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Former A&E Paranormal State Star Selling Book For 52.00 To Fuel Alleged Drug Habits.

How can one explain the self filtered denial, that one continues to allegedly have? What does it take to change? Perhaps you should endorse the true fact, that quite possibly, you may be a drug ADDICT. 

Recently over posts made by the ex paranormal reality star, his own once viewed followers have been making some pretty angry responses. The responses have came in regards to Ryan Daniel Buell selling a book for 45.00 dollars, plus 7 dollars for shipping. The responses have been directed towards the inner probability, that the book “Paranormal State” can be found for maybe in a new condition for 13 dollars and in many cases as low as 3 dollars. What seems to be angering folks is he is telling folks they can get an autographed copy for the much added extra cost, but they are simply not sure as they stated, they would even get the book.

  From 2007 to 2011, Buell starred as a supernatural and paranormal researcher on the A&E hit reality show “Paranormal State”. The show chronicled Buell looking for demons, poltergeists, and other such spirits with his Paranormal Research Society (PRS).

Over and over, for the past few months, we have seen the same old tricks and schemes, that one particular celebrity has dreamed up to fancy his own bank account

The problem that people are having, is for many months we have seen no real or true attempts to make right, the simple fact that Ryan Daniel Buell has to this day has owed perhaps hundreds or thousands of dollars and has not paid people back. There has not been any true accountability on his end.

The following link is a national news link, that explains prior and past events at the time. The link explains in total detail the situations that had arisen from prior failed events.

There have been allegations made. Allegations of drug abuse and not having cancer as the once popular star had so many times told people. The following links are in direct response to those claims including an article of his former friend Chad Calek. Chad came out in what was seen on his own Facebook page explaining his feelings in specific regards to Buell his former friend..


The bottom link is a link explaining Buell’s alleged cancer. Buell himself had told people he had cancer. How ever after some time Buell emerged and people forgave him during most of what seemed his scandal period. Buell’s own mom reached out to Buell’s audience and the out come can be read here.

UPDATE: TV Ghost Hunter Ryan Buell’s Mom Says “He’s Ill, But Not From Cancer”


Back to angry comments over Buell’s attempts at making money in regards to his book Paranormal State.


It is not the first time he has drawn some very angry responses.


Buells autograph,is it worth 52 dollars?

The book was written in September of 2010. As some can check the book does sell for 13 bucks, but can also be found much cheaper, it is the simple fact he is promising more stuff for the total cost of 52 dollars 7 dollars to ship the said book? one question folks should be asking. Will it go to pay the people he allegedly stole from?


What ever the situation, perhaps you need to hit rock bottom before your wanting true help, or perhaps your so rotten you may never want any true help, if that is the case then your destined for the worst that one can be. It is often said for those to get help, one must be willing to accept it.

In all, after seeing the recent charges, associated with Buell one would think he had already hit rock bottom? but after seeing recent posts from Buell explaining he wants donations and is then going to go back to Twitch and beg for money,we knew or assumed he had not changed one little bite.

The following links are in detail about Buell and his recent alleged rental car theft, Where Buell allegedly stole a rental car and was extradited back to PA.





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