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Hugh Grant unhappy with would be ghost hunter,publicly slams her on late night show.

The actor, 55, summoned Wendy Mandy after his son allegedly saw the ghost of a young boy in his bedroom.What happened next,even made poor old Hugh run for the spirited woods.



Hugh Grant revealed he had resorted to using a ‘sage-burning, drum-banging’ exorcist when one of his four children saw a ghostly apparition

Hugh apparently became concerned,when his son had reported on several occasions,that he was seeing a ghost.

Hugh,then asked for the services of would be and alleged ghost hunter Wendy Mandy.It was not clear,if that person watched to many scary ghost pictures or the exorcist,but she as she approached the home,then told Hugh,that the overwhelming energy,was so bad it made her want to throw up and she felt sickened.

What happened next,was not a surprise.


Speaking on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday night, Grant said Ms Mandy arrived at the property before claiming the presence of a ghost was so strong she “might throw up”.

M.S Mandy,was criticized,after her attempts to rid the ghosts with a Tibetan singing bowl,burning Sage and a Peruvian rattle.

This was apparently her response.

“I don’t treat cynical people – there’s no point
Wendy Mandy

He added that her “sticks went completely wild” when she entered the room and said she “burnt about 7 lb of Sage, then banged a little drum and played an instrument and said all the spirits are gone”. It was magic.

The next day apparently the ghost was back and the son of Hugh said he saw the ghost yet again.



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