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Paranormal Event planner Carol L Malone confesses to assault and battery, including giving 12 staples to girls head.

I do not know what one can say, when somebody brags about hurting somebody else? what the hell can one say? Other then good lord that is violent. This article serves as a reference, so people will know how dangerous this woman truly is, her continued threats and  continued harassment of people all over the states has been duly noted. If you see this person,please stew as far away from her as plausible. Not only has her current reputation of being  A hardened thug caught up to her, but her ongoing and continued abuse of anybody she does not like has finally came crashing down upon her as well.

The other day I received a comment on an old blog post that started with, “You’re full of crap,” and ended with, “I don’t know, and idiots like you don’t deserve to live. ” Followed by those comments were others, that were shall we say way above any seen before. But given the source and the person whom no doubted made them, we understood that this person was hurting, so she has to hurt others. Apparently as far back as 2008,this person has been hurting others.

What people need to understand, is that Malone is dangerous, just like she brags about boasts about .Her book Stiletto Diaries is a book, where she herself discusses playing cons on people, murders she witnessed and so forth. perhaps Malone’s failed attempts at paranormal events were all a part of her con planning? it is what she describes inside her own book.


For most that work with in the strip club industry help comes far to late, Until now the striper code of silences has never been broken and the truth never told, Stiletto Diaries, will take you off the stage, out of the bright neon lights and strait in to the truth behind the strip club industry, a world where drug over doses and murder is a daily occurrence. A world ran by the mob them self’s, It is solely with in the story’s of those that have lost there very life’s do to the industry can the real story be told. So take my hand and come with me in to journey in witch few ever get to take,

Paranormal Herald:

Shortly after, I received an email from a new blogger who recently contributed to the site. She mentioned she’d received her first harsh comment, and she wanted to know if this is normal, and how she should deal with it.

I told her she will likely engage in far more constructive, uplifting conversations than negative, hurtful ones.

We know one thing clearly Malone was the aggressor despite what she say’s otherwise, she would not have been charged with assault and battery. It is exactly what I have been telling folks to this very day.to be weary and careful of any true association with this woman.

Malone  might want to see where those assault charges were filed, they are no where near Seattle Washington .




Carol L Malone’s own admissions, as to the assault and battery of the alleged crime, are as follows.

Malone:”Reply to this comment

  • Lol guess what dumb ass if this is the worst you got on me some bitch I beat the hell down after she came at me.then wow.you are not good at this.
    Let me help you I as well best a bitch down in Seattle. And broke her dam jaw for coming at me. When I ran clubs for the mob. Well dam it got me a movie deal.( so it is a good thing) what everyone knows I worked for the mob)
    What do you think stiletto’s is about.
    See evan everyone has the right to defend them selfs.and I hapen to have marshal Art’s training. So yes I am dam good at it.
    Hell just get the age right.I was 37 not 47.I am 47 now
    Now the thing is I embraced my past.
    And I am dam prowed of how I am now.hell I went from running mob clubs to working with police and DAs .and everyone knows this.it is in the bam book.
    Hell I live the true mob life. Till I turned on them.and got my life straight.
    And now I am a baged death investigator.that works with the police and DAs all over America.
    Yep that is why the movie company picked up stiletto diaries. ( you dumb ass)
    Oh and I told you I am not nice what do you not get.
    I do not care what you post on me.
    I live up to my past.
    Hell I have told everyone about this.
    So not new news.but try again .
    Oh and maybe you should run me in Seattle. That is where I lived when I worked for the mob. Oh and new Orleans.
    And new York.
    Let me help you .
    Look up those states and then look up the Frank colacurcio.and the Bonanno family. Out of new York.
    I indeed worked for them for years.
    Until I turned on Frank. And helped the (FBI ) out of Seattle. Agent Tompkins) take them down.( so what) I did the right thing .
    And I as well help the feds stop a lot a killings.
    Dam prowed of that.

    Paranormal Herald: Evan jensen.

    In summary being proud your rotten is something most folks would be a shamed to ever admit, as seen in this case it is a good thing for this individual. If you have any problems with this person contact the proper authorities and be watchful, as she may be certifiably delusional. There has been serious reports of internet online and email threats, that have been made by this individual.




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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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