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Ghost Adventures will host Mike Ricksecker

Well known author and historian Mike Ricksecker,has been asked to appear on ghost Adventures.Mike spoke to the Paranormal Herald.Although he was not allowed as of yet to say what the entire episode will be about,he was able to make the following comments.

 “I was recently asked by Ghost Adventures to share with them my experiences at the Stone Lion In in Guthrie, Oklahoma. This is a location in which I’ve investigated a number of times when I used to live in the area.

” I can’t specifically talk about what happened during the interviews while I was there until the show airs around the February or March timeframe, but what I can say is that the house is still as creepy cool as ever and remains my favorite haunted house.

“I can also say that the Ghost Adventures Crew was extremely professional while I was there, and Zak ran a great interview.

I guess since we will not always be able to get specific details early,when it comes close to the time,we will be able to share with you as he learns more as well.

Mike Ricksecker is the CEO of Haunted Roads Media.He is an author of Ghosts and legends Of Oklahoma,Ghosts Of Maryland,Deadly Heirs and System Of The Dead.


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