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Ryan Daniel Buell,Draws Angry Responses,Even Though He Is Still In Jail.

In a recent story posted by the Paranormal Herald, The article mentioned that the former reality stars secret group PRS had done very little to mention their fallen star.It was just noticed by the mans prior fans who had gotten allegedly scammed, that Buell was on his fan page once again commenting.


Because of the recent updates to the reality stars fan page angry responses began to filter to the most recent post.

One prior post was mentioned as is”

Pat Frasik
Pat Frasik I used to have a ton of respect for you but then I found out you’re nothing but a common Thief stealing the money of innocent people who believed in your BS may you rot in hell you sorry excuse of a human being
Paranormal Herald:

Buell say;s his family and mom were now responding to him and it brought angry fans out,one comment buell made that his mother was in touch with him made an angry direct response.

Brooke Willow Well it certainly isn’t what his Mother told us.


Lynne Matte I will say this one last time and then I am done! Anyone who thinks that Ryan will come clean and pay everyone back is dreaming!!! If you have been ripped off please file your complaint with the appropriate agency. Let it be known that Ryan is still in jail and he goes before the judge on Oct 5th then we shall know if he even gets out of jail!

Brooke Willow Well it certainly isn’t what his Mother told us.

Lynne Matte
Lynne Matte His mother did not read any messages to him and in fact he doesn’t want help! He is not co-operating with her or any member of his family.. Ben is posting for him!

For the record, Buell is still locked away in the  Centre county jail

Briget EA Cochran Once you’re well? Are we still pretending that you’re sick beyond anything in your head? You took advantage of and lied to THOUSANDS of people who trusted you. Your name is tainted…and im sorry to say that I don’t feel you’re sorry, you’re only sorry you got caught. It was your own Mother who made the status making everyone aware of your real “sickness” & the disregard you have had for everyone you hurt in the process of your selfish acts. PRS is a joke now because of YOU & apparently you still don’t realize that. Any & everyone who sends you anything beyond a dose of hard reality, is stupid. Sorry for not sitting here & patting you on your little back like a child. You’re a grown ass man & you were VERY well aware of your “mistakes” you made. Over & over. Stop blaming it on some “illness” and own it. You CHOSE to do what you did bc it benefitted YOU. When you OWN what you did, then maybe people will begin to forgive you & move past it. All I see are more lame excuses & yet more time needed. Get it together already.

Lisa Lipscomb Why don’t you return that money you stole from your fans.. that would be a start

Danette Shoop
Danette ShoopHope you get well. But you really do need to pay back the money you stole from people. Yes do focus on getting yourself well again. I do believe in second chances so after you get better do make things right with the people you have wronged.
Michelle Nightingale
Michelle Nightingale A master of manipulation. Thank goodness you got caught when you did! Think of all the hurt that you’ve caused to all these fans who loved a respected you. I feel so bad for all these decent hard working people that lined your pockets with their cash. Good luck in getting yourself together.
Elizabeth Hansen
Elizabeth Hansen I don’t know what demons you are struggling with Ryan and although at one time I was a true follower of yours, I am not going to be an enabler in your world. I am disappointed Ryan and in my opinion until you own your wrongdoings and come forward with the truth….the real truth, I can no longer be a supporter of yours. May the White Light of the Holy Spirit surround you and give you strength, courage, love, and hope. My prayer for you is that you will search within yourself and acknowledge your wrong doings and come forth with truth and love in your heart. Best of luck to you……


Patricia Lupoli
Patricia Lupoli Wow this statement is shameful and typical addict and con artist behavior .Not admitting to the wrongs you have done. Time to heal and be well how about the fans who you stole from where is thier healing? I was a fan of yours and the show for a long time till I started seeing the writing on the wall from fans and fellow Ghost hunters and the likes of Chip Coffey. The post from your Mom says it all and the fact you made a mockery of those suffering from Pancreatic cancer and the families who have lost their love ones to the disease is a disgrace of the highest order. I read the arrest and police report you were charged by Hertz for theft of a rental you refused to return and theft of services. Its all over the internet and yet you refuse in this ridiculous excuse for a cover up to admit it. You are the worst kind of celebrity by letting so many of your fans down. For anyone out there thinks that you deserve a second chance I suggest talking to the fans who were ripped off numerous times and read the arrest report. I am all for second chances when they are deserved. You don’t deserve anything till you admit to what’s left of your fan base what you did. Get clean, get a lot of therapy put your ego in a box and leave it there. As far as getting back to Paranormal work I doubt very much if that community will ever embrace you again. Its actions like this that have given the Paranormal community a bad rap in many eyes. Your actions are why so many people call Ghost hunters and Paranormal researchers charlatan’s. Its a very sorry state of affairs. You have ruined for many of us what was a lot of fond memories watching your show. GET HELP!

