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Harold The Doll Is Not An Evil Doll,But It’s Famed Psychic May Be.The Inside Truth


Paranormal Herald:

“They often say ignorance is in the eye of the holder?the fact could be nothing more from the said truth.

“Martin Luther king once said”Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

“Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The Paranormal Herald prides itself on bringing news to the paranormal community world wide.One particular person, came to surface over a period of many weeks.The details surrounding a particular case are ones that seemed to have angered a great deal of people associated with the paranormal world.A case that involves a psychic,an autistic child and of course the subjective activity of said demons associated with the client and a doll.Yes a doll of sorts.After carefully reading and doing research, we found some questions that should be answered.

This is a story of how one man claiming to be a famed psychic, uses  an alleged autistic child,then just 7 years old to promote his book and said haunted doll,it includes pictures and testimonials showing with out doubt indisputable proof he Anthony Quinata is doing such.

Paranormal Herald:

“What can a 7 year old autistic boy tell anybody?he is at an age where the mind begins to grow,and to any normal person influencing such a young child is dangerous and very very disgusting.Taking advantage of a boy is even worse disgusting.The links, pictures and all that is been shared inside this story show in our own opinions everything we have made documented. It is quite clear that the man Anthony has some sort of agenda or he would not make public his case,write a book, 0r make money from his Ghost Adventures show.




Book link:  https://www.amazon.com/Harold-Haunted-Doll-Terrifying-Encounter/dp/1516840062

Before we go deeper into the story, we need to know just whom this Anthony is right?

Famed psychic Anthony Quinata

About Anthony Quinata

Anthony is an acclaimed psychic medium, author and speaker who has touched lives literally around the world. The people who have reached out to him are typically in pain, grieving the loss of someone they love. Some have even come to him having no belief in an afterlife, or an expectation that any communication will occur. But Anthony’s gift has never fail to assist them. Even more, he has found that in helping others, he too has learned a great deal about the Other Side, and he’s eager to share what he’s learned with you.

Anthony was born on Guam, a tiny island in the South Pacific. Both of his parents were also from Guam, but with a father serving in the U.S. Navy, his  family frequently moved and lived around the world and throughout the U.S. as he was growing up. His  fascination and passion for all things paranormal began in childhood while listening to his aunt from Japan tell ghost stories from her home. He eventually became a paranormal investigator, specializing in haunting s, apparitions, and poltergeist activity. It was during this time that he discovered and developed his latent talents and began to embrace his work as a psychic medium.

Paranormal Herald:

“Ok, so now we know him as a psychic.

Paranormal Herald:

“Let’s introduce a doll claimed to be demonic and full of evil.Herald the haunted doll.Some say he is not evil,that he is not haunted and that the entire story is been fabricated to reinforce the said beholder and famed psychic?and that leads us to the entire article in the first place.

“The terrifying, true story, of a young child’s encounter with the Prince of Hell.That being Herald the Doll. https://hauntedharolddoll.com/page/2/

ON NOVEMBER 7, 2016 a post was added to the haunted Harold page.

“Amber (not her real name) contacted me through my website asking for advice on how to determine if a doll that belonged to her grandmother who has passed away is “haunted.” She was asking because of strange activity and dreams she began having shortly after her mother gave it to her.

“I wrote back to her explaining that if an object is “haunted” the activity typically has a radius of 15 – 2o feet from where ever it is. (I learned this after writing and publishing my book.) That being the case, I suggested that she remove the doll to someplace beyond that distance and let me know if anything continues to happen.

“She wrote back and told me that she believed she was visited by Harold, but didn’t explain how it happened or why she thought that. Then, this morning,  I received this –

“Just a quick update.
I spoke to my mother, younger brother, and his girlfriend to figure out a place to set the doll. My brother’s girlfriend (who has an interest in these things) offered to house the doll for a little bit just to see if there would be any reactions to the doll being removed from our home. They are going to be picking the doll up from my mother Sunday afternoon. I’ll be in contact with my brother’s girlfriend and she’ll notify me of any activity.

“That being said, my husband suggested I go into a bit more detail about what Harold did. Because it concerned him that I was so affected. After learning about you and Harold, I wrote to you, then my husband and I went to bed. I wasn’t concerned or scared after my “research” of you two because I have had [an] interest in things like this since I was very young and have [somewhat] adjusted to reading things others consider scary. I didn’t think anything bad about you nor Harold and just went to bed as usual. I woke at 3 am my time to a thought of “He’s in my room.”  My eyes shot open but the room was pitch black. I heard no noise, but I felt as if this large amount of menacing energy was leaning over me, watching me. It was at this point that my heart began to pound the way it does during a panic attack.

