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In the case of Ryan Daniel Buell, no bail reduction, Bail held at 25,000


For those that have ever wondered, when will any justice ever be delivered, and for those who have followed the Buell spectacle, Just perhaps justice comes in the way of Buell’s new charges and  bail being now set with a non transferable bail agreement. It is a hard bail pre-set at 25,000 dollars.

With new accusations of an alleged addiction problem and the fact during a prior police call to Buell’s residence statements made, it may be a good idea Buell sits in jail until he can get help.

According to two other charges, Buell is scheduled to appear at different times.

The Question is will his newest fan girls pay to get there icon and idle out of bails way? or Will they enable him.

As some should or may recall Ryan Buell  Had been released from jail on a 3,500 dollar bail arrangement over a said Hertz rental car theft. The same alleged theft, that ended up in Buell being charged and brought back to PA from north Carolina.


Then on 04/22/2017 Ryan Buell was once again brought back to jail on alleged Domestic abuse charges, where he had gotten into a argument and had allegedly tried to bite off his boyfriends finger?


Ryan Buell, was already to be do in court, for allegedly stealing a  Hertz rental vehicle and was indicted from North Carolina to PA to answer those said charges.

Centredailytimes writes the following.


Ryan Buell’s prior court documents show the then charges.



Now the new charges.


2016Judge Assigned :  Ruest, Pamela A. Initiation Date: 09/14/2016 OTN:  T 839455-1 Originating Docket No:  MJ-49101-CR-0000274-2016 LOTN:  Initial Issuing Authority:  Carmine W. Prestia Jr. Final Issuing Authority:  Thomas N. Jordan Arresting Agency:  State College Police Dept Arresting Officer:  Sim, Andrew M. Complaint/Incident #:  SCP201606172 Case Local Number Type(s)

Case Status: Active Arrest Date: 04/21/2017 Processing StatusStatus Date 05/01/2017 Awaiting Filing of Information
04/22/2017Complaint Date:
Schedule Status
Judge NameRoomStart Time
Schedule Start Date
Case Calendar Event Type 05/24/2017 2:00 pm Courtroom 2 Judge Pamela A. Ruest ScheduledArraignment CONFINEMENT INFORMATION Still in Custody Confinement Reason Destination Location Confinement Type Confinement Known As Of County Jail Centre County Prison04/22/2017 Yes DEFENDANT INFORMATION Date Of Birth: 04/15/1982 City/State/Zip:  State College, PA  16801
NameParticipant Type Defendant Buell, Ryan Daniel BAIL INFORMATION Buell, Ryan Daniel Nebbia Status:  None Bail Action Date Bail Type Amount Percentage Bail Posting Status Posting Date
$25,000.00Monetary04/22/2017Set CHARGES Seq. Statute Description Grade Statute OTN Offense Dt.Orig Seq. 1 Simple Assault 18 § 2701  §§A1 X 093974-6M2 04/21/2017 1 2 Harassment – Subject Other to Physical Contact 18 § 2709  §§A1 X 093974-6S 04/21/2017 2
Printed:  05/02/2017    Recent entries made in the court filing offices may not be immediately reflected on these docket sheets. Neither the courts of the Unified Judicial System of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania nor the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts assume any liability for inaccurate or delayed data, errors or omissions on these reports.  Docket Sheet information should not be used in place of a criminal history background check which can only be provided by the Pennsylvania State Police.  Moreover an employer who does not comply with the provisions of the Criminal History Record

Name: Michael Matthew Osterberg Assistant District Attorney 320831Supreme Court No: Phone Number(s): 814-355-6735 (Phone) Address: Centre County Da’s Office 102 S Allegheny St # 404 Bellefonte, PA  16823
ATTORNEY INFORMATION Name: Jason S. Dunkle * Private 093690Supreme Court No: Lower CourtRep. Status: Phone Number(s): 814-954-7622 (Phone) Address: JD Law PC 204 E Calder Wy Ste 306 State College, PA  16801-4756 Representing: Buell, Ryan Daniel * Entry of Appearance Not Filed ENTRIES CP Filed DateSequence Number Document Date Filed By 04/22/20171 Gillette-Walker, Kelley Bail Set – Buell, Ryan Daniel
05/01/20171 Court of Common Pleas – Centre County Original Papers Received from Lower Court
05/01/20172 Dunkle, Jason S. Important Notice of Required Court Appearances

Ryan Buell prior to any new involvement within the paranormal entertainment world, was also and has also been under suspicion of scamming his own followers for years.






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