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Zak Baggans announces Ghost Adventures return on Friday the 13th.UK Style.

A Twitter feed from none other then Ghost Adventures star Zak Baggans, has announced there return on Friday the 13th.In a short but sweet video he leaves the following message. What it seems like to some people who have already asked questions, is that the paranormal star is trying to reach out to a much larger audience.


How ever it was addressing the UK?

GhostAdventures and fans, has a message for you!

It appears the show will be appearing on Really TV channel 15.Can you wait one more day? We are struggling to hold it together says Zak Baggans. “Get your dose of the paranormal on tonight.

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One thought on “Zak Baggans announces Ghost Adventures return on Friday the 13th.UK Style.

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    Posted by criminaltakedown | January 14, 2017, 8:16 pm
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