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Should ghost hunting be done with adolescent kids?

One of the most serious questions raised today, is that of should kids become ghost hunters. One such site offers children the opportunity to become ghost hunters. At the same time claims to educate a person on how to speak with the child, concerning ghosts.

Where do you draw the line when involving a child?

“Welcome to the most haunted site on the Web for kids! Kids.Ghostvillage.com is a resource for kids, parents, and educators who want some help in framing the supernatural discussion with the younger audience.


With the information and said archives of those cases televised and  those nationally known cases that not even and adult wants to be near or close to, We should wonder why would anybody want to place there own kids in any sort of present danger?

One such paranormal research group. “WISPS  or WISPS paranormal,as seen in this video claim to merely introduce their young ghost hunter to playful spirits, But describe the absolute opposites as seen in this video.

The video caption reads”

Published on Jul 23, 2016

Join WISPS as we investigate a home in Canton Pa. A family reaches out to WISPS about a new home they recently moved into. Where many unusual and unexplained occurrences have happened. Reports of seeing full figure apparitions of both male and female, objected being moved, disembodied voices, knocking of 3, crosses hanging all over from the previous family and when taken down the entities do not like it.

Paranormal Herald” If introducing your kids to any sort of para research is not dangerous and your playing with just playful spirits, then why is it they are discussing this?

Reports stated something crawling the walls at that location, it was stated in their video so how is that a playful spirit? Dark shadows. Disembodied voices as well.


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One thought on “Should ghost hunting be done with adolescent kids?

  1. I wouldn’t encourage any kid to be looking for ghosts.


    Posted by Womanspirit | January 14, 2017, 9:32 pm
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