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IS Ryan Daniel Buell coming clean?




IS Ryan Daniel Buell coming clean?That is a question that may be answered later today.We saw on his page that Buell has stated he is writing a letter and it is the hardest thing he has had to do.This post on his timeline almost seemed suicidal,we hope not.


People or his ex-fans has told The Paranormal Herald no such letter has been written.No current responses were on any of the pages according to other sources as well.

On October 2nd Ryan allegedly made these comments”

The following is an official statement from Ryan Buell:

“Dear Friends,

“I know there is a lot of speculation concerning my well-being as well as my state of affairs. For the time being, I will not comment or go into specifics, nor will my representatives, staff, family or friends; nor will we respond to any rumors.

“However, I will say that I am safe and I am taking some time to heal and handle some urgent matters. My family and I appreciate your understanding and for respecting our privacy.
“I’ve been told that I have received an outpouring of letters from supporters, old clients and friends. My mother has personally received numerous messages and she has read some of them to me. I have been moved to tears on more than one occasion. Many have stated they wish to see me return to doing what I have done for so many years – helping people.

“Many of you have shared your stories with my mom, recounting how PRS personally helped you. These stories impacted me the most. Right now, positive support is welcome. It’s been great to hear from old friends and colleagues.
I hope to return to work soon, but first I need to take care of myself. Members of PRS will resume catching up with Twitch raffles, and other pertinent issues. Please be patient with them and show your support. I can assure you they are doing their best.
“If you would like to write to me please feel free to e-mail me at ryan@the-prs.org. My staff and family will make sure I get it. Some have asked about sending gifts, cards, etc… I feel now is an inappropriate time for it, but if you feel compelled to send something, please e-mail us first, or wait until some of this storm has come to pass. I also encourage supporters to write to the PRS general mailbox, by sending an e-mail to society@the-prs.org. I will be focusing on sending out personal thank you notes to those who have shown support in these times. I am very grateful.
“I would like to thank everyone for your continued support & concern. I also know I have some wrongs I need to right, and once I am well, I look forward to doing just that.
“Thank you, all of you. God bless – and Further without Fear!

You would think that the letter that was the hardest thing he had to write,was when Buell claimed cancer?Iboubtit posted about Buell’s health issues some time ago.Some have wondered will he now leave the paranormal,or was this a ploy to once again gain some sort of twisted attention?

A great many people are hoping that this next briefing from Buell to the public is him telling his fans, he has a problem,seems easier for them to accept and that they can begin to see a better of difference,from their once popular A&E reality star.

For those wondering?the following links explain in great detail as to the recent conflicts and events that manifested into what we are seeing today.


Former ‘Paranormal State’ star Ryan Buell arrested


About Paranormal Herald Magazine

As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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  2. I can not wait to own your ass Malone and saying those things makes you liable trust me we have more then enough now messing with Kelly’s mom was pretty stupid I would say it may be best if you leave folks alone.http://www.kvoa.com/story/28987792/paranormal-fraud-haunting-town-of-tombstone
    TOMBSTONE – An event planner supposedly tricked people out of thousands of dollars this past weekend in Tombstone.

    Carol Malone planned a weekend paranormal event called “A Haunting of Tombstone.” From May 1 through May 3, tourists paid for tickets expecting a weekend of paranormal speakers, celebrities and even a ghost tour. However, local business owners are claiming she skipped town without paying them and without having any events set up for the tourists.

    “We [were] counting on making this money. Other people that contacted us and wanted to come here for the weekend,” said Stacy Corbon, co-owner of Sister Paranormal Investigators. “We had to turn them away because we were booked.”

    Now, local business owners are worried it could harm their “tourist town”.

    “I felt that our town had been cheated. We thrive on people coming to our town. This lady [took money from] so many people. That could devastate Tombstone,” said Corbon.

    Tombstone Marshal said Malone was detained, but has since been released. They are now planning on passing the case to the state attorney general.

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  3. Thanks for the share here Kerber.

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  4. not a try it was prior information alleged information.


