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Did alien like clouds form over Washington state or is it a governmental cover up?

Yesterday some of the strangest clouds ever seen,formed over Washington state.I have been all over the world and sailed out at sea day and night and have never ever seen clouds such as this.I have been through tropical storms,hurricanes you name it. Cloud formations like this I have never seen before hand.I happen to be very sure the media will want you to believe they are perfectly normal,but have you not noticed strange cloud formations seen all around the country this past year?

Keep in mind the video,yes it is a time lapse video,but again ask your selves, what drives the weather?are their top secret governmental agencies that are controlling our weather restricted patterns?

Flooding, mass flooding in some parts of the country and in other severe drought so bad the population is fighting for their existence. Again ask your selves why is rare cloud formations forming more so now then ever before?.


Glancing at the skies over the Pacific Northwest Saturday might have had you wondering if a request to be taken to your leader was not too far behind.

The spooky looking clouds are “lenticular” clouds — so named for their lens-like shape, and while they might look ominous, the clouds themselves are fairly benign.

Lenticular clouds are created when the atmosphere is moist and almost — but not quite — to the point of condensation. They are most commonly seen in the Pacific Northwest near the large mountaintops, especially over and around Mt. Rainier.

As air flows over the summit, the mountain creates just enough lift that the air cools the few degrees it needs to condense into a cloud. Then when the air sinks down the windward side of the mountain, it warms and dries out, and essentially goes back to being invisible.

Depending on the horizontal air flow, you can get secondary and tertiary lenticular clouds downstream as the air propagates in the Rainier-caused turbulence where the air rises enough again to condense into a cloud, then sinks down again. And depending on how the air stacks up vertically, you can get several layers of clouds stacked like thin pancakes that give way to unusual shapes.

Watch this time lapse video from Saturday showing how the clouds form and appear to float in place:

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