“I then thought that if I continued to look around, I may see something I don’t want to see, so I closed my eyes. I attempted to return to sleep but the feeling of someone standing beside my bed, leaning over me wouldn’t leave. So, I reasoned I should put out energy that conveys I meant no harm and was just curious about you and Harold. What happened after was the negative energy pushing more towards me, causing the panic attack to become worse. I ducked my head under the blankets and pressed myself closer to my husband. It was at this point, as I felt like the energy was practically on top of me now, that I began to ask for assistance from my personal guardians, my husband’s gods and goddesses (as his family is [H]indi), the [C]hristian gods, and a few other pagan guardians as I was unable to push the energy back a little.

“After repeating my request in my head for a few minutes, I lay there in bed, waiting for the negative energy to leave. It did, shortly before my husband’s alarm went off at 5:40 in the morning. So, for a whole two hours or so I was in panic mode and unable to rest. When he woke up he asked if I was alright as I requested the light be left on before he left the room. I informed him of what happened but waved it off honestly believing that I had actually just scared myself the night before. I assumed I was being paranoid and had frightened myself.

“Two days later, when speaking to a friend of mine, I informed him of the fact that I’d sent you a question. He and I then talked about my guardian and made a few jokes before he made the comment that one of my guardians woke him up a few nights prior to our conversation. He said my guardian came to him flashing an image of a soccer ball which we had determined long ago in communication with my guardian was the symbol for removing someone who was bothering me. My friend didn’t understand the reason for the soccer ball as it was 4 am his time (he’s an hour ahead of me) and told my guardian he’ll talk to me about it later and not to worry. That was when I informed him of how at 3 am (4 am his time) I’d woken up.

“The fact that my guardian went to him, flashing pictures of soccer balls, wanting someone to get away from me at the same time as I was having my panic attacks lead me to believe I wasn’t paranoid. That perhaps Harold had paid me a visit.

“Anyway, I just thought you should know. Please ask him to not scare me again. I am not fond of late night panic attacks. Thank you so much for all your help.

I wrote back telling her that if it really was the entity that calls himself “Harold,” then chances are, based on similar stories I’ve heard, that he was letting her know that he’s aware of her, was checking her out, and warning her to leave well enough alone. I also asked her to let me know if anything further occurred.

Paranormal Herald:

“The actual problem with the said story,is that one other person a seller of the said doll wrote this contradicting the famed psychics story.




The doll became a mini-phenomenon. According to Ghoststudy.com, Haunted Harold was the FIRST Haunted Doll sold on eBay. This same claim is made on HauntedAmericaTours.com, reminding me that this was talked about on the Art Bell Coast to Coast radio show and that “paranormal websites were discussing this doll around the world.” As I am now sitting and looking for saved descriptions, I found a great index of my Haunted Harold doll auction on a New Zealand Ghost Hunters Website. Here is my original description from the first time I listed the doll:

