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Murder, Mayhem,the Clinton administration’s body count 40 plus now.

The Hot Zone produced one of the most epic and uniformed shows of all time.Perhaps the information provided has alerted the population and public,as to what a monster Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton has became.

The truth that millions will not want to swallow, is simply in that they have to know.The Clinton body count is somewhere around 40 plus.These are deaths that have been questioned as suspicious. Accidental deaths, Airplane crashes, suicides, Fatal heart attacks, that have all played a key roll in the untimely deaths of at least 40 people who were deeply associated within the Clinton administration.


46 people who were close to the Clinton’s have died during their 3 decades of political power. That number should give us all pause. If Hillary Clinton was a Republican, that number would be the question asked by reporters every day,” the report said.

Commentators at the Insider submitted lists of 46 names of the “many ‘friends’ of the Clinton’s.”

They included James McDougal, the Clinton’s’ convicted Whitewater partner who died of an apparent heart attack while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr’s investigation.

There also was Ron Brown, who died after a plane crash. The report said a “pathologist close to the investigation reported that there was a hole in the top of Brown’s skull resembling a gunshot wound.” It said Brown was being investigated at the time of his death and “spoke publicly of his willingness to cut a deal with prosecutors.”

DNC staffer Seth Conrad Rich was the Operations Director for Voter Expansion at the DNC. Rich had all the top secret information about the DNC’s inner workings, and when he shockingly turned up murdered, it had Washington insiders talking cover-up.

It looked like a robbery gone bad until further details emerged. “There had been a struggle. His hands were bruised, his knees are bruised, his face is bruised, and yet he had two shots to his back, and they never took anything,” his mother, Mary Rich, told NBC News.

According to the Daily Mail, “The mystery surrounding his death has sparked a flurry of theories posted online, including claims that he was on his way to speak to the FBI when he was shot. There have also been suggestions he fed Wikileaks the 3,000 DNC emails that were released at the start of the party’s convention last week.”

Seth Rich’s position at the time of his death was Director of Voter Expansion, and he described himself as an analyst. He would have key information about all DNC voter fraud schemes. Rich’s death is very convenient for Hillary and the DNC, a little too convenient when you consider that he was the main operator at the DNC with access to all top secret documents.

Joe Montano, who was a former DNC Chairman, would have knowledge of the criminal activities used to get Hillary Clinton elected. Montano died from what was said to be a heart attack on July 25, the day the DNC started.At 47-years-old and in good health, a heart attack is suspicious. Montano was on low-dosage of high blood pressure medication, which means his hypertension was under control, which put him more at risk of low blood pressure. His family says he was packed and ready to go to the DNC convention when they found him dead. They report he was in tip top health.

His death was within hours of the Wikileaks dump that outed then-DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Montano was also an aide to VP nominee Tim Kaine, which makes one wonder what he knew. Insiders say Montano could have known too much about the DNC scandals and Tim Kaine.

In another Clinton-linked death, as Mad World News has previously reported, Shawn Lucas, the lead attorney who was working to expose the DNC fraud case in Florida was unexpectedly found dead in his home.A viral video shows Lucas serving the DNC court papers. Lucas’ death is still under investigation, but the mere fact that he was alive, serving court papers on the Clinton’s and the DNC, and the next minute dead under suspicious circumstances, is leaving everyone pointing straight at the Clinton crime family.

Another strange death is that of Victor Thorn, who was a prolific author and seasoned investigator of the Clinton’s. He was best known as a Clinton expert, writing over 6 books on all of their scandals. Co-workers report he was working diligently on a new Hillary scandal, and his brother reports he possessed damaging top secret emails involving the Clinton’s . After Thorn was scheduled to release the information, according to the American Free Press, he was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Authorities ruled it a suicide, although those close to Thorn said that he never would’ve taken his own life.

On June 22, 2016, former UN President John Ashe “accidentally” crushed his own throat in another mysterious death and died a week before he was scheduled to testify against the Clinton’s and the Democrat Party. Ashe was involved with a huge Clinton Foundation donor, Chinese businessman Ng Lap Seng, who smuggled $4.5 billion into the US.First, it was reported that Ashe had a heart attack, but police of Dobbs Ferry, New York revised the cause of death, saying he instead died of a crushed throat in a “workout accident.”

Authorities say Ashe would have testified that the Clinton’s knowingly took billions from Seng, who funneled the funds through an Arkansas restaurant owner named Charlie Trie to the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton administration.


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