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  5. http://thetombstonenews.com/paranormal-event-proves-to-be-major-scam-p4583-1.htm
    For over a year, a Virginia woman by the name of “Carol Malone” has been advertising an event in Tombstone “A Haunting at Tombstone”.
    The event was to give people the opportunity to visit and investigate haunted Tombstone attractions such as the Birdcage Theatre, Big Nose Kates and other haunted locations throughout town. The ticket holders would have had paid lodging, breakfast and dinner and all of the entry fees to attractions paid for beforehand.
    On Friday, the starting day of the event, over 100 people stood anxiously waiting for the event to start, but, nobody showed to host and people stood confused not knowing what to do.
    Fortunately, a few folks that paid to attend the event, did know what was happening. What was happening was “Carol Malone” aka “London Knight” aka “Sarah White”. Malone, or whatever her real name may be, was the organizer of the event and according to Evan Jensen, is a long time scam artist who claims to own a business under the name of “Darkside Entertainment.”
    Evan Jensen resides in Oregon and has been investigating Malone for over 2 years. Jensen has made a priority to become a “fraud exposer” and has exposed several “scammers” including Ryan D. Buell, the lead investigator on “Paranormal State”, a popular but now cancelled A&E TV Show. According to Jensen, Malone wrote a book titled “Amityville House of Lies, but copied and stole over forty percent of the information from his website.
    Jensen is retired from the paranormal scene but currently runs a radio station, writes, blogs and works day and night to expose those who commit fraud.
    “A few years back, I had a woman message me about her son who was terminally ill and wanted to go see Ryan D. Buell at his popular paranormal event. The mother had used basically every penny she had to get her son to the event, but when he arrived, not one venue was booked and Buell never showed up. Thousands of people were ripped off by Buell. The worse part, the boy who wanted to see him before he passed on, died 2 weeks later. Because of that boy, I vowed to expose scammers for what they truly are. I want people to know and understand that defrauding and scamming people is more harmful than one may realize.”
    “From my research I have discovered that Carol Malone has at least 13 different aliases. This is not the first time she has done something like this. At least 80 people purchased the “VIP” ticket to the event and have been ripped off. She did refund 1 or 2 people their money, but one of them was an attorney.”
    Malone had promised ticket holders that their ticket included the hotel room at a very nice hotel in Tombstone close to Allen Street, breakfast and dinner for both days and entry to all of the attractions. However, Malone did not pay for anything and people were left wondering what to do and where to go when they arrived in Tombstone. There was no itinerary, sign in stations or meeting places.
    People traveled from all over the United States for the event and paid several hundred dollars for their “VIP” tickets. A woman who is terminally ill, was charged $900 for her “VIP” ticket, several hundred dollars more than what others paid. In an online video on the examiner.com, reporter John Albrecht Jr. and Connie Williams documented the woman saying that she used flight credits to get to Tombstone and was unable to enjoy any kind of an experience while in Tombstone. She stated that she would like to see something done about this incident and Malone shouldn’t get away with this. Several other ticket purchasers were interviewed and their testimonies can be heard on the same video at http://www.examiner.com.
    According to several business owners in Tombstone, over the past year, Malone would call and try to book hotels and attractions for tours and pay a small portion or a deposit, but never paid for them in full or only paid for a small amount of tickets when there was nearly 200 people who were supposed to have all of their fees covered.
    When ticket holders arrived in Tombstone and would go to an attraction to take their tour, they were stopped and told that they couldn’t go because the event organizer never paid for their entry. But, in kindness, many of the local businesses let these folks go through their tour for free because they had felt bad for them being ripped off by Malone.
    Jensen also told The Tombstone News that Malone deleted the Facebook page for the Tombstone event, but before deleting, she did try to blame the Tombstone businesses for the event being a failure. “She tried to blame numerous businesses including Trail Riders Inn and the Occidental. She tried to say that THEY scammed her and over charged her,” said Jensen. “It saddens me that Malone tried to question the integrity of the town of Tombstone.”
    According to the Trail Riders Inn, Malone did pay the deposits but never paid for the guest’s rooms. Several people have stated that the only reason they were able to have a warm bed to sleep in was because of the courtesy of the Trail Riders Inn giving them a free nights stay.
    Reports have also been made about the Sisters Paranormal Undertaker Tour. Ticket holders stated that these very kind folks let them enter their tour for free out of kindness.
    Gordon Anderson, owner of the Larian Motel told The Tombstone News that they only had one person show up for the event at the Larian. “The woman in question (Carol Malone) had been in touch with us for about one year. She booked the entire Larian Property but after giving her multiple times over that year to pay for her rooms, we had to cancel on her about 7 weeks before the event as she violated our trust so many times in regards to lying about when we would be paid. We did the right thing and did what we had to do. We are so sorry that so many people have been scammed by her.”