I’m sure it’s happened to us all at least once or twice. You are walking around the flea market or antique mall looking for a treasure or two, and you come upon a beat up looking doll. You think to yourself, “oh that’s charming”, or “the child who owned that doll must have really loved this thing”… but what I thought after seeing the doll that is offered today, should never, ever, be repeated… This doll was purchased in a small dirt lot flea market in the quaint town of Webster, Florida. Webster is a very charming, industrious town about 60 miles south west of Gainesville. They have a weekly flea market offering treasures, bargains, and aisles of kernel corn…anyways I digress… I had arrived at the flea market fairly late in the day, when most people were packing up to go home. That is when I saw an elderly man placing the doll in a box. It looked interesting, so I asked the man if I could see it… the conversation went something like this.. Man: you don’t want to see this doll Me: sure I do, what do you want for it? Man: well, that’s a good question, because it’s very old… (the man looked like he was going to begin to cry) … it was my son’s, I bought it for him when he was born, and he passed away a few years after…this doll has sat in my work shed for over 60 years. I wasn’t going to bring it out today, but I figured I just needed to get it out of there…anyways, I want 20 bucks for it. I gave the guy 20 bucks, put it in a bag, and walked away. When I was half way down the aisle, the man came running over, visibly out of breath… Man: I have to warn you about something, I can’t just let you take him like this…the reason it has been in my shed, is that the doll brought an eerie presence into our house after our son died…we would hear crying and singing from his bedroom…when we went to check it out, there was nothing, just the doll.. other things started to happen, and the priest told me I should burn the doll, I tried and tried, but it would barely burn, that’s why his arms and head and legs are so worn.. anyways I just wanted to let you know… I told him ok, and chuckled to myself as I walked away… that was until I got home, and my life has never been the same… Two days later my cat died, my gf left me for the pool guy, I began to have chronic migraines, and this is only 2 days after purchasing the doll! A week later I began to hear a children laughing and crying in my basement…Every time I would go to check it out, of course, nothing… This doll has been in an armadillo coffin in my basement for the last year and half, and I need to get rid of it… I really do believe it’s cursed, sometimes I touch it, and it seems like it has a pulse, maybe im just paranoid, maybe not… The cursed doll measures 21” tall. His/her/its head, arms, and legs are all composition. The eyes are closed when it’s lying down. Please ask any and all questions before you bid on this doll. I have not had it out of the coffin for years, so if anything else happens this week I will be sure to let you know. This auction is sold as is! WITH NO RETURNS! PLEASE! Winner pays exact shipping and optional insurance. Check out my other auctions for more vintage collectibles and other fine antiques. Ask all questions before you bid. Even if you think you are sure about condition, pictures, etc, please ask all SPECIFIC questions, BEFORE BIDDING. Thanks for looking and Good Luck!

To make a bit of a long story short, the doll at one point I think had over 100,000 views. It was bid up to around $700 and the person didn’t pay. I then put it up again, and it sold to a family friend for around $300. I think in the second posting, I created a video with the doll “moving” and “talking” I can’t for the life of me, find the videos, but if I do I will be sure to update this post. I don’t know what made me think of the doll. I think someone brought it up recently, or I just randomly decided to Google Haunted Harold. I was pretty satisfied, that I sort of made eBay history by selling the first Haunted doll, and I figured it was fitting to post about it this Halloween. I have no clue where the doll is now. I know Kathy (our family friend who bought it) brought it with her to Ireland. She actually listed the doll, hoping to cash in on Harold’s celebrity status. At this point no one was buying it. Last I heard though, she experienced two odd occurrences after having the doll in her possession for about a year. A friend of hers had come over to see the doll after seeing her auction posting. About a month later this friend developed a brain tumor and died about a month later. Her friend had been completely healthy with no prior medical condition. A week later another friend had inquired about the doll during a dinner party at Kathy’s house. A month later he fell from a flight of stairs to his death. Maybe Haunted Harold really is…

Paranormal Herald:

“So now we have a conflicting story here, either the doll is evil or it is been a fabricated story to benefit the profits of the said newest owner and psychic?that being Anthony Quinata.

“Now let us please explore a case that has made some interesting headlines here.Not only has the case made headlines,but the case was televised on the popular television reality show, Ghost Adventures.There was even talk,that Zak Baggans himself offered to buy the said doll,but Anthony refused to sell it to him.The show was called “Island Of The Dolls.



Paranormal Herald:

“This is why this article has came to surface.It breaks down the entire story behind the client and Anthony’s alleged haunted doll Herald.

Am I’m being deceived by Harold the Doll?

Am I’m being deceived by Harold the Doll?

ON MARCH 24, 2016

I received a great question from my friend, Marc Arvilla, who along with Lauren Sheridan, created Salem Con. Anyway, I wanted to share it with you, along with my answer.

What if the information you are following is being given to him to give to you to keep you moving away from answers instead of towards?

When I first started seriously investigating hauntings, apparitions, and poltergeist activity back in 1990, I was taught by the best in the business, among them, Loyd Auerbach. I learned from him that this activity is a human experience, and so the use of psychics was not only important, but essential.

When I won Harold the Doll in an eBay auction back in 2004, the first thing I did was use equipment (EMF meters, a digital camera, a 35mm camera, and a digital recorder) to try to determine if there was anything to Kathy’s (the woman whose auction I won the doll from) claims. It wasn’t until I recorded an EVP of a threat being made against April Palmer, a friend who was also a gifted Psychometrist, that I realized that there was something going on.

