are successful and that he has many employees, I guess we will see? Is he running a real professions business? Or, is the city of Branson allowing their tourists to be in danger? Wesley is not a bright bulb, for the IRS is investigating one business and he thinks he can continue by changing the name. This is not “chump: change, because one of his claims was that he sold 70 tickets for a single tour! 70 tickets times $25 equals $1750….Tax Free! The City of Branson is none the wiser…..yet.
It must be nice!

Paranormal Herald:

“As you all know The Paranormal Herald has been under recent attacks, by someone named Wesley Fox. The attacks have been relentless as this paper has strived to unlock some secrets that the man will not want known and for a very good reason. We do take pleasure in exposing those people, who are rottenly hell bent on ripping others off for there mown personal gains and this story is no different then any of the others.

In a recent article explaining that Branson Ghost tours had been shut down, we underlined some prior issues, then the attacks happened daily from the individuals we had written about. The truth could not be any more plain then what this article intends to show. The prior article is at the below link.


Paranormal Herald:”

New evidence suggest that because of unpaid taxes in the amount of 1,944.20 , Wesley had to appear in court on 06/30/2017 in louse of the owing of back taxes in the December and October monthly periods of 2016. These dates were during the times, that the  man had his ghost tours operating. The said information prior posted is very consistent with the alleged tours held by M.R Fox.

What is more troubling, is that the defamed author now says he is doing the same ghost tours under the same name in Branson? According to prior screenshots of his words or words of people he has allegedly employed into his group, there last tour had 40 people attend? And the one before that 70 people. If this is true that is a lot of revenue and one may then ask did he or any of his said members pay any of there taxes?.

The below PDF document shows amount of taxes he is either owing had owed or is being collected upon for owing as of 2016..


The below document lists Wesley Fox of Marriam Woods MO as the defendant and names James Galbrath as the said attorney for the petitioner



In final summation, nobody is above the law everyone as in this case should always play by the rules. It does not matter if your a paranormal entertainment subject or one that thinks he is, if your doing shady practices, eventually it will catch up to you. Perhaps this is one surreal reason, the para world has seen some of the worst attack’s on myself ever seen. Why? because they knew the truth always prevails.

There will always be frauds and scammers, those people who have one thought in mind and that is to scam others. For the record this paper will always be there to exploit and report just who they are and what they are doing or have done as a final warning to help those unsuspecting victim’s.


About Paranormal Herald Magazine

As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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  1. She can’t Even get my address correct I live in the historic district dumbass and no I don’t live in below public housing you have never been to my house on the other hand I have been to yours so keep talking smack unbelievable


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  2. i am leaving this because this is a threat. otherwise anything else you clowns say will be deleted.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | July 19, 2017, 6:13 am
  3. Actually crack whore no you aren’t try again no where near where you said and stop threatening everybody I had a long conversation with frank jr very interesting he said you are a pathetic piece of shit who no one would screw unbelievable he told me alot

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  4. hope you have a license for the said event? and no body is ever going to bother your event. not from anyone I know.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | July 20, 2017, 2:20 am
  5. Seems funny to me nooone comments on the articles about wesley and you look on his twitter account and he starts by attacking me and Evan saying I went to prison and stupid stuff if he just let it go prople would just forget about it but you have to continue that’s the reason you will not get the kids back any normal person whom had dcf involved and dcf took the kids why would you continue you say you care about the girls well you wouldn’t do what you are doing stupid they are looking at everything also tell us about the apartment dcf wants to know why you have an two addresses so inbread I ask and a lot of people want to know when are you going to grow up and tell people why you lost custody of you’re two boys


    Posted by Scott | July 22, 2017, 11:50 am
  6. I bet you never had these problems until you teamed up with skeletor

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  7. hey scott absolutely do not comment to those fools any more they get o more of our blog time. when they comment now the blog automatically throws them into the spam file epic. I have not read ne now for like over a week.


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