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As Alleged fraud investigations into Joe Eder ministries continues, more evidence to support prior claims begins to surface

Earlier we discussed in an article, what has become a shame to the paranormal world and the entertainment industry. They say the prior allegations being made, may be one of the worst breaches of public trust, that has been seen in more then a decade inside the paranormal.

What joe Eder is being accused of, is allegedly sending explicit pictures to women over the internet, Including pictures of his Johnson and telling them he will fuck them in goats blood and even allegedly stating he will read the satanic bible and piss on them? all while being married to his own wife.

Joe Eder is A self professed demon slayer, who had an episode on “A Haunting” called “Child’s Play. He can be seen here in the following video, presenting himself as a minister, but the following screenshots you will see do come from no minister, but either from someone possessed or mentally ill?


The below YouTube video, Minister joe Eder is seen saying how important communication is. Perhaps he did not mean social media and sexting

On 05/11/2017,The Paranormal Herald found some new evidence, that seemingly stemmed from what one woman is calling A deceptive practice. A woman known inside the para-community, has found her name listed as the Vice-president of Eder Ministries.

The Paranormal Herald sat down to speak with Kelly Spurlock, this is what she stated in regards to being labeled as vice-president of Eder ministries A tax free non profit company..

An insert from a link  stages this”Eder Ministries, Inc. is a Florida Domestic Non-Profit Corporation filed on September 17, 2013 . The company’s filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is N13000008396.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Northwest Registered Agent LLC and is located at 3030 N Rocky Point Drive Suite 150a, Tampa, FL 33607. The company’s principal address is 3030 N Rocky Point Drive Suite 150a, Tampa, FL 33607 and its mailing address is 3030 N Rocky Point Drive Suite 150a, Tampa, FL 33607.

The company has 3 principals on record. The principals are Debra Eder from Tampa FL, Joseph R Eder from Tampa FL, and Kelly Spurlock from Tampa FL

This is the link where it does show Kelly Spurlock as being listed as the vice-president of Eder ministries.  And it is also why we believe the ministries page and business is no longer active, as the woman listed denies and confronts the fact she was listed there on there 501-c tax exempt document. She simply states very openly she didn’t know she even listed and that she was very unhappy about it.



“Paranormal Herald:

“Kelly is it ok if we chat a little here? I wanted to talk about you being listed as vice-president of Joe Eder ministries.

OK dude I saw about Joe, but how is my name coming up?
I know Joe but I’m not with them I went on one hunt with them.

Paranormal Herald:”

Hello Kelly I don’t know how or why your name came up I didn’t mention your name, but isn’t it true you were a person for Joe and or Westley on joes website he has you as the vice-president of his ministries?
 I had no idea that this had happened. I had no idea as to why I could be listed as a vice-president for joes ministries.

Paranormal Herald”

Do you think Joe Eder filed that not for profit company without your consent? he has it listed as a non profit, tax free status. He has the ministries’ with your name Kelly Spurlock on it. He even has the business number attached to it. N13000008396.
Paranormal Herald: Joe Eder, even has you listed, as living with them both him and his wife according to the documents filed.
Wesley I helped in cases remote viewing I have never ever done  A demonic case. I won’t.
Someone formed that company without my consent, or at least I  am no way even associated with his ministries. He did it with out my consent.
I’ll be calling an Attorney General in Tampa FL Monday.

OK sorry
I’ve never been on any cases with the company I was with Joe at the old historical bridge n pray over bridge, but I have never supported and or done anything within his ministries.


Never been on hunt or demonology case

I can say I had no idea I was on any legal form And


That’s the God’s truth
Paranormal Herald: I hope your able to take care of that situation, as it isn’t cool, it can place you in a different tax category or even cause issues  to your social security or even your husbands.
Paranormal Herald:
What do you plan on doing to protect yourself now that you learned your prior name was all over there document?

Contacting Attorney General  to have it removed and if need be the IRS
Paranormal Herald: I see.
I’ll have send affidavit stating not legal name nor permission
I am today
I’ll have send affidavit stating not legal name nor permission
I am today
She text me yesterday first time in year
Over all this
N she had car wreck this week
Paranormal Herald:
I am sorry to hear, she was involved in a wreck. Hoped she is ok.
U still have to file paperwork on A 501c3 company and my name there concerns me, even though it isn’t my actual name now as I got married.

As news breaks to the top surface, we have been told that Eder ministries has been dissolutioned today. Joseph Roland Eder, will no longer be doing ministries and may never again be dangerously close to kids, he was alleged to have fantasized about.

Some of the most disturbed screenshots have filtered on social media, some that may want you to think just whom you are letting into your house and family. There comes a sacred trust, when your a minister for the lord a trust people simply begin to think because of your status your a safe individual and people automatically  have your trust.

 There have been many pastors busted over sex scandals and even political public figures who have either been prosecuted or have had their ministries ripped from under them. Take the following case.
In an article with The Daily Telegraph, they write about a man named Brooks, he to resigned after explicit pictures surfaced on the internet.
Conservative minister resigns over sex scandal:”Brooks Newmark, the Conservative minister for civil society, resigns after being caught sending explicit photographs of himself to women over the internet

Conservative minister resigns for 'personal reasons'

David Cameron was plunged into a double crisis on Saturday after one of his ministers resigned over a sex scandal and another MP defected to Ukip.

On the eve of the Conservative Party’s final conference before next year’s election, Brooks Newmark quit as Minister for Civil Society after he was caught sending an explicit photograph of himself over the internet.

Sources told The Telegraph that Mr Newmark had sent the pictures to someone he believed was a woman using a social networking website, as part of a tabloid newspaper sting operation.

In a statement, Mr Newmark said: “I have decided to resign as Minister for Civil Society having been notified of a story to be published in a Sunday newspaper.

“I would like to appeal for the privacy of my family to be respected at this time. I remain a loyal supporter of this Government as its long term economic plan continues to deliver for the British people

Mr Newmark initiated a private message conversation on a social networking website and sent a graphic picture exposing himself while wearing a pair of paisley pajamas, according the Mirror newspaper

A link still shows Joe Eder ministries as being active since 2013. It shows Joes wife Debra, as there treasurer and also shows as being active.
The site says that no money has been given, and or that no money has been received, however others have and are beginning to come forward, stating the Eder’s have flooded many individuals with expensive gifts, cars and even financed other peoples paranormal adventures.
According to this link the company has published reports”its annual reports three times – in years: 2014, 2015, 2016.
Company Name
Eder Ministries, Inc.
Company type
Florida Not For Profit Corporation
Register number
FEI/EIN Number
The report also shows the ministries as being active as of current.
As more developing details surface, we will report them as we have done in the past.



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