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Debra Eder of Eder ministries sends notice to 6 people your no longer ministers, as Eder ministries gets Dissolution?

One of the most interesting screenshots filtered in today. As Eder ministries unravels and even more disturbing facts filter in, the treasurer Debra Eder tells several people “They are no longer ministers.

What was found to be of interest is under normal circumstances, once a person is ordained as a minister, they are then ordained for life. The ministers can be kicked out of there church congregation, but they can not simply pull there ministers ordainment? If in fact they actually had some sort of affiliated legal ordainment documents.

In the state of Florida,they are not required to  do much in the way of legal documentation. The  501-c business is listed as being registered to a Florida address.


In prior articles, the story of what actually allegedly happened, was that joe Eder was being accused of sending a woman pictures, nude pictures and accused of sexting while at the same time being married to his wife. It was not just the allegation of this, that caused the Eder’s to fold there ministries, but also the fact that the Eder’s had a woman’s name, listed as the vice-president of their business. It was the woman who came forward and stated for the record she was in no way associated with the business. She was upset as to how they could even announce her as there VP on a not for profit 501-c company? that may have placed the final nail in the departing ministry service.

As Alleged fraud investigations into Joe Eder ministries continues, more evidence to support prior claims began to surface


In yet another article and it’s some what graphic, even more claims were presented as to allegations accusing Joe Eder of Eder ministries as sending lude and nude pictures of his private parts to women on social media


There are online associations that will ordain you for 30 bucks. They will even make you a member of there so called church.  I suspect the entire ministry was of something  “similar” to this.







The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for other parties information.

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