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Thank you on behalf of The Paranormal Herald for making our Haunted Old Lavaca County Jail event a success!”

“I would like to take a moment to personally thank our friends of “The Paranormal Herald” that took time out to share and donate to our most recent project at The Haunted Old Lavaca County Jail! We had so much fun being involved in this project. I was locked up and raised funds for “bail”, which ultimately went towards the restoration of this beautiful, historical site.
“On my way to the jail, which was a 4 ½ hour drive, I was alerted that some of our ugly haters were commenting with extremely slanderous remarks on our fundraiser page. By the time I arrived at the jail, I was in tears. I wanted to be a part of something and make a difference. I wanted to represent the paper and have some fun but the haters, aka Carol Malone, Judi Guiramonti and Scott Hamilton were relentless. They went even as so far as to threaten the historian, our dear friend and call the owner of the jail. It was relentless. Slander, blackmail and threats for days. We had to shut down the fundraiser early because of the harassment and threats to all involved.
Paranormal Herald: Evan Jensen.”Even though the fund raiser was shut down a little earlier then expected,it still ended up making the quota assigned for that particular project. We were proud to be a  major part of Texas history this day.Paranormal unity,does exist in the world,as long as the good constantly fight the evil. stay away from the dark and all is always good, even though the dark is persistent it is up to each and every single individual to make sure the dark stays at way side
“However, I would like to share the good part for our readers…. First of all, we met our goal!! We did what we set out to do. There were donors that were afraid to go through the “Go Fund Me” because of the negativity, so they went straight to the jail with restoration funds. A few groups made reservations for investigations because of the fundraiser. We made life long friends! Our supporters helped with monitoring our site (thank you!). We found out that we are a very strong group of friends that will stick by each other, no matter what! We laughed, we loved and we became stronger as a community. There have been many people doubting “paranormal unity” for the past several years and many think it can’t be done. From what I experienced at the jail, I can promise you it CAN be done! Keep your circle small and help each other.
“Encourage, promote and respect each-other! Protect your friends in the field and have their back when they are embarking on new projects.
“I spoke with someone in the field recently, that has been very successful in the paranormal community. He and his team had a TV show on a major network. When I asked him how he dealt with negative, jealous people he had a suggestion I will never forget. He said that we are ALL in this business because ultimately, we wanted answers and confirmation. Furthermore, he said, “we should all visit the place where we started and remember why we started…We should visit that place often”. The people that criticize and spend their energy trying to destroy people who might have a little bit of success, have no place in our community. They are the nasty people that serve no purpose. I, personally, do what I do to seek answers and to hopefully, prove scientifically that the after life exists. There is more than this life…perhaps a beautiful heaven awaits?
“Haunted Old Lavaca County Jail is a great place to look for answers! It’s a wonderful place for any paranormal team to visit. I had an awesome time, despite our “haters”. I learned that there is such thing as “paranormal unity”. Thank you again to our readers and supporters. A very big thank you to Debra Fawcett for hosting an amazing night and letting us be a part of the historical restoration of such a beautiful place. Good does indeed, defeat evil!! To book a tour at Haunted Old Lavaca County Jail, please contact us or Debra Fawcett.

About Paranormal Herald Magazine

As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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