On Ryan Buell’s fan page as posted, is a recent response from the newly recreated PRS. It surely did not come from Ryan Buell

Vee Atyeo
Vee AtyeoThis “statement ” of yours just shows how far you have to go on this path of reconciliation. You sound pathological in your behavior. “If you feel compelled to send something”. Seriously dude and you need to get your ass into therapy, or a 12 step group for liars. Everyone makes mistakes. Normally I would say you are not defined by those mistakes but if you don’t start to show remorse and change your act it’s only a one way trip. Didn’t your lawyers advise you not to post on FB?!! Your ego is out of whack and you are making some bad decisions. But we all have choices in this life, and you are wallowing in yours right now.
Christina Lackey King
Christina Lackey King I pray he gets the help he needs and returns a changed man. Until then absolutely no gifts should be given for any reason. Scamming good people out of there hard earned money is not something I (or anyone hopefully) take lightly. H committed crimes and needs to suffer the consequences of them. I don’t understand why he is making statements but has yet to offer an apology (the least he could do) to anyone.
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis Ryan, many are heartbroken shocked and overall pissed off at your actions. I can not believe the things I have read and seen on here . what I do know is addiction will turn you into a person you never thought you could become. You have deceived us all and its sad because you had so much respect from 1000’s of people. I for one am hurt by the lies you have said about your so called “illness” over the years. Cancer is no laughing matter whatsoever, I have had thyroid cancer and overcome cancer. Any one who has ever had any type would find insult in your actions and you one day will have to answer to the man above for what you have done in your life. The only thing I can do is pray for you, and hope you find yourself again. Til then I can’t support someone who doesn’t see what they are doing is wrong when its right in front of their face! Sorry not sorry 😒 smh

The article reads”The following is an official statement from Ryan Buell.


Dear friends.
“I know there is a lot of speculation concerning my well-being,as well as my state of affairs.For the time being I will not comment or go into specifics,nor will my representatives,staff,family members or friends nor will we respond to any rumors.

“However,I will say this I am safe and I am taking some time to heal and handle some urgent matters.My family and I appreciate your understanding and for respecting our privacy.

“I have been told that i have received an outpouring of letters from supporters,old clients,and friends.My mother has personally received numerous messages and she has read some of them to me.I have been moved to tears on more then one occasion.Many have stated, they wished to see return to doing what I have been doing for many years-helping people. Many of you have shared your stories with my mom,recounting how PRS personally helped you.These stories impact me the most.Right now positive support is  welcome.It has been great hearing from old friends and colleagues.

“I hope to return to work soon,but first need to take care of myself,members of PRS will resume  catching up with Twitch raffles and other pertinent issues.Please be patient with them.I can assure you they are doing their best




About Paranormal Herald Magazine

As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


6 thoughts on “Ryan Daniel Buell,Draws Angry Responses,Even Though He Is Still In Jail.

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  2. False,the story is told that the victims rep there in PA sated he will be in jail most likely until the 5th at his preliminary hearing and he is still in the Cetre county jail on 35 thousand dollar bond.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | October 3, 2016, 5:25 pm
  3. Still angry fans,want the truth and to see the fallen paranormal star telling them he will make amends for all the supposed wrong doing he has caused by paying them for ticket sells and for taking their money,but not giving back refunds.From his evident post he or had somebody make, and or PRS they express no remorse for the taking or alleged taking on peoples money.This apparently did not go well with prior friends and fans of the celebrity star.

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  4. no worries we appreciated you checking.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | October 3, 2016, 8:19 pm
  5. Everyone makes mistakes, and just because he made a mistake and may have done illegal activities , does not make him a bad person ! All though his Paranormal episodes , you can see he has a big heart and honestly cared for the people he helped !! I think we should give him the same support and and caring and Love he has shown all the people he has helped !!! I have great respect for him , and wish him well and a speedy recovery ..And I personally think we all owe that to him . I hope to see him a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see him start a new show.. God Bless You Ryan. I will be Praying For You !!!! Hang In There !!!


    Posted by Lori L. Lamb | January 13, 2017, 1:22 pm
  6. does make him and all star either did you lose your funds do to a con mans fueled alleged drug episode or addiction?


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | January 13, 2017, 4:19 pm
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