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True Haunting,the story that keeps giving!


One of the most famous cases ever recorded, is indeed “True Haunting” of Edwin F Becker.The book has out performed in 3 different countries and has continued to enlighten the paranormal community. It is a story that just simply keeps giving.

True Haunting is the most reviewed and highest rated ghost story in the history of Amazon’s parapsychology. It has been at number 1 In the U.S.. Canada  the U.K., and Australia.The novel,has since gained recognition in more then 12 different countries and continues to gain new audiences around the world today.


Words from the author:

“This is the story of a true haunting. It was the first ever filmed and televised by NBC in 1971. A young couple purchases a building that was built and occupied by a single family that refused to relinquish their hold, even after death. Investigated and verified by experts, this residence brought chaos to the lives of those who chose to reside there. Unlike a horror novel, this chronicles what a real ghostly experience would resemble. Long before the laws of disclosure, a young couple winds up in the midst of strange occurrences prior to the term ‘paranormal’ becoming a common description. Searching for help at time when supernatural events were a taboo subject and being ignored by the Church, sent them into a desperate search for any assistance. Only a little known organization came to their aid. Author Tom Valentine, brought in a nationally known psychic, Joseph DeLouise, who then asked assistance of an exorcist from England, Reverend William Derl-Davis. Together, they gave their best effort at exorcising the multiple spirits inhabiting the building and disrupting the lives of the living. Events were filmed by NBC, who sent their most prominent Chicago journalist, Carole Simpson, to cover the event. Follow a young couple with a newborn as they attempt to cope with inexplicable events, experience denial, plead for help from their Church, and step into the world of the paranormal. Understand why ghosts cannot be exorcised and a true example of their strong sense of domain, even after death. Learn what experts and gifted people did in a failed attempt to assist this desperate couple. There is no happy ending, as the young couple suffers emotionally, are physically threatened, have their pets terrorized, and eventually suffer financially by actually “giving” their building away. What was intended as a financial answer to their prayers became, instead, a curse to be abolished. Learn many of the various manifestations that can be common in haunting. Ghosts can be seen and heard. They can propel objects and interrupt utilities. They can affect your moods and feed off of your emotions. They can appear as solid as you and me. They can react and become hostile if threatened or violated. Most important, as this young couple learned, they can harm you and cannot be removed. This is a firsthand accounting of what a true haunting is like. There are certain subtle occurrences you may find the most frightening, because you just might relate and recognize them. If so, guess what? You may have a ghost!

First Televised Exorcism! Recorded in Chicago, IL on NBC in 1971 with Carole Simpson interviewing the Becker family about their haunted home. Exorcism was completed by Joseph DeLouise and Rev. William Derl-Davis. Inspired the book “True Haunting” written by Edwin F. Becker and the Paranormal Witness episode titled “The Tenants” which aired on the Syfy channel on 10/24/2012.


Edwin Beckers bio:”  Edwin F. Becker is 69 years old and he became a bestselling author with the release of his book True Haunting in 2011. Visit http://www.TrueHaunting.com  He has appeared on SYFY’s Paranormal Witness in the record breaking season two finale, “The Tenants.” He has also acted as guest, host and co-host on numerous commercial and internet radio shows in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

He was born in Chicago, Illinois, a Baby Boomer. Coming from an abusive broken home, he spent a number of elementary years in Maryville, a Catholic children’s institution. There, he learned Latin and became an altar boy.

He went on to become a professional musician and spent his later teen years traveling the states with an R&B Show band. During his travels, he met and married his wife of 48 years. Entering college, he studied the emerging field of computers and eventually progressed to VP of MIS for a major health care corporation.

He became president of a software company that catered to the sales and development of health care inventory management. Suffering a near fatal heart attack, he retired to the Ozarks where he opened a collectible store for a number of years.

He has been writing original stories for over three decades for pure enjoyment. He has two daughters that have given him four granddaughters. His youngest daughter is involved with fostering abused children, and rescuing animals, including horses. He has a son-in-law involved in law enforcement.

His life experience and interests run the gamut as he has enjoyed boating, martial arts, ballistics, comics, guitars, motorcycles, religion, and the paranormal, to name a few personal interests.

Today he resides in Springfield, where he enjoys the year around activity and entertainment. He is very opinionated and many of his works contain a strong social subtext. Missouri, the “Show Me” state, seems an appropriate place to reside. His personal philosophy…”Leave everything and everyone better than you found them.”

Because of the amount of people interested in the Book “True Haunting and need for more of his story Edwin Becker introduced True Haunting 2.

Edwin Becker writes”


“You see, when I wrote True Haunting, I could not contact many of the people involved, so it was a great surprise when Dan White, my first tenant contacted me. He agreed to appear in our Paranormal Witness episode “The Tenants” which turned out to be a record breaking season two finale. We were happy to see him but were not prepared for the story he told. As our tenant, we knew they had encounters, but not near the extent that he related. We were shocked to hear that living on Campbell Street had literally ruined his marriage and threw his life into chaos. The paranormal experiences that he and his wife had were shocking.

