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NBA”S Justise Winslow say’s there was ghostly happenings at hotel room.

Justise  Winslow was not the first but actually the second player to experience something defined as a ghost at the Skirvin Hilton hotel.The second-year player on the Heat said he saw his bathroom door moving on its own while he was in the shower at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel.  They also made complaints,that the facet turned on by  itself.The Heat were in town to play the Thunder.

There happened to be other reports from another NBA player.”


Ghosts were touching my private parts,it was nearly as bad as Labron James.

“The ghosts were all over me. I just accepted it,” Lakers forward Metta World Peace said. “They touched me all over the place. I’m taking one of the ghosts to court for touching me in the wrong places.”

World Peace insisted he was serious before explaining why he did not stay somewhere else.

“I was watching a good movie and I was tired,” said World Peace, who incidentally said he saw “Money Monster.” “I didn’t want to move.”

Metta World Peace claims ghosts 'touched me all over the place' at supposedly haunted OKC hotel

The hotel is allegedly haunted by a ghost of a woman,who threw her self and baby off the hotels 10th floor.

From The Miami Herald:

“That really happened,” said Winslow, who also wasn’t too happy about the bugs in his room and roach he found in his shower curtain.

“I’m just trying to get through this trip as quickly as possible. I try and spend the least amount of time in my room. I go down, sit at the bar, get me something good to eat, watch TV, watch football, but I don’t spend a lot of time in that room.”

Rumors of a haunting in the hotel persist, and have even been cited by National Basketball Association(NBA) teams. The most notable examples occurred in 2010, when the New York Knicks famously blamed their loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on the haunting and when the Chicago Bulls reported doors slamming shut on their own and strange sounds outside their rooms.[6][7] The story received national attention again in June 2012, when the Miami Heat were staying in the hotel for the NBA Finals.[8][9][10] Most recently, the Baylor Lady Bears, who were the defendingNational Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Women’s Division I basketball champions, were put up at the Skirvin. In one of the biggest upsets in tournament history, the Lady Bears unexpectedly lost 81–82 to Louisville in the regional semifinals of the 2013 NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Tournament.

As the story goes, the hotel’s original owner, W. B. Skirvin, had an affair with a maid named “Effie”, which led to a pregnancy. To protect his reputation and avoid a scandal, Skirvin locked the maid on the 10th floor. The maid became depressed and even after the birth of her child, she was still not let out of her room. She eventually jumped out a window killing herself and the baby, without notice in newspapers. In some versions of the legend, this maid is described as “a woman of loose morals”, and men who have stayed in the hotel have reported being propositioned by a female voice while alone in their rooms.[11][12] Others claim to have seen the figure of a naked woman with them while taking a shower.[12] One man even claimed he was sexually assaulted by an invisible entity during his stay.[6][12]Over the years, hotel staff say they have seen objects moving by themselves and have heard strange noises at night.[13] According to Oklahoman reporters Steve Lackmeyer (who also co-wrote a book about the hotel) and Jason Kersey, Skirvin was “a notorious womanizer and drinker” and the 10th floor was known for various incidents of gambling and other vices, but there is no real-life evidence corresponding to the “Effie” story: Skirvin’s family did believe that he had an employee (his assistant and bookkeeper, Mabel Luty) who was also his mistress, but she outlived him.[10]

In February 2016, Cleveland Cavaliers star guard Kyrie Irving was bitten by bed bugs during a stay at the hotel. He left the next day’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder early, blaming lack of sleep due to the late night bed bug incident.[14]

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