A year later, I became convinced that not only was there something “paranormal” going on, but that whatever “it” was, it was also dangerous. I put it in storage with the idea of investigating the doll further, after all the interest in it died down.

Fast forward to 2013. My friend, LaShan Coker, told me about a video on YouTube about Harold. I watched it and was stunned to see two things. First of all, the information was based on the original eBay listing about the doll – which was a hoax.

Secondly, there were 33,000 views of the video!

I decided to let people know that I own the doll…, that the original listing and claims about Harold were nonsense, and to resume my investigation of the doll – using psychics and equipment, again.

Through a series of events, the doll was featured on Ghost Adventures. People who weren’t psychics started coming forward with information about the doll. The crazy thing, to me, was that I was keeping things close to the vest, but these people were sharing things with me that were incredibly similar to each other!

One of those was Vincent, and his mother, Jane. Vincent has been diagnosed as being moderately to severely autistic, and at the time was only 6 years old.

Of all the people who claim to be psychic, Vincent is the only one who has provided me with information that Donna Nikolla, and I could verify. Others have told me that I need to take their word as to what they say is going on with the doll. The ironic thing is that Vincent probably ISN’T a psychic.

There is so much going on, including things that Vincent has told me that I haven’t shared publicly, but have proven to be true later, that I trust him completely. I can’t say the same thing for the other psychic types who have tried to help. I .should say, all except one, Erica Goodson.

This is the reason I trust Vincent completely.

I am aware, however, that there is a demon involved. This demon is even named in the Bible. I am also aware that this demon will do anything to keep me from finding and revealing the truth about the doll.

The information Vincent provides me with seems to be coming from someone who wants the three souls imprisoned in the doll to be set free, and has, for some reason, chosen me to help free them.

Paranormal Herald:

“This is the said story and how this supposed haunted doll came into play and mind.Vincent the boy said to demonically effected by three demons, was then just 7 years old.Keep in mind we are speaking about a boy that was said to be autistic.A boy who would be easily persuaded either direction.

“It was said that the mother was actually watching the story of Annebelle the haunted doll ,when she brained the idea about Harold.


Harold the Haunted Doll


“The story you are about to read is true. It is based on real events – my personal experiences since winning eBay’s most infamous haunted doll in an auction in June of 2004, as well as what has happened to those who have had encounters with the doll. I’ve also adapted the texts and Facebook messages of those claiming to have been affected by the doll. Many of the names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved. A number of people have stated having had adverse reactions simply by looking at a picture of the doll, reading my blog, or posts I’ve written on Facebook. Not everyone has, of course, but I feel I must warn you in advance that I cannot be held responsible if you are affected physically, mentally, or emotionally from reading this book.

“If you have ever researched or looked into haunted dolls on the web, chances are you have come across Haunted Harold. With that being said, Harold has an extensive history. The doll was manufactured around the turn of the century and is made of composite particles, plaster and water. The manufacturer is unknown at this time. You can tell the doll has been, and forgive my pun, through hell and back. The doll has been owned by people around the world. All of the previous owners have reported strange occurrences, such as voices, slight movement and changes in facial expression. Headaches, migraines, back pain and unexplained injuries have also been reported while in its presence. The doll has also been blamed for the death of two people. The doll being responsible for these deaths is still up to speculation, the truth may never be known….

“Harold’s current owner, Anthony Quinata, bought the doll on eBay in 2004. After experiencing some paranormal activity, Anthony put the doll in storage from 2005-2013. We were contacted by Anthony to provide an understanding of what type of entity inhabits the doll. After an initial interview we decided to go to an undisclosed location and perform an EVP/Ovilus session. During the investigation, the Ovilus had numerous hits on the words “worry” and “guilt.” Our EVP picked up on many different voices accompanied by screaming and laughter.

“While reviewing a short EVP session we conducted on our first meeting with Harold, our lead investigator became ill. Plagued with a migraine headache, severe lower back pain, and the feeling of being disorientated, the investigator had reason to believe he was being attacked. After our lead recovered, it was decided to delay the release of the evidence that was collected on Harold. It was also determined not to further pursue any other investigations with Harold and Anthony at this time.