    According to one of the numerous webpages Malone used to sell tickets to the event, the cost for some tickets were being sold for over $300. A “Gold” Ticket was listed for $275, a “Silver” Ticket was listed for $225 and a “VIP” Ticket was listed for $325, with a requirement to be paid in full prior to January 2015. A day pass was also listed for $75 and vendors were able to purchase a space for their vendor table for $125. It is unknown if any vendors showed up or got ripped off, as our own investigation into the entire catastrophe is still underway.
    After several ticket holders discovered they had been scammed, many of them tried to find Malone to question her but she was nowhere to be found. When she was eventually found, she was seen hiding out in a bar surrounded by three bodyguards she rented for the weekend who would not let anyone speak to her.
    On Saturday, the Tombstone Marshals Office cited and released Malone, charged her with “theft of services” and gave her a court date. She is required to come back to Tombstone in two weeks and appear before the judge.
    After Malone was arrested, she left town, abandoning her already failed event.
    If you wish to read information about Malone and her scams, all you need to do is simply “Google” her name with the word “scam” (be sure to not mistake her for the renowned author from Europe). You may also visit http://www.ripoffreport.com where you can read numerous complaints about her and her “business” Darkside Entertainment”.
    At this time, it is still unknown if Malone acted alone or if she had a partner or partners.
    If you or anyone you know was ripped off by Malone, please contact the Tombstone Marshals Office at (520) 457-2244 and make a report.
    The Tombstone News will update you on this incident when the information becomes available to us.
    — The Tombstone News
    Reader Comments
    Evan jensen •
    OCT 29 • Tombstone scammer at it again,why isn’t that woman locked up for theft?
    Lauren williams
    MAY 09 • i would have never told them to checkout of motel whether they paid or not. This was between myself and Carol Malone
    Lauren williams
    MAY 09 • as stated in my posts, my guests who were scammed insisted on paying what was owed by Carol Malone, although they had already paid her.
    evan jensen
    MAY 08 • of course they will. do something they already have they cited Carol malone and finger printed her didnt they? and she is to appear in court in a few weeks there ,also this case has been under further investigations.
    MAY 08 • This was a great article! For months I have been watching this play out. From talent issues to venue switches. These scams are becoming a real issues in the Parnormal field. I believe these events need to be regulated and the event organizer need to pay for some kind of business license. I wonder how much money was taken and no one has accountability! My friend was going to buy tickets after hearing about sloss I informed her of some issues. I called several of the businesses listed on the first promotion they had nothing booked. They said they heard she would be in town but not at that venue! I advise my friend not to make this purchase. Hopefully this will shed some light on these ever common events that are supposed to happen, but end up no shows are canceled! Shame on you!
    Jean Gilbert
    MAY 08 • What does Evan Jensen have to do with Tombstone? He wasn’t there, and didn’t buy any tickets. Please do not trust the words of this person~he is unstable, a liar, and untrustworthy. There are so many people that you can interview that were there, me being one of them. I purchased 2 VIP tickets. . . . and I, too, was ripped off. I do, however, want to thank the people of Tombstone, especially Nora and Stacy, for their kindness! Please check out the Facebook page titled: “A Haunting at Tombstone (the cancelled event), my daughter started this after Carol Malone deleted her FB event.
    Evan jensen
    MAY 08 • I like to thank the entire town of legends, from the past. The small town of Tombstone,with the biggest hearts we have ever known. integrity, honor will always be remembered by the towns people a special thanks in such a big way for getting the information out there publicly, to help stop a paranormal fraud accused of doing so many wrong things. Special thanks to the writer of this article in a job well done. Evan jensen, Beyond The Edge Of Reality.
    Julie Koenig
    MAY 08 • Please extend our gratitude to people of Tombstone. I was one of the persons scammed. Everyone in Tombstone was wonderful to us. God Bless Tombstone. Julie Koenig TEXPART Paranormal
    Connie Williams
    MAY 08 • Thanks for covering the story & thanks to Evan Jensen for the information too, however, I have so much more that I could add to this story. Please contact me at conniectpi@aol.com or #830-515-7926
    MAY 08 • What is the Tombstone Marshall’s Office going to do??? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL.


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  6. so the Tombstone newspaper is lying to everybody but you correct? you need to take your nightly meds and leave us and others alone your list of people not happy with you is blossoming out big time.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | November 5, 2016, 12:15 am
  7. why dint you go bother the tombstone marshals office are yah a scared y cat Malone or perhaps go try and bully the tombstone newspapers?


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | November 6, 2016, 5:30 am
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