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Ex Paranormal Reality Star Trades New Events, For Past Failed Ones?

They say there is a sucker born every minuet and from the apparent looks of seeing things from a first hand look, that saying could not be that far from the truth. In life one would hope at least to get a second chance in life, when and if a mistake has been made,but over and over, when so many alleged mistakes happen continually, that may present other issue all together.It obviously did to.

Some people, may wonder why is it every move this man makes I tend to cringe and decide to write about it? A story that was revealed to me I have never forgotten. One of Ryan’s own events, he allegedly took money from, but did nothing, but sit on his ass and stay at home. There was a young boy, who was terminally ill and his wish was to see Buell, before he passed on. The young lad never saw Buell, but he did spend money, that should of been used to prolong the mans life. Buell can never ever repay that hardship. Not by trading new events or courses, for broken promises he had already made. That is my story of why I do n0t want to ever see anybody else hurt from the mans games.

Over the course of the past few years, we have seen on social media the current issues with certain paranormal celebrities, there own lack of being responsible individuals. Certain folks have continued to misrepresent them selves in any sort of fashionable order. You would think being accountable is essential to someone banking on the paranormal.

This leads us to a current individual, who has continued to raise eyebrows on social media and in these particular situations  and not in any sort of a good way either.

One such individual gained the trust of his loyal fans and followers, then allegedly took there money over and over. I know the Daniel Buell saga remains right?

Perhaps famed psychic Chip Coffee said it the best?


Paranormal Herald: Evan jensen.

In recent posts that have been seen by perhaps the entire para world, Ryan Buell writes what he thinks is an adequate apology? He explains that he has made or is making a mends to repay the money that is still an unspecified amount of money he allegedly had taken from prior past events. He(Buell) goes on to explain, he will be willing to trade new scheduled events for the past ones, that went so horrifically wrong.

Why not give the money back, i’m not to sure anybody cared about attending another event with a has been alleged drug addict.

Not only had the prior events went wrong, or for better words, had been the scam of the century, but even a demonology class was offered .It was  also another source of alleged money taking. He (Buell) even addresses that issue publicly. Now he is once again offering a demonology course?

Ryan Buell as seen from his own posts, states “Getting this done was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done with or for PRS. This class is what many of us think caused so much strife in PRS and for those involved in the Society. Since it’s announcement in 2013 nothing has gone the way of the Society. It is my hope this is the end of a very dark chapter in our history.

Issues of Buell’s alleged addiction.

Chad Calek, may also have said it best when he publicly addressed the Buell fiasco. And it was not believed to do with anything dark, other then possible drug addiction from Buell himself.



Hello, everyone.

Out of respect for Ryan Buell’s Mother, I’m going to keep this very short.


Although I’ve not seen Ryan for over three years, I have received one text from him this year, as well as one text from him last year, in which on both occasions, Ryan just expressed that he missed me and hoped all was well with myself and my loved ones. I only offer this up because I truly do not have any information about his current situation beyond what has been written in the article about his recent arrest.

In regard to Ryan’s “condition”, after reading Ryan’s Mother’s plea to the public, I would be truly surprised if anyone at this point is unaware that Ryan is suffering from addiction. This isn’t anything new. This has been going on, at different levels, with different substances, for as long as I’ve known Ryan.

Like many of you, over time I had also come to suspect that Ryan was not suffering from pancreatic cancer for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, it appears as though my suspicions were correct, as I just learned from reading his mother’s message that Ryan does not have cancer, as his mother states this as a fact in her public plea for help. I don’t know if this means that he never had cancer, or that he is now currently cancer-free. But if Ryan did in fact lie about having cancer, that would be a truly deplorable act, as my wife and I both personally shed tears in Ryan’s presence when he told us both of his diagnosis, as my wife also lost her mother a few years ago to lung cancer. Needless to say, I would not wish that hell on anyone. I can also say that if Ryan has beat his pancreatic cancer, he certainly never made me or the public aware of this.

And last, but not least, I would like to commend the strength of Ryan’s Mother, as I can’t imagine what she must be going through.

While nobody but Ryan Buell is responsible for Ryan Buell’s actions, he’s just someone that has lost his way. Let’s be clear about that. He’s not Captain America. He’s not some demon-slaying ghost hunter on a mission from God.

He’s a human being. He’s a brother. He’s a son to a mother and a father.

He’s done wrong to many people in which only he can make things right with everyone that he has hurt, which includes his immediate family, his friends and his fans.

But this is obviously going to take some time. And as someone who has overcome my own past battles with addiction, I can tell you that all things are possible through love and faith.

Right now, I’m praying that Ry’s mother will get her son back, so that he may regain his health and have the chance to make amends.

In closing, I think it’s very important to understand that Ryan’s Mother is correct. Only his family knows the full extent of what is going on, as they are on the “inside”.

With that being the case, I’ve stated what I know and how I feel. From here, I consider this to be a family matter, in which I will continue to pray that Ryan will someday return home to his loving mother in good health, ready to accept what needs to be accomplished in order give his entire family the chance to be “whole” once again.

– Chad Calek


Hi everyone,

No pretty words just facts here. I promised you guys I was going to try to get your money back or deliver the service you’ve already paid for.

I already accept not everyone will be happy. I’ve had to give up on that thought and get over it because forgiveness from all, is just not going to happen.


The Demonology Class from Ryan, offered in The Paranormal University is now being redone. The five episodes are now completed and need to be edited.

For those who would like to claim their spot (without paying any money) please send e-mail to society@the-prs.org with proof that you registered for the class.

For those who have not registered for the Demonology Class but would like to use this in lieu of another event, please also send proof of payment for another event.

Getting this done was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done with or for PRS. This class is what many of us think caused so much strife in PRS and for those involved in the Society. Since it’s announcement in 2013 nothing has gone the way of the Society. It is my hope this is the end of a very dark chapter in our history.

Stay tuned for peeks into the class before official release and please take care. – ID See More

feeling relieved.

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