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Recent Smartphone Sleep App,uncovers more then sleep deprivation.

Sleep apps are a great way to monitor your sleeping habits and make sure that you’re getting a full night’s rest, but when they start recording ghosts talking to you in the wee hours of the morning, they’ll probably have the opposite effect. That’s what happened to one woman when she played back her midnight recordings only to hear a ghostly man’s voice whispering answers to her sleep talking.. and she lives alone.

Most sleep apps will start recording audio the second they hear any kind of movement in the room, that way you’ll know exactly when your sleeping becomes restless. Unfortunately, sometimes the apps also record the sounds of ghosts talking to you in your sleep. After discovering something terrifying on the audio playback, a woman named Jenny turned to the internet for help in figuring out her ghostly problem.

Jenny, who goes by the screen name Redwantsblue80, had been using a popular app called “Sleep As Android” to help improve her sleep for a month before it captured anything other than the normal snoring and coughing, but at 2:04 AM on October 30th, the app began to record an unexplainable clicking sound that grew louder and louder throughout the night. After a few hours of the clicking passed, Jenny’s voice can clearly be heard asking, “what are you doing?”

Source Week In Weird


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