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Ryan Daniel Buell, has been extradited back to Pensylvania,was not able to pay bail.

A celebrity ghost hunter who once lived in Raleigh is behind bars.He has also been extradited back to Pennsylvania to answer charges.According to sources,he(Buell) is now in the Centre County jail.


Dianne Wilson,writes”

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Celebrity ghost hunter Ryan Buell is now in Pennsylvania at the Centre Country Correctional Facility. We were first to report last week that Buell was previously in a South Carolina jail after deputies picked him up for outstanding charges of theft and stolen property.


It’s alleged Buell rented a vehicle in State College, PA in August, but never returned it. According to records, Buell had a preliminary arraignment Monday and his bond was set at $35,000. His next court date is October 5 in Centre County, PA.

Shortly after we reported Buell was arrested in SC and in jail, this was posted on Ryan Buell’s public Facebook page.
The Facebook post has since been taken down:


From prior sources,we know Buell had been arrested first in South Carolina on a warrant from States College.He was how ever facing extradition back to Pennsylvania. It was not yet known if he would waive his extradition or not. It was also not known if Pennsylvania would have him extradited.At this time what we do know, is he is back in Pennsylvania now to fully answer charges.


According to recent news,Ryan Buell was not able to pay his bail in court, he was said to have to come up with 35,000 dollars,but was not able to pay that amount.He is scheduled and do back in court on 10/5/16.


The arrest of  the reality star Ryan Daniel Buell,aired on Dianne Wilson’s Trouble Shooter news in 2014 and then again recently on or about September 18 th, 2016


Ryan Daniel Buell, 34, is facing two felony charges related to theft and stolen property.

He’s also facing a misdemeanor charge of theft of services. All charges are in Centre County, Penn., where Buell was last known to be living. Buell was arrested on Sept. 18 in Florence County S.C., the state where he grew up.

Ryan Buell accused of stealing rental car

Ryan Buell had also been written about in more then a dozen different magazines and paranormal blogs,including the Erie Echo,The Paranormal Herald Magazine and others.When the news broke of the super stars arrest,the entire para world felt some relief.It was not the relief of say even though folks knew the alleged scams were over,but relief and self preserved empathy for their fallen hero.They still had hopes their super star would now be able to eventually get the help he may have needed.

Evan Jensen Paranormal Herald: World news today.






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