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Keith Linder interview and upcoming show”They Are Back”

The Paranormal Herald did a one on one interview with Seattle Washington’s Keith Linder. He spoke of having to leave his prior Seattle home because as he said part of leaving,was because of the  paranormal phenomena he was experiencing and it became to much.

It is all to often,we have heard that some unwanted spirited residents are tough to get rid of,this is been in to many legends,but what if they are demonic in nature.Keith inside the interview himself spoke of being a target of unwanted phenomena such as when sleeping He witnessed bed shakes, blankets being pulled off him and the said hearing of disembodied voices.Keith also spoke in the interview about hearing a female voice.

Paranormal Herald”

In the end of the interview he simply replied,:They followed me to a new place.

On November 09.2016@ 3 p.m. Pacific standard time,we will be interviewing Keith linder live on Beyond Reality Paranormal talk radio.


Keith’s interview went as follows.

Paranormal Herald:”Today we interview Keith linder is this OK Keith?

Paranormal Herald: “Can you give us a run down on what has happened at your prior residence and then what is going on with you now Keith?

“Well at my prior residence for about 4 years my girlfriend and I experienced some violent phenomena associated with A demon or Poltergeists.
“Objects Thrown, fires, loud bangs, missing items, thuds, voices, etc
to put it lightly
Paranormal Herald: “I see,please continue.


“I moved out May of this year, and the fear I always had which is sort  of why I hung around so long it was a fear of being followed.I can say 100% percent nothing violent has happened
Paranormal Herald:Was the paranormal activity why you then moved out?
“Kind of. The activity had subsided when I moved out. I wanted to first get our claims investigated and therefore substantiated
Paranormal Herald: When did that happen and by whom exactly?

“It began the summer of last year, and reached its aspex Jan/April of this year. Two teams One US: Karissa Fleck, Nicole Novelle and the UK team Steve Mera/Don Philips,paranormal and parapsychologists.
Paranormal Herald: Was the said activity comparable to each person,who investigated your place Keith?
   “No, if we go by the numbers the UK left with more evidence. But Karissa  and Nicole got one of the best EVPs on record.
 Paranormal Herald: In Karissa’s EVP,what did that say or what happened there?
“Karissa conducted a session in the dreaded office. She got the spirits to admit to doing the wall markings. She caught a child voice outside one night to admit to how many spirits were in the back yard. There answer was 3
And the they got the spirits to move the Bible pages
the burnt Bible
and get an evp that said “Help us”
Paranormal Herald:”There was an issue with a bible?

Of course . when evidence is presented there’s always the doubters, some felt the event was staged. I mean the environment wasn’t sterile perse, the session was adhoc
but it seems that adhoc setup made the spirits more conducive to responding
people can doubt the pages turning, but u can’t disavow the voices while the page is turning.
Paranormal Herald: There will always be doubters or people that do not believe,how ever then science used such as EVP work and other methods come into play.
Paranormal Herald: How often did these types of occurrences happen?

For Tina and me, everyday.When the activity came back in the early 2014,we had events daily,then they seemed to taper off.T^hey seem to go until they crescendo and then they tapper off.But not 100%, just enough for us to think they were gone and then BAM a new event.
Paranormal Herald: You moved out of the prior house,where did you go after that Keith?

I live in another Seattle suburb called Kenmore.It is 20 mins from the old house.
Paranormal Herald: I see yes i know the area there.
Paranormal Herald: How long have you been there and are you settled in there yet?

I got here in May. I’m about as settled as Im going to be.
after 6 weeks I was settled in.

Paranormal Herald: so when did the activity begin at the new place?

Honestly? and I know it sounds cliche to say this, but the 1st night at the new place, something happened there were the water puddles in the kitchen.
Paranormal Herald: Water puddles? what water puddles?

I finally got to witness the water coming from the ceiling. There was a tapping noise it was the sound of the drops hitting my table.I looked and sure enough.,there was a puddle of water on the table.There had been multiple puddles of water and the water was dripping from the ceiling
Paranormal Herald:”Was it raining then during this time?

   Oh no it’s May,we had no rain then.

Paranormal Herald:”I see.

 I called the maintenance man, they came and could not find the source.That is it the maintenance guy could not find a water source as their were no pipes in that area.Even the maintenance man could not have explained it.

 Paranormal Herald: I also had a case in gervais,where the complainant was and had seen puddles of water in their home to.

yeah, the old house had a puddle event it was actually Halloween of 2014,we came home to find that.This was the first time coming home to finding it.
 Paranormal Herald:”Where the puddle at this time what room?
Paranormal Herald: “in your own opinion what do you think the puddle of waters significance is?

that was them telling me they was here that I didn’t escape anything by moving.they did that on day 1 to let me know, moving solved nothing.
Paranormal Herald: I see was their more or less a activity after the water puddles started showing up?

not at the new place. The puddles happened early morning, it was the first thing I faced waking up. Nothing happened after except the bed stuff while sleeping thats the only constant right now. the bed stuff


each night when I go to bed, some nights r worse than other, i switch bed even, switch rooms the bed shakes, the poking, the prodding, the scratch noises sheets pulled off me while sleeping.  The occasional “Keith” whisper in my ear,sometimes a female voice i can hear there whisper to.
 Paranormal Herald” Do you believe these attacks are aggressive in nature Keith?

no one’s spent the night yet.only I live here.
Paranormal Herald: some of Keith evidence can be found here.
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0BuyC6maXc    water puddles

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As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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  2. Wow…. gonna be great having him on!

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    Posted by Womanspirit | November 3, 2016, 12:58 pm
  3. I think your wrong lol enjoy the show and please go bother somebody else lol.

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    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | November 4, 2016, 12:56 am
  4. I believe I told him there was a really good chance that it would follow him. Wont get into details as to why but I had a felling.

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    Posted by joevit78 | November 4, 2016, 4:43 am
  5. Then you were correct Joe I do welcome more of your thoughts on this. it is appreciated mind me asking how you knew?


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | November 4, 2016, 5:16 am
  6. I can only go by information Keith has talked about. There’s absolutely no reason why the place he was renting would be haunted in the first place. No major events had taken place.

    Either he has something that has a attachment or it was invited. To be clear I’ve never investigated his home. I might sound big-headed but had I been able to investigate, I probably would have been able to narrow it down and had possible answers.

    If this thing followed him, clearly it’s a attachment and it has to be looked at and investigated in a completely different way.

    A lot of times when people move out of places that are haunted in more specifically a demonic haunting, I’m not saying that’s what Keith is experiencing… everything that he took with him to his new place could have that energy from the old place.

    Here’s just a random example. Let’s use his couch for example. If there’s any negative energy that absorbs into his couch and what I’m saying sounds so stupid… then no matter where he goes with that couch, that negative energy is going to go with him. I’m willing to bet that he brought the Bible that caught fire to his new place.

    I was told this a long time ago when I first got started. When people cannot resolve paranormal issue and they just get up and move, before you put a piece of furniture, clothing or no matter what it is that was once at home with Paranormal Activity, have it cleaned. Have it blessed. Just do something so you’re not carrying that energy with you.

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    Posted by joevit78 | November 4, 2016, 5:42 am
  7. Thanks for your advice there and for sharing you may have a very valued point there.


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  8. More threats eh good we enjoy those entertaining threats 100 is that all Malone lol.


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