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Ryan Daniel Buell has reduced bail, now set at 3,500 but still sits in Centre County Jail

Ryan Daniel Buell has reduced bail, his bail is now set at 3,500 just 10% of the 35,000 but he still sits in Metere  County Jail. Buell is waiting  for yet another court date scheduled  for early in November.

Buell was first arrested on September 18th,at his residence and taken into custody without further resistance. Buell  just 34,was arrested and charged for receiving stolen property and theft of services.

The  former Paranormal State’s reality show star, was later on September 21st extradited to Pennsylvania from South Carolina his former home town,where he has answered charges and an attorney was assigned today.

Ryan Buell,had  originally been given a 35,000 dollar bail,but then just today the bail was reduced to just ten(10% percent of the original 35,000, of course leaving his new current bail set to be at 3,500.



Buell was arraigned in Centre County Court on September 26 and his bond was set at $35,000. He appeared for pretrial on October 5 with his lawyer Jason Dunkle. Dunkle requested bail modification and bond was kept at $35,000 but changed from straight bail to ten percent.

Buell told the judge that if he was granted bail, he would stay with friends or his father in State College. He also offered to relinquish his passport.

Buell allegedly rented a Kia Sportage from Hertz/Eagle Automotive in State College, Pennsylvania on August 1. The car was never returned and when the manager tried to extend the rental as a courtesy, Buell’s credit card was declined for lack of funds. Buell was contacted by the business in an attempt to get him to return the car but he didn’t respond.

Police attempted to contact Buell at the address he provided to the rental company but he no longer lived there. An officer sent Buell messages through Facebook but Buell did not answer but he later posted several messages to his fans on his Facebook wall.

Charges were later filed with the Centre County District Judge Carmine Prestia on September 14. Buell also posted a video of himself on his Twitch account, playing video games with his fans in New York City at a hotel room on September 14.


The Centre Daily Times shares the breaking news and writes”


A bail modification was granted Wednesday for Ryan Buell, 34, who faces felony theft charges after allegedly failing to return a rental car.

Buell gained fame as a paranormal investigator and hosted his own show on A&E, “Paranormal State,” until the final episode aired in 2011. He was arrested in South Carolina on Sept. 18 on a bench warrant related to the theft charges and brought to Centre County for trial.

Buell waived his right to a preliminary hearing at the Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte, but sought to have his bail modified to an unsecured bail, according to his attorney. District Justice Thomas Jordan set a straight bail of $35,000 on Sept. 26.

Buell’s attorney argued before Jordan on Wednesday that his client has no prior criminal record and has been a State College resident since 2001. He also noted that Buell would likely not be looking at jail time for this offense if a deal could be made with the district attorney’s office.

The district attorney’s office argued that Buell was 500 miles away and had to be extradited to State College, making him a flight risk. He also still owes about $4,000 to the car rentalcompany.

Buell told Jordan that if he were released from the Centre County Correctional Facility, he would either be staying with friends in State College or his father. He also offered to surrender his passport.

Jordan ruled that bail would be modified from straight bail to 10 percent, but the original amount would remain the same. He also required that Buell surrender his passport and would be subject to intensive supervision.

The case now moves toward trial.







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4 thoughts on “Ryan Daniel Buell has reduced bail, now set at 3,500 but still sits in Centre County Jail

  1. Wow,Ryan Buell,it took only 5 years for you to piss away any financial largesse from your show you hosted, alienate your fans,stole from your supporters,distanced your family and friends and now your ass is in a legal sling.I guess you won’t listen to anyone. How that working for you. Wake up and look what is in pieces all around you. Only you can reverse this disaster. You can’t do it alone ( been there ,done that) there are family and close friends that are willing to help you. Jeremy.Great article, good reporting.Thanks!

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    Posted by loopycann | October 5, 2016, 10:56 pm
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    It wouldn’t surprise me if his groupies start a go fund me account to get him his bail money.

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  4. Thanks Denise, it would not surprise me either.

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