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Old lavacca County Jail Producing Serious Paranormal Activity

We have seen over and over many times well said, the specific names of the famed haunted locations people tend to visit.The all to familiar names come to mind and thought day after day,but what about a disclosed location,that has recently brought to light enough evidence to make any paranormal enthusiast want to visit this place?



The Lavacca County Jail.”A block away from the old town square in Hallettsville, Texas, in the shadows of the historic and magnificent courthouse, sits the old Lavaca County Jail. The second longest continuously operating jail in Texas, showcases the evolution of jail technology. The dark second floor houses the medieval flat bar cells that were constructed in 1885. In the 1970’s, more modern cells were added to the first floor, although overcrowding meant prisoners were still being held in the old cells upstairs. Two historic and tragic floods filled the jail with eight feet of water, the first in 1940 and again in 1981.

In 2005, following completion of the new jail, the old county jail closed its doors and the building sat vacant until Roger Chambers of Rita, Inc. purchased the property in 2014. Mr. Chambers has a passion for historic buildings and owns several of them that he makes available for unique filming locations and small businesses.

South Texas Afterlife Researchers, a group of paranormal investigators, heard about the old jail and approached Mr. Chambers about conducting the first paranormal investigation of the property. The team quickly discovered that the jail was never truly empty.

The Paranormal Herald reached out to Kelly Griffin,who has been prolific in bringing to light the treasures that this old haunted county jail has had to offer the average paranormal enthusiast.We sat down and did a one on one interview with her just days ago.This is how the interview went.

Paranormal Herald.

“I want to thank you for agreeing to do this special interview in regards to your prior paranormal experiences with the lavacca county jail.

 Yes.It is a pleasure to effectively tell folks about the actual things that go on in this old town county jail, that is from the 1800’s

 We were there with some other people,doing what some will call a paranormal investigation.I was sitting in the gallows… Between the jail and the bungalow and I heard Deb moving and dragging things and I called out to her.

Paranormal Herald: Deb who?

 Debra Fawcet. She oversees the place and is in charge of the upkeep of it with one other man.

Paranormal Herald::Please continue.

 I called out to her.I said, Debra??? And she yelled back, yes! I said are you OK?? Do you need help?? And she yelled back, No!She walked out of the jail at that moment and I knew it wasn’t her.

Paranormal Herald: It was not her? whom was it.

 It was her voice. Answered two direct questions.

Paranormal Herald: Her voice,but it was not her?What happened then?

She told me it was not her. She has been upstairs.
I said Debra? it said yes…. I said do you need help? It said NO. In her voice
I almost passed out when I saw her walk out when I knew it was her I was talking to.

Paranormal Herald: But it was not her.

 There was banging and dragging…no one was in that room.

Paranormal Herald: Banging and dragging?

 It was not her. It was her voice. No one was in that room. It responded to me as if it was her.

 Exactly. It got my attention because it was soooo loud. Then talked back to me through the walls in her voice. It was not her.

Paranormal Herald: Describe the specific room if you can and was it dark or light that sort of thing  and time?

 I was in the middle of the jail and the bungalow….under the gallows. Taking a break and looking at my phone. The room was to my left and jail to the right. There was no one in that room but it was so loud in there, I thought it was her in there. No one was there

Paranormal Herald: What time of day was it?

 It was about 2:00 AM.We were still conducting the investigation at that time.

 Again, she answered me but was not there. There was nothing there. I didn’t know this until later.

Paranormal Herald: I see.

Paranormal Herald: Whom were you there with?

 I asked someone there if Debra needed help. I said WHAT is she doing? She said Deb is not in there. I said YES she is. I just talked to her. I was there with about 8 other people that night.

Paranormal Herald: In your opinion what was there? was it something evil or what?

I was told by Debra later that they mimicked her a lot. Even in pictures. Not sure it was evil but they sure know how to sound and look like her!
I don’t think it was evil. I think it was a spirit with a great sense of humor. Lol
In summation,if you are one interested in seeking the paranormal and can or will travel to find new sources,why not try and reach out and investigate the very haunted lavacca county jail in Texas?



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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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