” There is reason to believe the doll is inhabited by many spirits. Due to the evidence collected, we believe there is a malevolent entity that may be attached to the doll, disguising itself as many spirits. Anthony was informed of our findings and we wish him the best of luck with Harold. Hopefully, Harold will find his peace…. Lockdown Paranormal http://www.lockdownparanormal.com


My name is “Jane.” I live in Australia with my husband and two sons, the oldest of whom, “Vincent,” is moderate to severely autistic.

I was not, and still am not, the slightest bit interested in anything having to do with the paranormal. I was interested in learning how to sew cloth toys, so I went onto YouTube to find a tutorial on how to do just that.

God knows how I got on to the weird side of YouTube, but Annabelle was where I ended. I had never even heard of her before that but felt compelled to click and watch a short story on her. Then, at the side, I saw Harold!

He sure grabs your attention and draws you in. I think it was almost a sense of pity…, but also a feeling of wanting to know more. A need to know his story. He’s not a kind of thing you look at once on a page and move on. He makes you stop and look twice.

I clicked on the video clip, but to be honest I didn’t really listen to it too much (it was one with just a still picture of Harold). After that, I’m not sure… I think the phone rang or [my husband] came home, but I forgot about it and carried on with the day. Come to think of it, I don’t think my computer has worked properly since.

It would have been a few hours after I first seen the clip that Vincent saw it as well. I don’t really remember how we both got to being back in front of the screen. I think he wanted to play reading eggs or something, but I know his reaction was instant. He just stopped in his tracks, looked, did a double take, and looked again, which is unusual for him with his autism. Then he became instantly upset.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that moment was the beginning of what would be a roller coaster of events that would make my family’s life a living hell. It was like watching a programme on the television. As Anthony likes to say, “A real life nightmare,” only you’re awake. People may not believe, or think it’s real, but until it consumes you, and becomes your life, you have no idea. I think, this experience with the doll, it’s made not just me but all of us [in my family] that little more aware. There is a lot more to this world than we know and understand.

I’m still trying to get my head around what happened. It all feels so surreal.

Nothing in our lives will ever be the same or taken for granted. Yeah, I still keep looking at my two beautiful boys, hugging them that little bit tighter!

In summation to all that is been shared

Paranormal Herald:In my opinion no one should expose a child to unseen forces. To use a child to connect with a demon is child abuse and neglect. No true psychic or paranormal investigator trained and experienced would resort to using a child for personal gain and information. If your unwilling to connect with an entity then why would you expect an innocent child who has autism to do something you refuse to do yourself. It is a known fact that children are open to the spirit realm and that is why things should of been shut down and the child removed from the situation.

Why this article was written?

To keep contact with the child especially when the church was brought in to help, why would you believe that it would be okay to visit the child. Like any trained professional in this field advises to move forward and not keep that door open as it will bring in more demonic entities. I feel sorry that Vincent has been used to further the stories and books written by Anthony for personal gain not putting an innocent child first. The mother of this child should be ashamed of herself for allowing this to happen. Makes you think the mother is being compensated for her son being used in this manner.

The psychological effects this man can have on this particular child are tremendous.Psychologists and development researchers have proposed a number of different theories to describe and explain the process and stages that children go through as they develop.We are pretty sure telling a child he is speaking with a doll that has three demons inside it,can not be good.

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Paranormal Herald : Evan Jensen












About Paranormal Herald Magazine

As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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  1. I don’t normally question to many haunted things,but when it comes to a young child, a psychic profiting off of the said story and a young autistic boy I have adverse issues.How evil can someone be that does this sort of thing and it is clear he has. Inside this article are events links and statements taken right from the mans pages. All evidence presented has been off his websites.The simple fact that this man Anthony Quinata says and uses a doll to correspond back and forth with a child and telling the child their are three demons not one but three.Truth is the demon is the said psychic.

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  3. for some reason, the comments from the intended person written about are not showing up under comments so I will post them here on that behalf”Haunted Harold 2013
    Again, never said any of that. If I was relying on the drawings of a single individual of any sort, then I’d concede that you have a point. The truth is that there’s a lot more going on than most people know, but I can’t reveal it at this time. However, I will ask someone who has seen the evidence I’ve been withholding to add his two cents. He, however, had to attend the funeral of a relative today.

    Not that it’ll change your mind, and that’s okay. But, again, I do appreciate what you have to say. I honestly do.

    One last thing, Happy Thanksgiving.

    NOVEMBER 23, 2016 AT 6:55 PM


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