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Jason Hawes sued in federal court over ghost ideas & Ghost hunters show wins big.

Did you all know that in federal court Jason Hawes was involved in A lawsuit over ghost ideas and two others prior work. The case was brought before the United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.

As the case was Heard

MONTZ v. PILGRIM FILMS & TELEVISION, INC. 606 F.3d 1153 (2010)


In November 2006, plaintiffs Larry Montz, a parapsychologist, and Daena Smoller, a publicist, filed a complaint in federal district court. They claimed that in 1981, Montz conceived of the concept for a new reality television program featuring a team of “paranormal investigators.” As allegedly envisioned by Montz, each hour-long episode would follow the team’s members to a different real-world location, where they would use magnetometers, infrared cameras, and other devices to investigate (and occasionally debunk) reports of paranormal activity.

The complaint alleges that between 1996 and 2003, the plaintiffs presented screenplays, videos, and other materials relating to their proposed show to representatives of NBC Universal, Inc., and the Sci-Fi Channel (now the Syfy Channel), “for the express purpose of offering to partner … in the production, broadcast and distribution of the Concept.” The representatives were allegedly not interested in the concept for the show. According to the complaint, however, NBC Universal subsequently partnered with Craig Piligian and
[606 F.3d 1156]

Pilgrim Films & Television, Inc., to produce a series on the Sci-Fi Channel based on the plaintiffs’ materials. The show, called Ghost Hunters, stars Jason Hawes as the leader of a team of investigators who travel across the country to study paranormal activity.
The plaintiffs brought various causes of action against NBC Universal, Pilgrim Films, Piligian, Hawes, and ten unknown other defendants. The complaint alleges that the defendants engaged in unauthorized use of the plaintiffs’ materials, in violation of their exclusive rights under federal copyright law. In addition, it alleges several state-law claims, two of which are relevant here: (1) that “by producing and broadcasting” Ghost Hunters, the defendants breached an “implied agreement not to disclose, divulge or exploit the Plaintiffs’ ideas and concepts without the express consent of the Plaintiffs, and to share with the Plaintiffs … the profits and credit for their idea and concepts”; and (2) that the defendants breached the plaintiffs’ confidence “[b]y taking the Plaintiffs’ novel ideas and concepts, exploiting those ideas and concepts, and profiting therefrom to the Plaintiffs’ exclusion.”

The entire case can be read in full details at the below listed references and said links




About Paranormal Herald Magazine

As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


14 thoughts on “Jason Hawes sued in federal court over ghost ideas & Ghost hunters show wins big.

  1. Why didn’t you share the results of the case in your story? I understand that one can follow the links and discover what happened. But you wrote an article setting up a 10-year-old court case with providing your reading audience with an ending. For those who are curious, the case was ultimately dismissed.

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    Posted by Jon | June 29, 2017, 4:42 pm
  2. The headlines read and wins big, the links to review the case are inside the article. If he intended audience can read and wished to they can follow along inside the article by the three referenced links. Thanks for the reply.

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    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | June 29, 2017, 6:12 pm
  3. I guess. As a reader, it’s not an effective way of communicating to your audience. Your readers are here. It’s good that you’re linking to source materials, but you really should summarize the results here. Where your readers are. Beginning, middle, and ending. They’re the basic building blocks of storytelling.

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    Posted by Jon | June 29, 2017, 6:27 pm
  4. thanks advice taken ill revise the article today appreciated


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | June 29, 2017, 6:28 pm
  5. it was ultimately dismissed because of loop holes within the law actually.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | July 1, 2017, 6:43 am
  6. Please understand you guys Evan Jensen has gone after everyone in the paranormal.
    He and that fat bitch kelly.who mind you photo shops her photos.have nothing better to do but this.
    I do know Evan Jensen. He is a sick man that sits out side women’s windows and jacked off.
    This guy is sick,sick, sick.
    Now I may not know anything g about the paranormal.but I lived next door to this low life and I can tell you he is a sick son of a bitch.now trust me if I did not move I would have beat the blood out of this guy.and you guys that read his shit are just as bad.
    Evan you know who I am so say something give me one e reason.just o e.
    Oh and Bill is as we looking for you.
    If you are going g to be friends Ted drugs make sure to pay for them.
    Low life.
    And you better hope Bill does not get told where you live.


    Posted by Mike | July 2, 2017, 6:22 am
  7. Unless Evan lived in Virginia I suggest you stop stalking people mike


    Posted by Scott | July 2, 2017, 1:23 pm
  8. Unless Evan lived in Virginia I suggest you stop stalking people mike or shall we say carol

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    Posted by Scott | July 2, 2017, 1:23 pm
  9. yah I n might come and stay in Virginia to file a few things myself in august also ill leaving to visit two old time relatives there in a surrounding city iam going to see if we can charge her with a few nice things as well since they love to threaten people.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | July 3, 2017, 11:15 am
  10. no we don’t go after anybody idiot,we do write about paranormal cons such as your wife Ryan Buell and over 90 others who have scammed people out of there money, we don’t take kindly to psychopathic individuals as your self promoting the horror that these individuals do. We have seen some wonderful people burned by fakes frauds and criminals that feed off the lives of the innocent, such as your wonderful wife carol Malone. what she herself was alleged to have done, when people google the tombstone scammer, they know already the entire ordeal. event venue holders were scammed out of there money by tickets sold events not happening and hotels not being booked it was a total disaster for future referencing to every single post you make her tombstone links will be blasted so people can connect the dots to you your scammer wife and any future activity you do inside the entertainment world if it smells like a skunk looks like a skunk? There is a good chance it is a skunk.

    Paranormal fraud haunting town of Tombstone
    Posted: May 05, 2015 8:07 PM PDT
    Updated: May 19, 2015 8:07 PM PDT


    With tickets sold for hundreds of dollars, local businesses notified and reserved for the Haunting of Tombstone event. Unfortunately, the event tricked the visitors and the businesses.
    TOMBSTONE – An event planner supposedly tricked people out of thousands of dollars this past weekend in Tombstone.

    Carol Malone planned a weekend paranormal event called “A Haunting of Tombstone.” From May 1 through May 3, tourists paid for tickets expecting a weekend of paranormal speakers, celebrities and even a ghost tour. However, local business owners are claiming she skipped town without paying them and without having any events set up for the tourists.

    “We [were] counting on making this money. Other people that contacted us and wanted to come here for the weekend,” said Stacy Corbon, co-owner of Sister Paranormal Investigators. “We had to turn them away because we were booked.” 

    Now, local business owners are worried it could harm their “tourist town”.

    “I felt that our town had been cheated. We thrive on people coming to our town. This lady [took money from] so many people. That could devastate Tombstone,” said Corbon.

    Tombstone Marshal said Malone was detained, but has since been released. They are now planning on passing the case to the state attorney general.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | July 3, 2017, 11:31 am
  11. man I don’t know you and you have never lived anywhere close to me you are a certified nut cracker. who is sick someone whom fantasizes about living next to me that is some crazy weird shit stalker much?

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    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | July 3, 2017, 11:33 am
  12. nice threats loser lol. bring body bags if your coming to threaten or harm us in any way at all losers.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | July 3, 2017, 11:34 am
  13. Keep us all posted

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    Posted by Scott | July 3, 2017, 12:05 pm
  14. You should put up Go Fund Me Page. Bet there would be a lot of people to donate to the cause…..lol.

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    Posted by darknesswithinradionewssource | July 3, 2017, 5:10 pm
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