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Shocking, but not surprising,Ryan Buell’s apartment burns rather suddenly?

Just today,we saw that the once popular A&E paranormal star.Ryan Daniel Buell had been showing folks that his newly accommodated apartment has been burned.A video he,himself took showed that their was a fire.

What was not stated,was how the apparent fire started. Any specific details were not mentioned over social media ,other then Buells own Twich sites.

The link is from Buell’s own Twitch account.


Their has been apparent speculation from his ex fans, that based on all the repeated requests for donations and the constant thirst for more and more money,he may be asking for more donations because of the said fire.

Some people have taken to social media to once again voice their complaints about people wanting their refunds back..In fact some people have expressed their refunds be given back from donations that they have made to the Twitch gaming Buell plays.


About Paranormal Herald Magazine

As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


9 thoughts on “Shocking, but not surprising,Ryan Buell’s apartment burns rather suddenly?

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    Posted by kerberos616 | September 9, 2016, 4:45 pm
  2. Isn’t it sad that some people have no problem reaching out their hands for people’s money and I’m talking about people in general. What did he do with the money he made off the show? Apparently not save or invest any.
    Not gonna put anyone down but damn if you owe fans refund money, get it to them. Where did it go?

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    Posted by Womanspirit | September 11, 2016, 5:36 pm
  3. Carol, nobody minds anyone’s business but you… following people around, stalking them, posting vicious, horrendous lies….
    You know absolutely nothing about me, what I have or don’t have, and for that matter why are you making it your business?
    I ask once, now I will ask once more to stay off me and close your mouth. I don’t bother you, I don’t worry about your business or what you do so please get yourself lost somewhere that hopefully can’t be found and God bless….


    Posted by Womanspirit | September 12, 2016, 3:02 am
  4. You’re so stupid Carol, lol, I retired early and get SS and my retirement, perhaps you should document this for future reference haha!

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    Posted by Womanspirit | September 12, 2016, 3:06 am
  5. Ya know what? I’m sick to death of your lies and threats, do you realize all this is in a file documented? I figured my short reply to you last night would give you that narcissist high you needed to shoot off your foul lying mouth again.
    You’re as much of a gypsy as my ass lol. Your stupid threats of curses are a joke, you’ve no power that God can’t crush my dear.
    I don’t and never had a damn thing up on you, I don’t CARE what you do! There’s absolutely nothing to take down! What IS your problem lady, there’s stuff posted all over the internet about you, did all this come from Evan? No, it didn’t…. I guess you attempt to get on all these other people for the WRONG you did to other people so why not get over it and move on in life to be a better person? There’s no understanding people like you….
    Your lies don’t mean anything to me, why just not stop all this? In the end, you’re just gonna reap the karma for your wrong doing….
    Would you like this going on with you? Apparently you don’t know compassion, love, forgiveness or anything but hate. I honestly feel sorry for you.
    I don’t want to hurt anyone, I don’t want to be going to law enforcement to press charges, this won’t go on endlessly tho Carol, when I’ve had enough of it…. I have no choice but to handle this legally.

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    Posted by Womanspirit | September 13, 2016, 12:59 am
  6. Oh get real, I never took anything of Judi’s, I don’t steal… lol… these ideas you come up with are so off the wall you should start a comic book series… lol. Seriously….
    I did not make any blogs or whatever you’re referring to about you Carol. I’m referring to the articles done on you that’s on the internet, other people wrote those, not Evan. What you got your ass up about is when he put a post up I made on fb in the Herald about working with him, that has nothing to do with you.
    Age is but a number, I can probably outdo you on most things lol. I don’t chase “Casper” don’t have dementia, I’m in good health so get real now…. you’re not exactly in your 30’s anymore….
    I told you once if you wanted to get all this out of your system to call me, you have my number. If I didn’t catch the call before, so what, I don’t have my phone with me all the time…


