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A tale of a little mermaid,she wants her tail fixed.Sets up a gofundme site.

I can remember back in the day,when people may have had actual pride.I know asking for money was a subject you just didn’t do.Now people have no issues doing such a thing.

I was brought to our attention that their may be a poorly illustrated use of a recent Gofundme site.The site starts out like this”

Trina the mermaid


“I’m Trina Mason and I am a mermaid. My tail is damaged beyond repair! I desperately need a new one so I can continue with my passion. I don’t feel complete with out a tail, please help! Loan a mermaid a fin & help me just keep swimming! Thank you all so much for your continuing support of my passions and life style Xoxox.

We wanted to do a story about mermaids,but never thought the story would be about a living breathing mermaid wanting money to fix her own tail?

The roots of mermaid mythology are more varied than one would expect.  In modern myth we tend to see mermaids in a singular way – kind and benevolent to humans who keep to their own kind in the deep waters of the ocean.  Not all stories go this way, though, and in most cases the most ancient tales of mermaid mythology follow quite a different path

The earliest known mermaid legends come from Syria around 1000 B.C. where the Syrian goddess Atargatis dove into a lake to take the form of a fish, but the powers there would not allow her to give up her great beauty, so only her bottom half became a fish and she kept her top half in human form.



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