Just a few of Edwin Becker’s views: Please keep in mind there are over 719 reviews,making this novel one of the greatest of all time.

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

It’s rare that I write a review about books I read. Mostly because like film, books are meant to illicit feelings and images to the reader that can be a deeply personal experience. This is NOT one of those books. Edwin Becker is as straight forward and to the point as it gets when it comes to his personal experience. Taking place in the early 70’s, the Becker’s haunting experience is honest, frightening and at times painful. This is not sensational. It’s not filled with classic jump scares so often seen in horror movies. What makes this book compelling and a must read is it’s pure reality. This really happened. From the beginning of this book I knew I was reading something different. Something unlike all the ghost accounts out there. This book does not suffer the same fate as a lot of well meaning books on this subject. Publishers like ‘spice’ and ‘thrills’ and at times authors are forced into a corner. Write a few ’embellished’ events to keep readers attention or risk being turned down for publication. This book suffers from none of this.

Edwin Becker and his wife Marsha bought their first home. Young, naive and excited homeowners that they were, they totally ignored the strange and unusual events taking place every day. In the 1970’s, as the author describes, the only image that people had for ghosts was the Hollywood one. Spectral ghouls, floating skeletons, moaning banshees, this was the view of the ‘ghost’ world. The Exorcist had not yet gone to print. Probably a good thing for the Becker’s. As the entities began to make their presence more and more obvious, the Becker’s and their tenants began a slow mental decline. As Mr. Becker uncovers more of the previous family’s secrets,the pieces begin to fall into place. Their home was the scene of probably one of the first televised exorcisms by a local NBC station. The clip of the original broadcast is available on YouTube.

Compared to the plethora of ghostly TV shows and modern day paranormal research, this clip may seem tame. However, in it’s simplicity it hides a dangerous fact. This being that most haunting’s are not the sensationalized spectacles a new Hollywood makes them out to be. Any angry entity that is antagonized can act out. Unfortunately, Mr. Becker, do to his lack of any type of access to information (it just didn’t exist) did all the wrong things. Any of us would back then.

So dear reader, before you go blasting into a haunted building with your EMF detectors and FLIRS this is a must read. Why? Because from 35 years of personal experience I can tell you, working with entities can be exceedingly dangerous. They are on a level that takes years of study to even begin to understand. If one does not have the proper training that ‘harmless little boy’ begging for help could be the demon you are not prepared to deal with. The sweet old man will maniacally change and attach himself to you because you unwittingly offered to ‘help’ him. Forget about ‘exorcisms’ for human souls, they will only work on demons. Unfortunately, the Becker’s found this out firsthand. This was the compelling part of the book for me. You see, Mr. Becker carefully and painstakingly accounts what he learns about ghosts. His personal discoveries about human entities are spot on and accurate. I’m sure he had no idea they were, he was just chronicling his personal experiences. The final outcome is a good one, however it leaves the reader with more questions then answers. This is not the authors fault. The Becker’s only wanted closure and for the most part, they received it. Some of their tenants, unfortunately, were not so lucky.

In closing, I cannot stress reading this chronicle enough. In it’s simplicity, away from the hype and fervor of what we see on TV, this is a crystal clear picture of a classic haunting. It is my sincere wish that what you take away from this book is the reality that ghosts are people. People. Not sideshow freaks made to do tricks or knocking or getting them to play pianos in the middle of the night. Chasing them, using Ouija boards etc. only serves to confuse and disturb them or worse, make them frustrated and angry. Another lesson the unknowing tenants of the Becker’s discovered.

on September 26, 2016
I read True Haunting 1 a few years ago. It was interesting to read the story with Marsha’s perspective. She spent much more time in the house because Ed had 2 or 3 jobs. It is well written and creepy and a look into the afterlife. This story also took place in the 1970s when no one knew anything about the paranormal and it was not discussed openly at all.
on December 1, 2016
This story is well written with the talent that puts the reader into the story. Seeing the horror this family went through was something I never hope to see – ever! Through their experience you learn many important things about dealing with the supernatural, that only the name of Jesus Christ can remove it. A fact that was clearly lacking in this story, but true for those who build the kind of faith that comes with discernment via God’s Powerful Holy Spirit. I honestly believe from my own years of research, and case studies, is that because of the portal the Ouija board opened that were used by the original owners – called into that home dealing with many different levels
of demons, who had then attached themselves to the people who died in that home. In all, it’s an amazing story, and then to read in the reviews how one of the tenants was able to reconnect with the author is icing on this amazing spin of horror to a positive ending.
Paranormal Herald:
“People have asked,will Edwin F Becker write a third part to True Haunting?that is perhaps a question I can not answer. Due to the seriousness of the content and the possible toll it has taken on this author to release this story,one can simply wonder.
Paranormal Herald:Evan Jensen.
Senior Editor :Kelly Griffin.

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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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