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Donald Trump shuts down CNN News, Say’s you are fake news

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One small item to chew on, might just be having a president, that is not going to accept any sort of disrespect. This being Donald Trump. We have all seen over the entire election campaign concerning news reports, launched by CNN News and in many Americans views were very biased and some even say completely false, such as the falsified or allegedly falsified reporting of statistics with the polls that showed Hillary always being in the lead.

Just the other day Donald Trump, refused to answer news questions from a reporter, nailing the reporter and telling him to be quiet, that he was not going to answer questions from a faked news site. Perhaps Trump was justified in his actions.

The fireworks came in front of roughly 250 assembled journalists at Trump Tower when CNN’s Jim Acosta, in the front row, tried to ask the president-elect a question. President trump…

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