    Posted by Womanspirit | September 14, 2016, 1:25 am
  7. I don’t hate you, I’ve forgiven you for every lie, every horrible thing you’ve said Carol…. it doesn’t hurt me anymore, can’t say after Jeannie passed it didn’t feel like a punch in the gut after only a month but you are who you are, if you are filled with that much hate and anger… it’s for you to work on and change. I have no hate in my heart, not for anyone, considering how the state of this world is, it’s better to stay kind and compassionate.
    Lol, the only reason I can go off balance at times a little is because of my job all those years, my feet no longer have all their feeling…. so what, doesn’t everyone have at least something small be not right? I speak truth, honesty, you speak lies…
    I guess if I wouldn’t care for someone too much, it’s better to walk away and keep someone negative out of your life? I don’t know your friends or who you talk to, it doesn’t matter to me, it’s your business, of course I know a few that seem to have the same hate inside them that you talk to but I’m not concerned about anyone’s business or what any of you do. If anyone knows that Judi does…. her heart is hard too right now… I talked to her personally a few years, she knows darn well I’m not into drama and bullshit, it’s not me.
    Evan is not a pedophile lol, he lives right there with a school is close, he and his wife wouldn’t be allowed to live where they do… people do background checks… if he made a mistake in his 20’s what does that have to do all but 30 year later? Truth be told, he’s not bothering you or anyone else, you’re the one bashing everyone…. I knew if I write a few lines like the other night it would make you happy, lol, here you are with your mouth and running with it..
    Narcissistic Personality disorder. Yes, psychology was my first major years back, I’m not uneducated in any way, I wouldn’t be posting all these certificates on line to attempt to prove that I’m this or that… if they’re real…. these days, it’s too easy to get a fake one, not implying yours are fake, I don’t know and don’t care! I only would have one to flash around, do I? Oh hell no, I didn’t go to school for spirituality and metaphysics, in the “old” days ( since I’m considered some old bag by you lol) people learned hands on.
    I don’t have Judi’s darn dolls or anything else, all her stuff is packed and in that downstairs room, from what I understand she was to send the money to get it all shipped to her. That’s between her and Cherie, as you see, I’m not making it my business and neither should you, if you plan to help her with the cash to get the rest of her stuff sent, that can be worked out with Cherie, not me. I’m not into haunted dolls, haunted anything in my home. I never claimed to be a paranormal investigator, it’s never been something I felt impelled to do so I’d appreciate you not saying I chase “Casper” you trying to be funny? You know nothing about me…. maybe a few lies told you yet would I base my opinion on you due to just what I’ve heard? No. I have never bothered you or posted on you, blogged, talked about you on radio, give it a break little girl. I even read a statement that your daughter wrote about not associating her with you! Do I need to put that out there? No. Stop blaming Evan for every stinking thing, all that could’ve been worked out a few years ago…. I don’t mistreat people who are kind, polite and respectful to me, their past, YOUR past doesn’t define who anyone is now. It makes perfect sense to everyone but you so who has the problem?
    I never kicked in anyone’s door, such tall tales coming from knocking on the door and talking to her, quietly too, Cherie was there and she didn’t hear a word. That could’ve been worked out too, making apologies for things done wrong then moving on…. all this is ridiculous! Who needs to grow up, me? I think not.
    Me leave my wife to die? Get out of my face with that, EVERYONE knows that! I ask once if you want to bash me, fine, well and good but don’t include the person I loved with all my heart.


