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Schoolboys picture captures ghost of 114th Seaforth Highlander soldier


MITCH Glover,  your typical young man 14, took several snaps shots from his phone on his iPhone when he visited a cemetery in France during a school trip and was shocked at his discovery.It is not everyday one captures anything from the other side,but what this young man  captured looked just like a ghost of one of the 114 th Seaforth soldiers ghost.

THIS is the ghostly image of a World War I Scots soldier captured by a schoolboy on his iPhone.Mitch Glover, 14, took several snaps when he visited a cemetery in France during a school trip.When he got home, he was shocked to see the image of a soldier in a kilt and Tam O’Shanter on one of the pictures.

Mitch said: “I ran upstairs to show my mum. She was kind of freaked out.”

Mitch’s mother Sue, 50, an antiques dealer, says: “You could see there was something in that one place.

“A friend of mine said, ‘Do you realise that looks a bit like outfits from the Seaforth Highlanders’.”

Mitch, of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, took the snap in the Neuville-St Vaast German cemetery near Arras in northern France. It is a few hundred metres from Nine Elms military cemetery, where soldiers of the 114th Seaforth Highlanders fell in battle in April 1917.

Source: Daily Record

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