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Wesley Fox paranormal author continues support of Eder ministries while sexting allegations scandal continues has no shame bringing in an alleged pedophile into peoples homes

The allegations and statements made, are as to be considered alleged. The information is based on information provided and after initial investigative procedure we found had warranted this article.

This is not a doctor feels good sort of article, but one that is rather disturbing by nature. Often times we have written about the harm one can do inside the paranormal field. It should be a public outcry for change and to perhaps have some new legislative laws passed, when allowing strangers or in this case paranormal people into your homes especially ones that have or may have made sexual suggestions that involved young children.

The following screenshots were sent to the paper to investigate, as a young woman came forward. They are of a man named joe Eder of Eder ministries. The very same person author Wesley fox had written about and supported in two books. The problem is instead of announcing to the public, he was sorry for allowing a dangerous person to enter peoples homes, he has instead lashed out at the very source of informing the public, this being us the Paranormal Herald.

This is the case of one author hell bent on riding the gravy train or in this case the money train for every single dime he can. Even at all costs. According to quotes made by the same author, this being Wesley fox, he stated that he disassociated himself about a year ago from his main character in his two books.(Joe Eder)When asked apparently  he had no comments, other then defending a man that had written more then foul and suggesting statements over a sexting scandal. .

Wesley writes” that his services did a lot of people good. Was he including the allowing of having  such a demented individual as the joe Eder into his para research and said cases?

The Joe Eder story can be read here at the below link.


It wasn’t until the other day, where Wesley allegedly had commented on The Paranormal Herald Facebook page. This was the authors comments”

Wesley Fox:
Wesley Fox
Wesley Fox Chris Cupit to will read this he told you to drop it. Mentioning
Chris Cupit to will read this he told you to drop it. Mentioning the book about n your article might make him decide to talk to his lawyer about mentioning certain people which he has the original article, which is not good for u. I don’t have to defend myself about anything I do. I can tell you the book was wrote not long after the case we did, oh by the way it didn’t take us 2 years on a case like it did u. This was a time when Joe was everything I wrote. Truth be told he didn’t help u on your two year old case and it pissed u off. I’m not saying Joe is perfect or ever was but no one is. But he never did anything during this time period for us to think any different. Ask people we have helped. Check your facts

Seen 4:51pm

Chat Conversation End
The entire reasoning behind the said authors attacks were believed to have been because, he blames us for dismissing his cash cow. In Wesley’s own book,(DELIVDER US FROM EVIL) he endorses and thanks the Eders for them paying for his trips, his para research and for buying him the equipment needed for his ghost research.
If we understand the mans integrity versus money issues, we will maybe then understand exactly why he endorses the man Joe Eder.
What Wesley won’t be sharing to the world, is that the Eders paid for or had  cosigned a loan to Wesley for a car, this made Wesley a motivated individual and as being seen now apparently by Wesley’s comments. “It is ok that everyone makes mistakes nobody is perfect he writes?.
Wesley fox made the statement he Joe Eder never did anything during the time they worked together in a case, but to other people he stated he had disassociated himself from the Eders, because joe was acting weird.  Wesley said that was about year ago .
One very good question should be if Wesley had suspected something, he should have not supported the ministry that had in fact ordained him any further, but as you can see clearly has supported the man,even though he was seen deleting all ties and said connections to the  ministries and the Eders.
To be continued.

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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


3 thoughts on “Wesley Fox paranormal author continues support of Eder ministries while sexting allegations scandal continues has no shame bringing in an alleged pedophile into peoples homes

  1. I find the Paranormal Herald being extremely harsh on Wesley Fox in your attacks on him. Clearly he was deceived and thought Joe Eder was doing Christ’s work. Of course he would thank Joe Eder in his books for their financial support. “Satan comes as an angel of light” and Wesley never claimed the gift of discernment. Perhaps Paranormal Herald can smell a Satanist a mile away, but most of us do not have these powers. In the spirit of fairness lighten up on attacking Wesley. He didn’t expose himself and write those hideous words. The man simply thought Joe Eder was a real demonologist and helping him with travel payments to do these investigations further deceived the young man. Dragging him down does a disservice to him as well as to your very publication.


    Posted by stevevtaiwan | June 3, 2017, 9:16 pm
  2. deceived my assist this why he has launched cyber attacks ppeople have messaged me and sated Wesley’s fan page look’s like some diluted mad man made it plain and simple.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | June 13, 2017, 2:21 am
  3. not harsh enough these people need to take accountability for allowing a possibly dangerous man into homes and around there kids didn’t you people Wesley and company allow joe Eder into your tours and so forth like Wesley sated they used him on many investigations. he is endorsed in two of the books you must know that?


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | June 15, 2017, 9:25 pm
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