    Posted by Womanspirit | September 14, 2016, 9:10 pm
  8. Excuse my errors on my previous post, it sent before I double checked for errors which you need to do….. check your spelling Carol… it makes you look illiterate.
    Hey ‘cmon up to Buffalo, lol, we can go to the sheriffs office together and show our evidence, how’s that work for you? My pleasure….. everything ever posted and my replies as well, are into a folder. Truth!
    Make your trip randomly, knock on the door, feel free to try to find all the drugs in the house, all these illegal guns you claim everyone has, it’s getting more hysterical every comment you make.
    If you’re somewhat respectful, you can go along to the Hinsdale house with the team I sit in with, Rolling Hills is only 35 minutes off, Central Terminal in Buffalo City, the Van Horn Mansion to name a few, perhaps your so called scientific methods would impress them, do you have something you could teach everyone? You be the judge. In fact, fly up, take a train, it’s a longer drive from Virginia, don’t want you to fall asleep little girl, your old bones in your 40’s can break down at any time, you’ll gonna go thru the change that pre-menapause brings where you feel you’re getting old, lost your looks, perhaps you see a line or two forming on your face, maybe a hair growing out of it, lol…. leave it there or pluck it! You’ll start wanting men to pay attention to you so you wear something a bit sexy out, change your hair and just eating up the compliments…. Oh…. then here comes menapause for you, such a joy!!! You may be one of those that all goes nuts, maybe you already started since you have a anger attitude about you, best get your hormones checked. Are you tough enough to go thru it naturally or the kind who run to get hormone therapy, go for it…. the testerone could possibly have you grow a beard or hair like a baby Bigfoot! You could pull a event just featuring yourself and make a mint being a sideshow!! LMAO!
    Hysterical, isn’t this really? Hope you can laugh at all this as I do by now
    Once more…. I don’t have ANY article, ANY post up on you, I’m not affiliated with the Herald, only radio shows. It’s your job to settle it all with Evan, if you’d handle it right and be respectful, perhaps the two people could work it out and put it behind. You complain of what he writes… Look at the things you and your friends have written over and over just within the past year! He gets the shits of you and makes a article, you retaliate and get more ugly than he’s ever been. Who wins? With all the documentation on you by just Kelly and I both, Debbie who you called at the old jail trying to ruin a event and got it shoved up your butt because Deb knew Kelly. Bet that let you down, it’s a misdemeanor in NY, I don’t know how it’s done in Texas, maybe those good old boys don’t drag things out, waste tax payer dollars and just hang you!!!! Hey ya never know….
    Drag you around by the bumper of that hot 4×4 then bury you once you’re dead.
    Yes, I’m being funny smart ass. You bring it to my town here, go on and bring yourself here… let’s see who’s right or wrong, the wrong one is you. I have no record to speak of, not a druggie, not a liar, I know right from wrong, all things kind, my parents raised me up going to Church, apparently yours didn’t, last I knew, your 40 plus years, the school didn’t teach you English very well, how to spell…. did you graduate??? Did you need to grovel to get a GED to get your online schooling? Did you finish now, are you that well certified that you’re able to have your own business in it, that was fast! You wouldn’t mind proving that since you say the allegations at Tombstone was false, if it was, show it…. only then could I believe you because of how you’ve lied about all of us. Get all the news and articles off the internet that various people wrote, even your daughter, go after those various people that wrote them! Get it all taken down Carol if it’s false information! Here it after over a year and rowdy you have allowed all this? Hard to believe Carol….
    What I had to say I could only write out being due to you being afraid to talk in person, you have my phone number! If I miss a call, spit it out in a text, do messenger, I don’t care, bring it on…. I can be ready anytime, since it’s better for you to show up, you can have coffee, pop or water while you wait on me to shower and dress. My grandma in VA, did you know that’s where my family started out? Some are still there, some in VA, maybe you can look them up, give them my NY number, tell them to give me a call okay? I know southern hospitality, I can make chicken, potatoes, fresh corn and homemade biscuits!!!! Maybe you could start and find my family tree and learn all about my family!!! Too bad I already have it all, back to 1100 in fact…. you couldn’t post any lies lol….. maybe you learned how to take DNA and you’ll run mine, that I would find interesting, amazing what can be done with dna these days, isn’t it? Is that a topic of interest? I’m versatile in most any conversation but what other people know first hand, it’s cool to hear them, you learn a lot…. are you able to do that, I don’t care to be around boring people.
    Hey, might as well have a real vacation, pick up Judi’s stuff and take it to her, you could have a good time there, they can take you to the haunted places in Michigan!!!
    Property, money, business’s owned, a book that’s supposed to becoming a movie…. none of that impresses me….its the person that can impress me, I could care less about what anyone has or doesn’t…..
    I’ve been down in VA in the past five years, people from the south, at least the ones who know better, still have good manners, are friendly, seems the only thing you have is that gift of gab the way you can go on, as you see, I acquired it too along with manners, hospitality, did you grow up in the ghetto? Just asking since I don’t know any more about you than you do me but. . the difference is I haven’t lied, these so called things I’m to have up on you, where are they? Nonexistent…..
    did you run one of those people searches on me hoping to find some dirt on me?
    Poor you, you wasted your money, there wasn’t anything to find..
    Hope you enjoyed my humor as well as the laugh it gave me over your lies!

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    Posted by Womanspirit | September 14, 2016, 10:54 pm
  9. What exactly,has Evan been going through? please tell us and any law enforcement reading this page.It is more then clear you have conspired with several people to interrupt,create havoc in M.R. Jensen’s life,even coming here and telling the world what exactly you have been doing.By the way nobody named Kelly called your school.You should know making false reports and then coming to this page making threats,makes you look,shall we say very interesting and suspect at best.Please leave this paper and others alone.

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    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | September 17, 2016, 3:33 pm
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